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Jenn said…

the best christmas present ever was about a decade ago. my grandmother was terminally ill and i was able to spend the holiday with her. she passed away the following week. i know god gave us that one last christmas together for me to cherish forever.

you won the christmas posies!

email me with your address and your choice of christmas posies


time for change

we (and i mean i) switched the living room around a bit last week.
i used to switch around my furniture all the time in our last homes, but there just aren’t as many possibilities here.
my obstacles: the front door, the fireplace, and the entry to the playroom.
this layout fixed most of my problems, but i still have the back of the couch right at the entryway, which i really don’t like.
but for now, i like the change, and it as a good distraction for me.
as i’m sure i’ve said before, when i am really busy, i tend to pile extra things on my plate.
totally unnecessary things, like cleaning my closet, organizing drawers, cleaning/organizing our cupboards.
oh, and rearranging my furniture.