slo fire

i just woke up to a very smokey smell. when i looked outside, this is what i saw. i don’t know if the picture shows it well, but there’s a huge cloud of smoke covering the hillsides and ash is falling everywhere. i can’t find any info on the internet on it, and i don’t have cable to check the local news. i’ll try radio next, but does anyone have any info on what’s happening? the smell is really strong inside the house, even with all the doors and windows closed.

update: i heard that the fire as above cal poly, near the big “P” on the hill. doesn’t sound like any structures were damaged. there have been a lot of helicopters flying around and dumping on it, but i think its mostly out since most of the smoke is gone now.

sausage toes

i’ve just spent the last hour making a pillow for the babe’s room and i had to quit because my feet were getting so swollen! i guess sitting in a chair is not the best for circulation. it also happens to be a cool 78 degrees in my house. we stuck inside all day today and kept the doors and windows closed. it was pretty hot out there, but the house felt decent. somehow, the heat snuck in around 5 o’clock and won’t leave!

i’m sitting down now for a movie and ice cream, so i’m off for now!