christmas ’07

here’s christmas in pictures. this is more for family, so sorry if its boring!

the capes were a hit once all the boys had theirs on.

so fun for the grands to see great gram (my dad’s mom)!

silas got to meet his great grandma (my mom’s mom) for the first time!

of course, i found time to do a little sewing. these 5 minute tisue holders really did go fast. great use of scraps.

so much fun time with the cousins gave me lots of time to relax.

lily got chapstick in her stocking from santa. here’s a picture to commemorate the only time lily will ever share her chapstick with her sister.

lots of family snuggles were had.

now really – could you say no to this face?

a couple weeks ago, when gracie knew we were going ice skating over the holiday, she stated that she would skate with her leg out. and she did! she was so excited! gotta love the walkers and the freedom it gave the wobbly little ones.

the g decided she could go it alone! wow! it brought tears to my eyes that she was so confident in her independance. i tried to hold her hand so she wouldn’t fall and she assured me, “its okay if i fall mom”!! what?!

my oldest brother, michael, and i goofing off in our skating session. there were only 4 other people on the ice that weren’t in our family. it was almost like we had the whole place to ourselves!

snow cats!

all the cousins made a gingerbread house. i got it at costco. it was so easy to put together, we’ll definitely do it again next year.

lily’s skirt never did get made. i won’t be able to get away with that much longer!

the big boy sitting at the dinner table with us.

wiped out!

superman with uncle michael. he’s always good with the baby stunts.

lily and sean on the ice.
i hope you all had a wonderful christmas! thank you joneses for making mine so fun, and cheney’s: we missed you all so much!


packing up christmas & a little project

after getting home from my parents’ and unpacking everything, the mood struck to pack up christmas – so i went with it! it took only a few minutes to undo it all. why does it take so long to put up? i still all looks so pretty, even in a pile! putting it all back in the boxes was fun too, because i was able to reorganize and pack it all away so nicely for next year.

so here’s the little project. its a bit messy as you can see. 1st step: grab the nearest 4 year old. mine happened to be sitting on my bed watching a movie. step 2: make sure baby and toddler are fast asleep. step 3: get wooden candle sticks, craft glue, paint brush, and glitter. step 4: apply glue in sections and sprinkle glitter. repeat until covered. i recommend using the superfine glitter rather than regular. the pink was with the superfine and red with regular.

just in time for valentine’s day crafting! (wow! its not even new years yet!)