slo fire

i just woke up to a very smokey smell. when i looked outside, this is what i saw. i don’t know if the picture shows it well, but there’s a huge cloud of smoke covering the hillsides and ash is falling everywhere. i can’t find any info on the internet on it, and i don’t have cable to check the local news. i’ll try radio next, but does anyone have any info on what’s happening? the smell is really strong inside the house, even with all the doors and windows closed.

update: i heard that the fire as above cal poly, near the big “P” on the hill. doesn’t sound like any structures were damaged. there have been a lot of helicopters flying around and dumping on it, but i think its mostly out since most of the smoke is gone now.


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    all i know is that travis saw it on his way up to atascadero this morning and he said that hill near cuesta park was on fire. the hill next to the first exit into san luis from atascadero…california?…up on the right. oh, i hope no home are burnt and that everyone is okay.

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    Kristen Borland says:

    oh my, we were just down at that park yesterday, kate! thank you, Lord, that the fire wasn’t yesterday!

    that exit is “Monterey”. some nice homes there too.

    i’m going to check the news too. so many little fires, especially on the grade. tis the season, i guess, but i just hate fires.

    i think we are up wind from it all.

    this reminds me of a huge fire way back when i was at the beginning of high school (i think… sometime in there). it was during the summer, and the fire was above the high school somewhere. at night we could see the blazes along the hills from our house (we lived in the laguna area, near perfumo canyon).

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