messy playroom

i don’t know why, but i feel compelled to now show you pictures of our messy playroom, which my messy desk is in. this is the room we live in. really. almost all day, everyday. i do all my work here, we home school here, watch movies here (1 a day – max. why do i feel the need to clarify that?), play, play, and play.

so yesterday this room was clean. not spotless, like clean baseboards and all, but no toys on the floor and i vacuumed. the desks looked pretty much the same as they do now (constantly), but overall it looked pretty good. you can see my desk in the background – see? i wasn’t lying. that pile is about 2 feet high! do you like my shipping department (against my window)? so professional. back to cleaning – we do this nearly every day! no joke. the room is clean in the late afternoon, after we have a cleaning rampage because mommy is freaking out about all the mess and can’t be productive/any fun at all with such chaos. so we race around the room and straighten and neaten (?) and generally tidy up, followed by a good once over with the vacuum to pick up stray fabric scraps and snack crumbs. yes, i let my kids eat snacks in here. to be honest, its out of laziness, and a way to squeeze in a little more productivity.
by the next morning, after an evening of “ruffling” (rough housing/wrestling) with daddy (not me, the kids) the room is well on its way to being a danger to anyone walking through it. i think we may need to get waivers for friends to sign before they allow their children to play in here.

silas likes to pull the books off the shelves, the girls like to pull out e.ver.y toy we have and play with it on the opposite side of the room from wher it belongs making cleanup take that much longer, and then so often the playroom explosion leaks out like lava into the rest of the house. this can mostly be blamed on the little man who is rather efficient at taking one item from any room in the house and placing it in another room, then taking an item from that room and taking it to yet another room and leaving it there, only to find another item to misplace. fun. lots. but look at the door with the yellow post its. there’s a bit of organization! and maybe a bit of proof that i actually do homeschool my kids in here. those are post its that came with sight words printed on them. gracie likes to take a sword and use it as a pointer as she recites the words. with all that overwhelming organization, you probably didn’t even notice the giant pile that is supposed to be my homeschooling desk. must get organized!

just one more shot, to really drive home the point. mess. big mess and lots of it. and what am i doing now while my dear sweet husband is with all 3 kids at soccer practice? cleaning up that room and making a deliscious dinner to greet them with upon their arrival? nope. i’m talking to you and avoiding looming responsibility. oh, here’s a sneak peek: can you see the pile of pink fluff on top of that white dresser thing over there? i worked all day on glenda the good witch’s costume and finished it! o.ver. the. top gaudy. rhinestines, sequins, glitter, tulle. tons of hot glue, for good measure. very fun, and now my not-so-clean desk is beautified with a layer of glitter! good times!

here’s to messy floors, happy kids, imaginitive play, a little learning, a little crafting, and a sprinkling of glitter!


*edited to add: i keep forgetting to tell you – i put another batch of posy pins in the shop. if you want them you’d better hurry. they’re going FAST!

my messy desk

so, i’m sitting here trying to get something, anything done at my desk and i am so overwhelmed. i’m realizing its not just the amount of projects that i have going that is bogging me down, but the fact that there are all in process ON MY DESK! so, just for kicks, i thought i’d give you a rundown of whats on my desk:
a ripped pocahantes costume (why isn’t it in the trash?)
some bills (oops! better get to those!)
my journal
a half assembled glenda the good witch crown and all that goes into it (fabric, rhinestones…)
a house phone
an iphone box (that goes to the phone i’ve had for a few weeks and have yet to TOUCH!)
papers for an upcoming boutique
my computer
jars holding covered buttons
wire stand holding posy pin parts
sewing machine
another house phone (some days i end up with all 3 here)
2 digital cameras
video camera
box of pins (after all these years of sewing i don’t own a pincushion. pathetic)
bucket of scissors and pens
a shirt waiting for me to “orange-ify” it by tomorrow for a class party
a pile of new fabrics (!!!)
a HUGE pile of unfinishes projects, about 2 feet tall: notebook covers, posy pins, zippered pouches
a jar full of thread
a jar full of notions
lots of scribbled notes
all on top of a cutting mat.

hmmm… clearing my desk sounds like it would make me more productive. i’ll get right on that, just after i
make the shirt with something orange
finish the glenda crown
finish the glenda dress
cut out the new posy pins
throw away the pocahantes costume

i have now made the shirt (added a pumpkin) and a matching posy hair clip to boot!
finished the glenda crown
finished the glenda dress
tossed the pocahantes costume
and still haven’t touched the pile for new posies