a little reorganizing in the playroom

i guess the nesting bug has hit me. today i decided to rearrange and reorganize the playroom. although the room is pretty big, it lacks much storage for easily organizing all this room holds. the purpose of this room is 1. a playroom, 2. an office for me, and 3. a craft room. eventually, my husband will install a full wall of storage containg all of these things and an entertainment unit, but even at his cost, its too expensive right now.

my first step was to rearrange this furniture (above). the side cabinets hold random toys. the middle cabinet holds wrapping paper, boxes, bags (where do most people put these odd shaped things?), and my craft supplies. i’m realizing that i should have taken before pictures – oops!

this area pretty much stayed the same, except i put the little people farm, boat and house on top of the “kitchen”. i like some toys to be out of reach, otherwise all the toys are out all the time and get spread all over the place! aaaahhh!

here’s the new kids craft area. we’ve had the easel out for a while, but without any craft suplies at their level. this is a bit scary for me. i can pretty much trust gracie with all this stuff, but lily… not so much. this area may soon change.

but…. since i am 9 months pregnant, even though i’m nesting like crazy, i also run quickly out of steam. this is my office area which i try to straighten regularly, but it always is the dumping ground for things without a home. and its where i store all my fabric and sewing stuff. maybe i’ll try to get this area done tomorrow?