my house may not be clean.
my laundry may be piled knee (or thigh) high.
my kids may need to be bathed.
we may not be eating very healthy right now.
i may be terribly behind on work.
i may not have blogged in a few days.
my camera may be broken.
but today was a good day.
today my kids were happy.
my girls hardly fought all day.
i was able to snuggle my 2 youngest whenever they asked.
i was able to organize to my heart’s desire today in the playroom.
i only had to hear whining a fraction of the amount i usually do.
although there is much to be desired of the state of my home,
today it was made clear to me



guest blogger nicole: {CURREN RIGGS}


HE is big…

and beautiful…

and I am blessed and ready to be home with the rest of the family…

thanks to my lindsey…for fanning my sweaty face while i pushed…for telling me i could do it when my hubby was speechless…and for sleeping on an uncomfortable cot in my hospital room so i did not have to stay alone. i am a lucky girl today…in more ways than i can count!

coming soon…curren’s birth announcement!

:)nicole (aka proud mama)

from lindsey: thank you nicole for letting me in on your birth experience! what an amazing gift that was to me! you let me do something that i likely will never get to do again in my life. you were amazing yesterday and are blessed with a beautiful sleepy boy! love you!