i have been a bad blogger for a few days now – so sorry! but i have excuses, lots. but first, please take a look at the sunset view from my porch a couple weeks ago. be.a.u.ti.ful!

-i have no properly functioning camera. i dropped mine when we went camping and it no worky. i’m borrowing a friend’s old camera, but the pic quality is subpar, even for my novice skills.
-we’re revving up to start school on monday, homeschool on tuesday, so once again i am nesting like i’m pregnant. this leaves little time to blog.
-i am figuring out a better way to balance work and family and house responsibilities. i’m am trying to not work at all during the day, except for processing orders and other things at naptime. all my work is getting done in the evening, so i’m back to being a night-owl (did i ever stop? i guess those 3 days were considered a break). work is slower, but i’m happier. 40-60 hour work weeks with 3 kids is just too much. for all of us.
-we’re reconfiguring our playroom/office/workspace/homeschool room – maybe it should be called the multi-purpose room? no, something else. i’ve migrated back into the dining room, which told me i had too little work space in the playroom. we (sean and i) admitted to ourselves that i am actually working a real job and need the space to do so. i still want to be with the kids while i’m working so, even if we had the space, i’d still want to be in the playroom. so things are turned upside down and sideways in the playroom as we are adding a huge cutting table for me along with desk space along an entire wall! i can’t wait to show you, but i’d need a camera for that, unless you all want to come over for a visit. the wonderful guys at onesource are installing it (ok, mostly sean, but he’s still pretty wonderful).
-another thing i can’t wait to show you is he room switch! we switched the girls into silas’ room and he’s in their’s. the girls’ room is almost done, only minor things to do (that will probably never get done), but silas’ room is still purple. good thing he’s too young to care!
-i’m already starting to come up for designs for christmas! aaaack! it feels like its in the high 90’s outside and i’m thinking of christmas?!
-another thing i need to let you all know is that i’m not taking custom orders right now. i get several emails about wonderful requests, but i am just too busy to keep up with custom orders, too. but they are something i enjoy, so hopefully i’ll settle into a better work rhythm and figure out a way to do them, too. thanks for being patient!
-i have a lousy little giveaway for you when i get some pictures taken. since we’re redoing the playroom i have been going through all my fabric scraps – 4 locker bins full + 2 bags! i whittled them down to one locker basket and am giving away the rest. but i must give fair warning: these are my scraps or fabric pieces i will never use again, as in i’m kind of tired of them or never really liked them. but one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right? i think i’ll have 3-4 gallon size ziplock bags full for you to have.

ok, i guess thats it now for the excuses. if i spent any longer, i’m sure i could think of more! but it is naptime and i need to get to processing those orders!



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    Whooo- wee! What good stuff going on. Can't wait to see the end result!

  2. 2
    Mama Mote says:

    Good grief, Lindsey! I do wish I could come see your house when it's all back together with your new cutting table and such. Will be nice to see it here at least, when you get your camera, after you've done some homeschooling, after you've done some housecleaning, after the room switching, dinner, etc., etc. Whew!!! Anyway, you'll do great and I'll pray for balance. You do have a keeper in Sean. Hugs to you all.

  3. 3

    What an amazing view you have!! I would spend way too much time just looking at it! ;) I say you have *lots* of good reasons for not blogging… sounds like you could use a good deep breath!

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