free hair clip friday!

phew! we made it through the week!
let’s celebrate with some free goodies, k?

today only,
with each order placed at my shop, the pleated poppy,
i will include 2 sets of chubby button hair clips!

each set comes with 2 matching clips, made with a covered button and a silver contour snap clip.
i only sell these at boutiques and craft shows, so this is a special thing!

you will get a set of blue/green clips

and a set of pink clips

you will not find these in my shop.
but if you place an order today, you will find them in your package!
(fabrics and patterns will vary)


guest blogger nicole: bubba’s tie dye party

{in case you’re new here, nicole is my bff, and she guest blogs on here occasionally for me.
before i get 15 emails asking me, SHE DOES NOT HAVE A BLOG!!!
but she does have 4 beautiful kids that keep her busy enough.}

drew (nicknamed bubba) turned 4! and fortunately, this was the only sad moment at the party…the candles were melting too quickly when i captured this shot! i love how he is looking right through that camera lens at me… seeming to say, “stop giggling mama, i am really not happy about those candles”. the real tears came when baby bro, looking over his shoulder, started blowing them out before the song was over…

the invites were easy. here is the tutorial on how to tie dye the paper.

the prep: we pre-dyed shirts for everyone in the fam

i bought things in all of the colors i normally avoid… tissue paper was perfect everywhere. it overlapped in some places and mixed colors just like the dye does.

i made these big, sloppy poms to hang everywhere.

and this hid-e-ous tie dyed fabric came from walmart…but it was perfect for the birthday banner.

….and the hat. drew loves a party hat so we make him one every year.

the table was prepped with examples…more tissue paper-cut up this time…and all of the supplies. i purchased white boys’ t-shirts and a tie dye kit from wally’s (sounds so much better than walmart). these bottles in the kit make things really easy.

the kids and i prepped their shirts (while others were jumpin’ on the trampoline in our garage) with rubberbands

during lunch, they each came up and dyed their shirts… IN MY SINK!!!! don’t do it any other way people! unless you can go outside! we sent the kids home with their shirts in a bag with instructions on how to wash them the next day.

the cupcakes were crazy! linds sent me this link… and because we frosted them white, the kids were super surprised to see inside! i wish i would have done the colors a bit different, but overall, i was happy.

check out the cupcake wrappers…

super fun party! and after consuming too much nasty dye and sugar, we all slept well!

we’re ” dyin’ ” to do it again!

{don’t forget to come back tomorrow for free friday!}