whats new

feels like i took a blogging vacation, not on purpose though, it just sort of happened. here’s a few random updates to fill you in on what we’ve been up to:

silas can now sit in his exersaucer. he’s a bit young and wobbly, but he enjoys it for a few minutes here and there. his feet actually reach all the way to the base – he’s a tall guy!

here’s the most important of “whats new”: our nephew, baby isaiah! he was born last thursday, so we decided to pack up late saturday night and drive down to orange county to see them for a very quick trip. he is a beautiful boy! and its so fun that silas will have a cousin only 2 1/2 months younger than him! congrats aunt turkey and uncle vito!

whenever we visit down south we stay with some wonderful friends. these are their kiddos (and grace). tyler is one of the few boys we’ve already approved for gracie to marry (don’t worry eli – you’re still in the running!).

lily’s hair had a growth spurt! actually, its a dress up wig from ‘high school musical’. so silly!

here’s the girl again making fishy faces for me at the park! she cracks me up! she has been talking a ton. all the new words crack me up because they’re just her versions of actual words. she kind of has her own language that we’re all learning along with her. my latest favorite word: “diba” which means “cream” for diaper rash.

and finally a costume shot! we went to farmer’s market last night and got the free pics done (no one smiled….. but no one cried, either!), then trick-or-treated at all the shops downtown. the girls would go into a store and say, “treat!”, it was pretty funny! lily’s braids only lasted about 45 minutes, and i think tinkerbell’s bun is a bit too big, now that i see it in a picture!

and of course there’s my little yawning pirate! what you can’t see is his little tattoo on his bicep (like he actually has biceps?!). he was a good sport to wear the costume….

but this is where he spent most of the night! right where i want him! i don’t know what i’m going to do when he doesn’t want to be in the moby anymore. he’s definitely starting to outgrow the face-in position, which is my favorite, and it always guarantees a nap!

it may be a bit again before my next post – we have a game night over here tomorrow for our bible study group, then i’ll be packing us all up for mexico!!! yay! we leave next tuesday night for a week with my family to go to zihuatenejo, near ixtapa. not only am i excited to go on vacation, to have my husband with for a week, but i’m most excited to see my sister! i haven’t seen her since i visited her in london with my mom, and i won’t get to see her again for who know’s how long!

aargh, matey!

here’s a couple of pictures of silas’ costume. unfortunately, i didn’t get any pics of him wearing it because he was asleep. did you notice the tiny tatoos? any truly surly pirate has at least a couple tattoos!
here’s a detail of the shirt i made. i copied the design from one of the tattoos, but made it even a bit more playful. who knew a skull and crossbones could be so cute?

halloween costumes are all done – yay! i guess i did have time after all to make lily’s, but buying premade sure was a lot easier.

i love making my kids costumes. its something my mom did for me, so i feel like i’m carrying on a tradition. she always made us the coolest costumes. thanks. mom!