halloween costumes

i must say, it kinda killed me that i didn’t make my kids costumes entirely this year.

it was a tradition i always grew up with – my mom made the most amazing, intricate costumes, so i’ve tried to carry that on over the years.

i thought last year would be the last year i could be “influential” on my kids’ costume choices, but once i gave them free reign they couldn’t decide.

so i suggested lily be a flapper because she had the perfect haircut for it, then gracie wanted to join in, too.  i was going to make them simple sheath dresses covered in rows of fringe, but at about $6 a yard, it was going to be too expensive for 2 dresses.  then i found the perfect dresses at walmart for $17, and fishnet tights for $3, so it was an easy decision.

it was easy convincing silas he HAD to be a monkey.  because he IS a monkey.

i bought a polar fleece sweatsuit from target for about $15, then got some tan and dark brown felt.  i cut an oval for the belly, cut it up the middle for the zipper, and HOT GLUED it on!

for the ears i cut out 2 layers of dark brown fleece, and one piece of tan for each ear.

i glued all 3 pieces together, but left the bottom inch unglued (where i left it open in the pic).  then i positioned the ears on the sides of the hood and hot glued the 2 flaps down so the ears would stick straight out.

this is what a post-nap monkey looks like… awwww!

then i took a cat tail from a previous costume, wrapped it in brown felt, and glued it to the back of his sweatshirt.

then i started snapping individual pics of the kids.

and lily wouldn’t stop!

all this from the girl who refused to take her kindergarten school pics because she was “feeling shy”.


then gracie had to get in on the attention.

clearly, she’s camera shy as well ;)

love love love these silly shots of my kids!

pumpkin carving

what?  you don’t scoop out the pumpkin snot with a pretty antique spoon?  so uncivilized!

we decided to be ahead of the game and carve our pumpkins last week!

the kids drew pictures on their pumpkins and we carved away.

this little monkey will be very appropriately dressed this year… just wait – easiest no-sew costume ever!

silas is such a mommy’s boy, gentle and loving, always doting on me…

er… not!  these outtakes made me crack up!  this is sooo my reality – si is a total lover boy, but so crazy wild – he kills me!

lily’s polka dot pumpkin (so very lily), silas’ pirate pum[kin, and gracie’s cat silhouette (all her drawing).

we enjoyed these beautiful pumpkins for exactly ONE night.  then we went out of town and…

no.  no one stole our pumpkins and smashed them in the street.  that would’ve been less disgusting.

instead we came home to 3 piles of moldy, oozing, mush on our porch.  the pumpkins had all collapsed and festered while we were gone.  so disappointing, so gross.

no more early bird for me! i’m going back to procrastinating next year and we’ll do the carving just before halloween.  stinkin’ pumpkins.


in other, less moldy, news:

i added more posy pins to my shop and spent this afternoon cutting tiny pouches and monster posies for more bloom bags.  my wrists hurt!