no, its not dead! we have an amazing fish that likes to float on its back… all the time! it can even swim upside down! i keep thinking its going to die, but we’ve had it for almost a year. at lily’s birthday party last year, we gave goldfish as the party favor. fun to give, but probably crummy to receive as a parent – sorry friends! so this fish continues to amaze us….
on to an accomplished project: lily’s 2nd birthday invites! i finished them today. now is where you can again see my stupidity, ridiculousness… whatever you want to call it. i feel like the invite sets the tone for the whole party. SHE’S 2!!! how silly is that?! but i do, anyway. so i’m not thrilled with how the invite turned out, but its done, and thats good enough for me (although i should have already had them done and in the mail – whoops!). so i couldn’t come up with a decent them for lily’s party, which i always agonize over – its ridiculous. but we like to have big parties with all our friends with kids, and just hang out. lily isn’t into one particular thing that i could focus on, so the “theme” is “party”. the invites are supposed to look like party hats (with all the info printed on the back), although i think they look a bit like a slice of pizza? i’ll make party hats for each of the million kids, and i’m sure maybe 1/4 of them will actually be worn. i’m slowly coming up with more ideas, which is always a fun process for me. i’m hoping this will be pretty easy. probably not!
i’m almost done with silas’ announcements, too, so i’ll post when those are done.

whats goin’ on:

sorry no pictures – no time! but of course, there’s enough time to post a little blog ;)! i’ve been super busy lately. this year is turning out to be more scheduled than i have ever been with kids. i think its a good thing for me, but i’m definitely still adjusting to school 3 days a week, church, awana, park day, and bible study. and in that mix, we’re trying to figure out when we can get gracie started in a ballet class! nuts, i know! the girl loves to dance and has been asking to take dance again literally for over 2 years now. bad mom. so beyond all of this, i have other things i “need” to get done, and can really only get done when the kids are all asleep. silas generally doesn’t go to sleep for the night until i do, about 10ish. but tonight he went down around 8:30. here’s what i’m working on/ need to be working on: the kids halloween costumes – more on that later, lily’s birthday party invites and details – more on that later, silas’ announcements – more on that later, a new sewing project – more on that later, and my bible study homework. so lots to do with little time in my day to do them. all good things that i’d like to do at any time of the day, but not really possible at this stage of my life! its all about adjusting! hopefully soon i’ll post some updates with pictures on my progress on these projects!
ps – to my blogger buddies: i’ve so enjoyed all your posts lately, but so rarely get to comment! i’m so sorry, i know how fun it is to get comments, but typing left handed while nursing a baby and breaking up a sister squabble at the same time can be quite difficult some (most) days! i’m sure you all forgive me!