guest blogger nicole: my posy garden

a yummy set of posies courtesy of the pleated poppy +
the green and cream knit ones from old navy…years ago +
a mustard yellow felt flower i made for myself =
a whole lotta love for my plain old scarf
overkill?  maybe.
:) nicole

it’s almost tiiiiiime!

the queen bee market is almost here!

are you so excited?!
i bet you can tell by all my exclamation marks that I AM!!!!
i have been working like crazy and am all prepped and packed.
i spent a couple hours tonight practicing my setup for the show.
sounds silly, yes,but i usually take up a 10 x 10 ft booth, 
and i’m squishing onto a 6 x 3 ft table.
i’m really happy with the setup i finally figured out, and i’m hoping for a great turnout on saturday.
because i could have all these products ready to go,
but it won’t mean anything if no one comes.
so are you coming?!
i’ve had several of you email me to let me know you’ll be there!
i am so excited to meet so many of you “in real life”.
but prepare yourself:
i’m not nearly as chatty in person as i am here.
or i start with the nervous chatter and say silly things.
keep the expectations low.
but if you come for the goods, they’ll be there in full force!
i will have hundreds, yes, HUNDREDS, of items for the taking.
and plenty of items that aren’t in my shop yet either!
and for those of you who can’t make it, consider a road trip?
or, to save some money on gas and hotel, just head over to my shop right now!
even though i will be bringing basically my whole shop with me, 
you can still purchase anything from my shop until friday night.
then my shop will be closed all day saturday.
i’ll do an inventory check and re-open sometime on sunday.
so don’t freak out if you go to my shop and can’t buy anything!

talk soon!