master bedroom redo, part 5

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here’s what the room looks like today.
i put the white king size comforter on,
and turned it sideways (thanks to a great suggestion!).
i folded a dark brown coverlet on the end to break up the white.
i don’t prefer it (that’s what i teach my kids to say when they don’t like something),
but it works for now.
i also have a lot of work to do on the pillows, but again, good enough for now.

here’s the lamps joy found for me at marshall’s for $40 each.
kind of pricey, but after looking all over for these lamps and really any lamp in general, $40 is a good price.
lamps are so stinkin’ expensive!
they came with a drum shade, which i wanted, but its black.
it works, but i want to rework it somehow.
not sure yet…

and eventually, we’ll place the order we’ve planned on placing for over 3 years now
and get some window coverings.
we’re getting some woven wood shades.
at some point.
did i tell you that my husband OWNS a window coverings company?
i know, it’s bad.

here’s the view on the other side.
yep, its kind of boring.
the memo board behind the chair will probably eventually hang above it,
but not actually sure if the chair will stay there.

and our wedding picture on top of the dresser should probably get hung.
i really want to add a bunch of pics to this wall, but i haven’t given it much thought.
you didn’t think this makeover would be fast, did you?

i’m still happy with these pieces, so they’re staying.
i need to pull some more accessories to add here without looking cluttered.

this little bear is the only thing on top right now.
he was made (not by me) from my late gramps’ shirt.
i love it.

and here’s the garage sale chair all covered in sheets and blankets.
it really looks silly like this, but i can’t handle the salmon/reddish color of the upholstery underneath.
i’m keeping my eye out for fabric to recover/slipcover this with.
any thoughts on that one?

oh, and thanks so much for all your comments on this process!
so many of them have been really helpful!


bad pics, good idea

thanksgiving pot pies
(my kids call them pot pot pies)

step 1 – take all the leftovers and dump them in a huge bowl.
or 2.
we chopped up all the turkey into bite size pieces first.
in our bowl was:
mashed potatoes
creamed corn
green bean casserole
a bag of frozen peas

i didn’t add the cranberry sauce because i didn’t think it would taste good or look good all turned pink.

step 2 – pile mixed ingredients in a premade frozen pie crust.
you could make your own, but most likely you spent the entire day of thanksgiving preparing food, and at this point premade usually sounds nice.
you need 2 crusts for each pie.
we made 5 pies.
and ate 4 of them in one sitting.
we are a big family.
so let the top crust defrost for about 15 minutes then just flip it over onto the filling and crimp the edges down.
then cut a cute little design into the crust so the steam can escape.

step 3 – bake
if the pie is unfrozen, it takes about an hour to an hour and a half to bake.
be sure to cover the edges with foil until its almost done.
when the crust is golden brown, its done!

step 4 – devour!

hopefully you haven’t finished off your leftovers yet and you can give this a try!
if you’ve made more than you can eat, wrap the pie with tinfoil and freeze.
when you want to eat it it will take a couple days at least to defrost in the fridge.