totally ’80’s {ballet pink and grey}

one of my most vivid memories of the ’80’s was my love for the pink and grey combo!  i was young in the ’80’s (started kinder in ’83), so it wasn’t until later in the ’80’s that fashion meant anything to me.  but i remember one dress.  oh that dress! it was about knee length, with a dropped waist, at an angle, with 2 tiers of ruffles, pink and grey striped.  ohmyword i would never dress my child in that thing, but back then, i thought i was hot stuff!  i probably wore my permed hair in a side pony or a banana clip.

so here i am bringing it all back, minus the perm and dropped waist, but still rockin’ the ballet pink/grey combo and the double ruffles!

what was your favorite color combo of the ’80’s?  i was also pretty fond of peach and mint green, and black with anything fluorescent!

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