say hello…

yay! i finally have restocked petal drop necklaces!

i definitely had to resist the urge to add a few of these to my new jewelry organizer.

speaking of jewelry organizers… did you see that the pioneer woman was showing her’s yesterday and… SHE FEATURED MY PETAL PUSHER!!!

yep, i’m still freaking out a bit. *deep breaths*

not only did i add a bunch of new necklaces, but also more petal pushers and posy hair clips.

and keep checking in – i’m hoping to photograph and list new designs for covered notebooks (yes, it’s been awhile!) and zippered pouches.

posy pins, tiny pouches, and wristlet clutches are all in the works, as well as the new scarves, but we all need to be a little patient for those ;)

i’m trying a new work schedule for the better of my mental health (going crazy here!) and our family dynamics, because a tired mommy is not a nice mommy, so that means things may not be produced as quickly as i’d like it to be until i can get more help around here.

and a little note of thanks to all of you for taking time to read my blog.  i ramble and blah blah blah here, and still can’t believe anyone wants to read this, but THANK YOU!  i adore every comment and so love the online connections i’ve made with so many of you!

christmas ’10

one of our christmas traditions is making the kids all sit at the top of the stairs until the parents are ready with the cameras before they can run down to see their santa gifts and open the stockings.  we also stay in our jammies all day long!

love the first reactions to their santa gifts – “a big box of cars” and american girl dolls (target version) for the girls (i think grandma was more excited than the kids!)

silas inspecting each and every one of his cars

santa gave all the kids 3 rolls of tape  because he knows how much they love tape and always use up mommy’s

the girls and their dolls

silas’ heaven

after our family opened our gifts all the rest of sean’s siblings and their families came over for round 2 of christmas gifts.   “aunt pretty” had already opened a gift from her boyfriend – an engagement rigng!  welcome to crazy town, ronn!

the girls and aunt heather

pretty pretty mandy

uncle vito (not his real name – we tend to give lots of nicknames to family members)  was given an accordian that was apparently a family heirloom.  as a lover of all things musical and quirky, this was a perfect gift for him!

after round 2 came round 3 after christmas dinner with the extended family, a fun white elephant gift exchange between the adults, then the next day was round 4 with my parents and grandma who were staying nearby.

i am so blessed to have a family full of inlaws who are so incredibly loving and generous and hilarious!