random thoughts

so my minds racing with what to blog about today. i have so many different thoughts going on in there, but i’m pretty sure they’re all somehow related. so bear with me as i try to hash this all out…

this morning i was listening to the local christian radio station in the car. let me start by saying that i rarely listen to christian radio. not for any particular reason, other than i don’t appreciate all christian music, and would rather choose what i listen to (CD’s). but anyhow… focus on the family was on. i don’t really know who the speaker was or what the topic was, but a man was saying that his wife had died and he was left with 3 young daughters. the speaker mentioned that “God is in the mess”, and then mentioned that all things are made beautiful through Christ, even if we don’t see them. it really hit me. even more so this afternoon when having lunch with a friend, she told me of a mutual friend that found out she has cancer. and in the past few months we have been hit by a number of illness and deaths all around us. but that radio program was such a good reminder that God is in the mess. he’s in it thick with us, never leaving our side.

so another thought i had was of slight conviction when reading kate’s blog, she mentioned that her postings seemed trivial and not as deep as the other blogs out there covering “more important issues”. but then she went on to say that trivial as it may be, its still what is happening in her life. i’m right there with her. although my postings may not tend to be deep (rather shallow, in fact!), they are my life. and most of the time, its a mess! and God is in the midst of my mess!

this somehow relates to the title of my blog, imperfect. if you look closely at any quilt or pillow i’ve ever made, you’ll see a rushed job, lots of imperfection. i tend to try to make things perfect when i’m hosting a party or entertaining, but in reality, i fall so short. what you don’t see are the things shoved in the closets and under the bed, the crazy, hectic rush before the guests come, and my anxiety when they are here. and sometimes i feel guilty about enjoying the details i put into a shower or party, and trying to make things “so pretty” instead of worrying more about my guests comfort. but i also know that God made all things beautiful, and He made these things for us to enjoy so we would in turn recognize that He is the giver of all these good things. but there needs to be a balance somewhere, so again i rest in God being in my mess, my life. where i fall short, he fulfills.

so, totally random thoughts for today! probably about as deep as i’ll get for awhile! ;)


today’s bounty

the weather has been incredible the last few days – high 80’s at our house! with all that sun our roses have been growing like crazy. so we went into the front yard this morning after garage sale-ing and pruned and clipped our roses. there was a lot more there than i expected, and they are sooo fragrant. they brightened up my house and inspired me to put some effort in other places of my house and make them beautiful too. i started with the cabinets under my bathroom sink. may not sound so beautiful, but the organization and clearing out the clutter and non-necessities felt great. i have high hopes to start on gracie’s quilt again when i put lily down for a nap in a few minutes. wish me luck!