before & after

first off, thank you for all your suggestions on how to post a video. unfortunately, none of them worked! i guess my movies all are .mvi files, which blogger, youtube, and photobucket do not accept. so now i have to learn how to convert my movies to another type of file. sounds very daunting to a computer novice like me. hopefully, more to come…
and a quick funny note before i get to the real reason for this post: it was kind of stinky outside, gracie told me. i asked what it smelled like and she told me, “gas”. then she said, “i think the neighbor’s are shortening their grass”!!! she was right. always interesting to hear things through a child’s perspective.
ok, to the real post. finally something slightly creative is going on here! a little back story: growing up i used to love to rearrange my room. i would do it most often when my room was really messy, because 1) i was just procrastinating (me!? shocking, i know!), and 2) i wanted to have a nice clean room when it was all rearranged. so its something i do, or did (more accurately). in our first apartment sean and i had, it was actually pretty big and i used to reaarange things in there all the time. sean actually came home more than a few times to me being stuck in one room or another behind and armoire or dresser. i look back and am surprised how much weight i was actually able to move. my memories are impressing myself! ;) so… in our last 3 homes, space has been tight (our last house was about 700-800 sq. feet!), and moving furniture has not been an option, for the most part. even in our current home (our “forever” home, because we will never move from here!), i don’t move furniture much because things really can only go a couple ways. except… in the girls room! there are options! yay!!! so yesterday after i dropped g off at school, got si down for a nap, lily and i got crackin’ on their room. here’s the before:
and also before:

here’s a “during” shot:
and here’s a couple “afters”:
and here’s where i made the kids all hide out (behind the door!) while i tried to get a picture of a clean room before the kids destroyed all my hard work!

the room is still not quite done (is it ever?!). we have a large mirror that goes over the dresser that we couldn’t use before because the dresser was in front of the windows. that still needs to be hauled out of the garage, and then i’ll post a pic of that side of the room.
oh, and we’re getting some storage built in our playroom today by a wonderful company called OneSource (ever heard of them? ;) ), so i’ll post some before & after’s of that soon!



i don’t know why i’m totally amazed by this but i am. silas is LOVING standing up. ok, so every baby learns to stand up, right? and i already have gone through this twice, but… it still is amazing to me and i think he’s the coolest ever! how silly is that?!

here he is next to a play table…
up on his knees…
all the way up!
he get so stoked on himself when he’s standing. he’s even had a few brief sessions where he’d let go and stand by himself. he would get so excited and scared all at once. its pretty cute, i must say. so if i could figure out how to load videos, i’d show you my big boy standing or crawling (which he totally does now! i know – amazing!), but i still don’t know how. man!
so i’ve realized my blog has become very uncrafty lately. i don’t know why exactly, but i intend to change that! i just got some fun stuff in the mail for a big project i have for church (women’s conference), so hopefully i’ll be able to show some trial runs soon!