orange & turquoise

step 1: soak clothes to be dyed in hot water.
step 2: prep the dyebath. in 2 cups hot water, dissolve dye, then add a couple gallons of hot water, a few tablespoons of salt, and 1 tablespoon of laundry detergent. simmer. sit and stir for 30 minutes. i recommend talking on the phone to a friend to pass the time, and maybe set the kids up with a movie or project.
step 3: when the 30 minutes are up, rinse clothes until water runs nearly clear. wash in the machine to get out the rest of the dye. dry as usual. scrub the sink and pot quickly so the dye doesn’t set in too much.
step 4: stand back and admire!
and here’s a batch of orange. the color i had originally tried turned out to be really light, almost yellow. so i added more tan and a darker burnt orange.

so here’s the whole set: black, turquoise, orange, and brown! so fun! i also dyed some old cloth diapers/ burp cloths, receiving blankets, and jammies. they turned out pretty good, too, but not as good as these shirts.
lily saw me with an apron on and wanted one, too!
this is what the girls were up to while i was “dyeing”. and, no, the picture did not post backwards. thats just the way gracie happened to write lily’s name! lily is not making a funny face – i just told her to smile and this is what she did – so cute, even like this!


trying dyeing

my girlfriend nicole and i are both pregnant. aren’t we all right now?! i know of 12 others (i think) right now that are pregnant, just in our church! anyway… nicole is my wonderful friend who lives in bend, oregon and we are both having our 3rd babies, due within a week of each other (no, not planned – and really, how could we have planned that?!?), and both having boys. we have been commiserating together about the lack of cute, stylish itty bitty baby boy clothes out right now.

so we decided to round up all our white previously-worn-by-other-siblings shirts, etc. and try to dye them. nicole gave the first shot. she dyed the adorable black and brown side snap shirts. the black turned out to be a sweet charcoal color and the stitching on both is an olive-y green (probably had some polyester in it). both turned out super cute, don’t you think? although its fairly untraditional, i love babies in brown and black – i think it makes their features pop!
so now its my turn to try orange and teal. keep in mind i have never dyed anything before, so i’m a bit tentative. i read on another blog about a mom that did this but added tan to the different colors to mute them a bit, and i really liked how her’s turned out. its getting late, but i think i might give one of the colors a try tonight! wish me luck!
side note: i talked to sean a little bit ago. they had just gotten off the plane and were headed out for the campsite. he’s so excited to just wake up in the morning, its really cute. he absolutely loves fly fishing. i’ve been with him once only for about 30 minutes. a storm was coming and we had to head home. but someday, someday… i’ll get to try again, hopefully with all the kids trying, too!