spent my weekend here

– just down the coast about an hour and a half
– a long weekend camping with family and friends
– lots of sleeping with the babes (just about caught up on my sleep!)
– donettes and bear claws for breakfast – mmmm, healthy!
– no phone, no computer, no email
– read a whole book (ok, a crafting book, but still!)
– tar on my soles, sand in my hair, 3 kids with rosy cheeks and 8+ loads of laundry = one wonderful weekend!



although this picture is not totally related to this post, it sure fits the title! and what’s a post without pictures?

so as the title may suggest, things have been a bit nutty around these parts. business for the pleated poppy has taken off. i’m feeling a constant desire to find a balance, yet i don’t even have time to catch my balance! life keeps moving so fast. i feel like i need to push the pause button for a bit just to find all the pieces and try to reassemble this puzzle that is my life. so so much going on (and the holidays haven’t even hit!) and i just need a few minutes to wrap my mind around it. *insert pause here while i go get my banana split!*

some of you may know that my sister lives in london, so we very rarely get to see each other. and since the time difference puts us 8 hours off, talking on the phone is even difficult to tim it right. so when we talk, its mostly through email. i generally fill her in on the mundane events of my life, the upcoming events, what the kids are doing, etc. so rather than ramble on and on (which i’ll probably do anyway), i thought i’d get my thoughts down like i do with my sister. here goes:

-busy with business. good, but crazy. just starting to lose the fun of creating and crafting. is it because i have to do it instead of just want to do it?
-trying to figure out new ways to market myself. i hate it. not for me. stretching myself, for sure.
-girls are starting to fight a little less. its been draining. can you force love? hmm…
-silas is a nut, a total boy. i pull him off the top of the dining table at least 30 times a day. no joke. he has 3 injuries just on his face right now. one gash on his forehead from falling out of a playhouse/slide/climbing thing, one black eye and scrape from getting poked in the eye from a tent pole that his sister was not supposed to be playing with, and one bruise on his forehead from running into his sisters’ room and tripping causing him to whack his head against the metal bedframe. trouble, i tell ya.
-nursing the boy is nearly done. totally bittersweet.
-he sleeps terribly. but i remind myself all the kids did, and the girls sleep fine now. its just a stage, right? i keep wanting to get silas to fall asleep on his own, then i get sweet time rocking him in my arms and think that i won’t get to do that much longer. again, bittersweet. something i want and don’t want all at once.
-i need to make the kids’ costumes for halloween. well, most of them were lent to us, but some adjustments need to be made, and if you saw the last post, you could see that lily’s dorothy dress was waaay too small, so i’ll be making that from scratch. shouldn’t be too tough, right? famous last words.
-wait! halloween is next week? seriuosly?!
-now the stress starts to set in. we’re going camping for 4 days this weekend. when will i have time to make the costumes? and work? and homeschool? and feed my family?

the banana split is all gone. where’s the chocolate?!?