voting day

get out your ballots and punch your “chads” ’cause today is voting day! i have it narrowed down to 2 names for my little business. are you ready? drum roll please……..

the poppy shop
the pleated poppy

please leave me a comment on which is your favorite and why. i’m totally open to any negative or positive (of course) feedback.

now you may be asking, “what happened to the giveaway?”. a while back i offered a special little prize to the person who suggested the name i chose for my business. after agonizing (seriously!) every day, and getting tons of opinions i narrowed it down to 2…. but not the 2 i just told you. i have 2 favorites from all your suggestions. the first is “the girl on a red swing” suggested by robbin, which i love, love, love, how its totally random but gives such a neat visual and is very “rememberable”. the negatives on this name are 1) it may be too long, and 2) it has nothing to do with my products. the other is “fresh picked” by deborah w., which i loved for its simplicity and how it represented my products. the problems that i kept going back to on this one were 1)its grammatically incorrect, and 2) its a bit forgettable, easily confused with other names. so up until just 2 days ago i thought it would be one of those names, but neither was hitting me as “this is the one”. then i looked back at some scrap papers i had on my desk that had names scribbled on them from a dinner a couple months ago with lisa and her husband. we brainstormed all through dinner on names. one of them was “pleats & poppies”. i really liked how it sounded, but didn’t put it in the running. i think because poppies looks and sounds too much like puppies? i pulled that paper out again the other day, morphed some of the suggestions, and “the pleated poppy” and “the poppy shop” hit me as winners.

so robbin, deborah, and lisa: please choose any item i have left in my shop. if there’s nothing there you’re interested in (because my stock is sooo low), but have a more specific request based on items you’ve seen offered before, email me and we’ll work something out. and one more person: 8 year old morgan cheney (my husband’s father’s cousin’s son’s daughter!). she has given more suggestions (by email) than anyone else, so she can choose a little something, too!

so here’s a little update on the biz: at the end of september i’m hoping to have a booth at the harvest festival in arroyo grande. my friend joy is going to spend the weekend hanging out with me (so sweet of her). i’m super SUPER excited about this! i can’t wait to set up and decorate my booth. but… i’m really low on products right now, even lower after i sold out of all my flower brooches over the last couple of days (thanks again, lisa!). my mind is going so much faster than my sewing is for all these new things i want to whip up. unfortunately, this couldn’t come at a worse time for me as my oldest starts kindergarten in 6 DAYS, and i have a lot to prepare for with homeschooling part time. i don’t know how i’ll fit in all this extra crafting and fulfill my duties as a teacher, wife, and mom. so for all of you that have requested more brooches, you may just have to wait. i actually have a huge pile of about 30 of them sitting next to me right now, just waiting for me to assemble them, but 2 things are stopping me from putting them up for sale: 1) i should really save them to stock up for the harvest festival, and 2) my camera is still broken and looking unrepairable, so even when i do finish those flowers i won’t be able to show them to you until i can borrow my husband’s work camera. (for those of you who are totally bored with this post right now, feel free to leave because i’m totally rambling!)

this last week has felt like a nesting week, like i’m prepping to have a baby. the idea of homeschooling is so exciting and terrifying all at once. thankfully, we’re going to a school that will guide us along and keep me in line! this week i’ve been organizing random drawers, sifting through piles, sorting through outgrown clothes – all the things that will really have no impact on how i home school, but for some reason seem totally necessary. along with all this house prep i also want to get lots of things ready for the festival so that i can not stress too much when school is going, but really i’m taking on too much. silas has been sick (and super grumpy) all week, the girls have been fighting way too much, my husband is out of town all week for business, i’m constantly cooking and picking up and nursing and getting someone to sleep, so i really don’t have time in my day to do it all (so why am i rambling on and on when i can be sewing?).

so thanks for listening and remember to cast your vote for our favorite name!

oh, and because i hate to post without a picture, here’s one of my little one year old!



i made some smaller versions of the flower brooches into little hairclips. my girls are sooo into them. they really turned out so fun! since i ended up keeping a few for myself, here’s what i have to offer you: just 5! get them quick because they’ll go fast. they are priced the same as the brooches, $6 each or 3 for $15, plus $2.50 for shipping. feel free to combine them with the brooches for the 3 for $15 deal.

*edit* – #2, 3, and 4 are sold!

speaking of the brooches, here’s a few more that i just found in my stash. i have had such a huge rush for them today (thanks lisa!) that i had to dig and see if i had any more that i hadn’t gotten around to posting. i still have a few left here, and then these new added ones (the numbers will make more sense when you look at the link).

email me at with any questions!

*edit* – sold out!