zippety do da

it has been way too long since i’ve made these! it was so fun getting back in the groove this weekend with these bags. i am loving the ruffles, ricrac and buttons right now! you non-sewers out there may shrug your shoulders at the scissors print, but it makes me giddy! i’m trying to come up with a reason why i need a fourth zippered pouch in my purse. right now i have one for cosmetics, on for “personal” items, and one for receipts. maybe i’ll put some tiny toys in one for the kids! they really help to organize my purse.

oh yeah, these zippered pouches are available NOW!


ok, take a deep breath…

you may even want to sit down.
oh, wait. you’re probably already sitting down in front of your computer.
well, hold on to your knickers because…

amy butler has a new line of rugs!!!

not that i could ever justify the price tag, but oh. they are so beautiful!
to have her amazing art in such a grand scale would be amazing!

i don’t think i’d even want a couch – i’d just lay all day on the rug!
oooh, that sounds like a good way to justify the rug: i don’t need a new couch and rug, just the rug!