blue corduroy

my new friend, emily, has just started an etsy shop called blue corduroy, selling her amazing crocheted visor hats. she was one of the vendors at my house last week and she did really well. i had to try really hard to restrain myself from snagging one of her great hats. they are super comfy and soft, and the shape is really flattering. and her prices are great. so far she only has infant and child sized hats available, but keep checking back for the adult ones, too. and she also make the most amazing children’s clothing from thrifted linens – so fun! so go check her out and tell her i sent you!


glittered candlesticks

where are all those tutorials i promised you? like i don’t have anything else going on around here! but i managed to squeeze this one out, probably because i did it last year! this is a great craft to do with kids.

wooden candlesticks – you can get these at craft stores. i think mine were from joann’s.
glitter – we used both the superfine glitter and the chunky kindergarten glitter – both worked fine.
glue – we used elmer’s, but any kind would work.
newspaper or paper bags for surface protection

prepare yourself: this is going to be messy. no way around it.

squirt a little glue in a tray – i used an old pie tin – and mix with a tiny bit of water with your paintbrush so the glue will spread easier.

paint the candlestick with the glue in sections, about 1/3 at a time. after one section is painted, sprinkle glitter all over and press with your fingers if needed.

continue down, 1/3 at a time until the entire surface is covered. let dry, and use!

warning: there will be glitter everywhere you set these! but it wipes up, so no big deal!