harvest festival

fun, long weekend. lots of catching up to do. lots of items to put in the shop soon. must get some sleep.



  1. 1

    how did it go…did you sell much?

  2. 2
    Lisa Leonard says:

    your booth looks AMAZING!! you go linds!

  3. 3

    your booth looks adorable!

  4. 4

    your booth looks soooo cute! i love all the cute display things! i hope you did well!

  5. 5

    Your booth was great and once again had just the right “Lindsey touch” on everything. You truly have the gift of showing God’s creativity and beauty, and I am sure that He delights in how you use the gifts you’ve been given. (Extra kudos for gracing the church functions with your ideas and centerpieces and baby showers as well!)

  6. 6
    Laurel MacD says:

    Everything looks great – hope you did well.

  7. 7

    I so wish that the harvest festival was in my town! Your booth was RIDICULOUS!!!! If I was shopping it would be bye bye all of my money!!!!

  8. 8

    In your 5th photo down-what is that spinning display? Is it an antique?
    I love your sign as well-old flash cards? :)

  9. 9
    lindsey says:

    amanda – i borrowed that spinning display piece from my friend lisa leonard. she uses it to display her necklaces at shows. i think it is vintage, but not sure of its original intended use. and the letter cards are from a game my mom picked up at a thrift shop – can’t remember the name of the game?

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