random thoughts

most mornings i get up and start thinking about all the things i have to do that day and what i have coming up. lately that gets a little overwhelming when those thoughts are mixed with everything else i have going on. so today instead of a standard post, i’ll let you in on my rambling thoughts, a peek inside my head…

– get invitations out for jeannett’s shower (finished last night!)
– work on new posy pins throughout the day – fun fun colors!
– what are we supposed to be doing for home school today?
– research hotels for this weekend
– try out joy’s machine (i’m researching getting a new machine. where do you start?)
– pass out flyers for next wednesday’s boutique HERE!
– get the vomit smell out of the carpet – good times, good times
– cut some roses for the house, prune the dead ones
– try out a prototype for new apron – flat front with a tiny ruffle at the bottom
– got new business cards – thanks, j! your package is coming soon – we keep adding to it!

– mom and dad are here – yay!
– debate throwing away half-finished christmas cards that i never got out
– i really want to cut some of my new fabric for more projects, but i literally have PILES of works-in-progress that i need to get through first. but crayon rolls are done – 24 of them!
– get all upcoming shows/boutiques on calendar – home spring boutique, mother’s day indie boutique, strawberry festival, art in the park (debating?), summerfest (with nicole!!!)
– ohh! nicole and fam will be here next friday for easter!!!

– ummm, make easter skirts for my girls and nicole’s – in my free time, of course
– work on jeannett’s shower details – fun fun
– try to sneak in a date with the hubs this week. please mom?
– take pics of the loft. its been painted for awhile now. beautiful!
– its 7:56 and gracie is still sleeping. lucky girl.
– stop rambling. go make breakfast.


on a roll

new crayon rolls are in the shop, and more are on their way!