around the house: turquoise and mustard

loving this color combo lately!
can you tell?
get your own here.


covered notebooks in the shop!!!

i just love how these pretty notebook covers look!
i have one that i bring to all my boutiques for my mailing list sign ups.

they fit a standard size composition notebook (one included), so they can be refilled!

on the inside flap of each is a little pocket that can hold up to 3 pens or pencils – so handy!

i was making myself a new one for taking notes during blissdom, and it dawned on me that some of you may want one, too!

so here’s my dilemma: i made one of these for myself, but now i like them all! i can’t decide which one i’ll keep… so go make up your mind quickly before i take it myself! and decide soon, because blissdom is only just over a week away – aaaahh!

and if you’re not going to blissdom, these are great for you, too! throw one in your purse to take notes as you wait to pick up your kids, to sketch ideas for crafts, or to use as a journal.

and did you see something new on my sidebar? i have 2 buttons. feel free to grab one or both for your blog and show me some love! leave me a note to let me know that you grabbed my button and i’ll come visit you!