covered notebooks in the shop!!! (again!)

yes, i know!
i just posted these a couple days ago.
but they sold out!

so i worked my tail off the last couple days
just for you!

don’t forget – if you’re heading to blissdom, these would be so fun to whip out of your bag to jot down those ever-so-important notes (or doodles, if you’re me!).

these are a few of my favorites!

and if you’re looking for a place to store those business cards and what-nots on your purse, grab a zippered pouch while you’re at it, why don’tcha?

order quick because i’m on my way to the post office….


giveaway winner!

congratulations to janice!!!
you won the jasmine johnson photography giveaway!

email me with your contact info so i can send it on to jasmine – so fun!