on a roll

new crayon rolls are in the shop, and more are on their way!



  1. 1

    I LOVE THE CRAYON ROLLS…and now how about marker rolls for moms that like to keep pens and markers in their purse….{my kids are too old for crayons}

    seriously…I would soooo buy one that is a little taller to keep pens and markers in one place instead of falling to the bottom of my bag….

    can you let me know if you go that route ?? THANKS SO MUCH

  2. 2

    emilie was using her colored pencil roll again the other day (for the millionth time), and commented “this was a really great gift aunt lindsey gave me.”

  3. 3

    Love that idea…VERY cute..and functional!

  4. 4
    Lisa Stone says:

    Make sure that you make the PEN roll 8″ tall so that I can use it for my double pointed KNITTING NEEDLES!!! I will soooo buy that! My knitting needles are my crayons!

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