yarn ball wreath and what i wore wednesday

i have been planning to make this wreath since last christmas when starbucks had the most amazing wreaths in the whole entire world – covered in yarn balls!

but since i have crossed over into the realm of crazy colors for christmas, i needed to make my version a bit funkier than the sbucks style.  i bought this yarn after christmas last year in hopes to do this wreath, and seeing a boutique downtown this weekend that was covered in yarn balls hanging from the rafters was just enough inspiration to get out my glue gun and do this!

i spotted these awesome non-breakable ornaments in the $ section in target.

yarn from michael’s

my trusty glue gun from walmart – best $3 i ever spent.  this baby gets used nearly every day!

and a funky/obnoxious wreath form target for $2.50.

i used all different sizes of ornaments, and just started with a tiny dab of glue by the top.

that’s where i started my yarn for wrapping.

then i squirted a little glue all over

and started wrapping

and wrapping

and wrapping until at last the shiny ball underneath was no longer visible.  then i glued the end down near the top.

then i just took the wire branches from the wreath and slipped the ornament hook top thing right over it.  that’s it.  no glue or extra wire, just the wreath itself held everything on.

there wasn’t a whole lot of rhyme or reason to where i placed the ornaments.  i just kept filling it until i liked how it looked.   it would’ve been cute to have it really asymmetrical, too.

and there she hangs.  but… i love it so much i may just bring it inside so i can see it more.


and now for wiww!

i have a confession: i wore mostly jammies and sweats all last week and weekend!  when i’m on vacation i rarely get dressed, so i was in full relax mode.

but for thanksgiving, my s.i.l. and i decided to make some effort (ok, she made a lot more effort than me).

top – target

jeans – forever 21

slippers – walmart (i just got these and LIVE in them.  i know – suuuper attractive!)

my brother did a photoshoot with our family one day, so i had to get dressed for that!

cardi – target

shirt dress – forever 21

jeans – forever 21

flats – target

necklace – allora handmade

lunch with friends on sunday

top – gift (from marshall’s)

cardi – target

jeans (that are supposed to be skinny but are looking quite baggy) – gap

flats – target

don’t forget if you’re local to come to the stitch market boutique at my house tomorrow night!

and the rest of you crazies… link up!

stitch market holiday boutique (& a winner!)

first, a HUMONGOUS thank you to all of you who shopped yesterday’s cyber monday sale!  i am overwhelmed by your support of my business and my family and am still a little bit in shock.  so thank you – words can’t say enough.

and funny enough, i have a boutique at my house this thursday.  i say its funny because if you visit my shop today its a little, uh, empty. so i have about 48 hours to restock it for my boutique – yikes!  thankfully, i will be joined by 11 other fabulous ladies selling their handmade items – so fun!

if you live in the san luis obispo area, please stop by!  we’ll be having raffle drawings every 30 minutes or so and you get an extra ticket if you bring a friend (bring lots!).  after you’ve satisfied your shopping hunger, relax for a bit with some appetizers and drinks – make it a girls night out!

email me if you need directions at thepleatedpoppy@gmail.com


and the winner of the zoe clothing company giveaway is


shelly, contact me at thepleatedpoppy@gmail.com so i can put you in touch with zoe clothing company for your $75 store credit!