date night

with the kids! my husband took lily, our “two an haff” year old out tonight and i went out with the other 2. they went to cpk for dinner and, at lily’s request, to “COSTCO!!!!! TO GET BY BY’S!!!!!” (by by’s are vitamins – don’t know why, but always have been since lily could speak). that was her favorite part of the date. she’s made it her job every morning to ask for vitamins then distribute them to her sister. they’re a real big deal to her, and as of this morning, we were all out. hence, the all important trip to costco.
gracie, silas and i went to target (!!!!!!). she was given an awesome gift from my best friend for her birthday (which is still nearly a month away). nicole sent her a gift card to target, and also 5 tiny little envelopes, with a dollar in each and instructions for how to spend it written on top. 1 instructed her to get popcorn, 2 said to get some gum, 3 said to choose some chapstick, 4 said nail polish, and 5 said to choose 1 thing from the dollar section. gracie loved this! she had so much fun doing her own shopping, it was really quite adorable. i also managed to squeeze in a bit of shopping for a project for her birthday party.

things i am thankful for today:
1. special time with the kids
2. a clean car (outside at least)
3. attitudes changing
4. a clean potty
5. lily starting potty training (again) and doing very well
6. another beautiful day
7. not having to “go” to work everyday
8. a dishwasher cleaning my dishes for me
9. my 2 littles taking naps in the car today
10. my husband’s flexibility with work (so he could be with gracie at ballet while i sat in the car with the sleeping babes!)


ba ba bay

lily started ballet a couple weeks ago! she absolutely loves it. she calls it “ba ba bay”, she can’t quite say ballet yet. she is so excited to have something that is all her own: when we go, she says, “only me?!”. her favorite thing to do is put her hands on her hips and walk “on mine dippy dos”. she does very well listening to her teacher and following instructions. she’s been practicing for a long time, as she’s had to watch gracie at her lessons.

today i am thankful for:
1. the (almost too) warm weather and going to the beach
2. our family’s general health, small colds aside
3. a husband who takes the kids down to the water while i rest on the sand
4. sprinklers and nudie buns
5. having the right ingredients for an unplanned dinner
6. brownies with peanut butter chips
7. a God that is so good to give me all this, when i deserve nothing
8. a new week ahead – may my attitude be better than last week
9. a cute boy playing happily and independently next to me
10. another cute boy tuning his bike for an early a.m. ride