take note!

i *love* the way all these notebooks look together!
 covered notebooks are really fun to me because i rarely work in large amounts of fabric, 
but with these you get to see so much of the loveliness!
but i digress – i could be distracted by beautiful fabric all day if i let it.
oh wait. 
i do.
ok, back on track…
the real reason i’m showing you all these pretties is because not only are they fun to look at, 
they are also really useful!
i use one as a mailing list at all my boutiques.
how fun would it be to have a guest book at your house that friends and family could leave little messages in?
i have another that i use for work, to sketch designs and ideas in, to make list after list, and to take notes in.
keeping grocery lists, errands and to-do’s all in one place would be so helpful, too.
 do you have a conference coming up?
these are great notebooks to whip out during a seminar to stylishly take notes in.
they close with a button/elastic closure, and have a coordinating pen/pencil pocket on the inside flap.

i’m going to the creative connection in september.
just got my plane tickets last night!!!  
not only will i be carrying my own notebook to the sessions i’ll be attending,
but i’ll also be a vendor in the handmade market, where you can get your own.
let me know if you’re going, i’d love to meet you!
there are so many other conferences out there coming up (or going on right now!).
are you going to blissdom ’11?
get your notebook ahead of time!
ok, time to get back to the sweatshop!

what i wore wednesday, er… thursday – oops!

hey all!
since you reeeeally don’t want to see what i wore all last week on vacation 
(think pajamas for days in a row, then switching it up with sweats)
i asked my sister to show us a little of her style.
check out her blog if you want to be jealous of her travels.
for those of you who don’t know her, 
my sister and her boyfriend moved to london about 4 years ago.
she is a graphic designer and is responsible for all my graphics and my pretty blog.
isn’t she amazing?!
and you’ll see that she looks much younger than me, but you’re wrong.
i won’t divulge her age, but she is the oldest of the four kids, and i am the youngest.
i used to love it when people would say that.
now i hate it.
so, without further ado, my sister jennifer (whom i lovingly refer to as “j”):

first, i should say that i do not have any kids, as i suspect many of Lindsey’s readers do, so i probably have more time than a lot of moms out there to decide what to wear each morning. i work in a small office in central London as a graphic designer and i have no dress code. i can wear anything i want. mostly, i dress for comfort, but i try to put in some effort if i have plans after work. also, i feel like a complete slob if i don’t make a little bit of effort. London is a very fashion conscious city full of people who know how to dress and take risks. if i still lived in California i would be wearing a t-shirt, jeans and my Rainbows on a regular basis :)

day 1: Tuesday – work
t-shirt – Gap
jeans – Uniqlo (chopped, but not hemmed)
shoes – French Soles
necklace – Banana Republic
purse – Nine West

day 2: Wednesday – work, 
the weather was a little cooler so i decided to wear a jacket. 
btw, i love these shoes!
t-shirt – Uniqlo
waistcoat – Ted Baker
jacket – Zara
jeans – Uniqlo (same as before but turned under)
shoes – Zara
purse – Coach

day 3: Thursday – work, then meeting friends for drinks afterward
shirt – Primark
shorts – Old Navy
scarf – Primark
belt – Ted Baker
shoes – ASOS.com

day 4: Friday – work, then home to pack for trip to Turkey
(yes, you heard her – turkey! when you live in london you get to holiday in cool places like that!)
tank top – Anthropologie
pants – boutique in Encinitas
scarf – Whistles
shoes – Kate Kanzier (same shoes i sent to you)

day 5: Monday – work
shirt – Primark
pants – Gap
shoes – Rainbows
thanks, j!
now its your turn to link up!