pencil rolls

please excuse the mess in place of my header up there! i’m still playing around with picture sizing, and today was definitely not the day that i should have been trying out something new (thanks everyone for your tips!). and lynda (mother-in-law) – i’m working on a late thanksgiving post, but its going to take me a bit of time. after all, how can i compare with shannon, courtney, and david’s posts on thanksgiving? they were great!

so i’m still working on making christmas gifts, trying not to just throw my hands up in the air and quit and join the rest of america in a shopping spree! thanksgiving really slowed down my momentum, then the late nights with newly difficult sleeping children isn’t helping my cause either!

but today i finished 2 gifts! yay for me! these were a new project for me. i found a couple tutorials in blogland that i kind of went off of, and after making these two i’ve learned a couple more things i’d change next time. but, all in all, a satisfying project as it was fairly simple with great results.

i’m quitting for the night since i had a late meeting tonight and i have no motivation. up on the list for tomorrow are headbands…. 13 of them! after a quick trip to the fabric store i should be able to bust them out in a day or so. any handmade ideas yet for big boys or men? i’m still stumped there. i’m losing confidence in my few ideas i’ve had. help!

polaroid photos

i’ve had a number of you ask about how i made my new pictures at the top of my blog. i use picasa to edit and store all of my pictures, and they have a collage feature that i used. but you can still do this even if you don’t use picasa. there’s a website that allows you to do the same thing:

hope that helps! now, can anyone tell me how to size my picture to fit in it’s box?