galvanized countertop

this is what my buffet has looked like since we moved in over 4 years ago.  pretty right?  well, its usually piled high with, well, piles.

but take a closer look and its not so pretty.  no countertop on it. none. nothing.  basically, we ran out of money and ideas.  our options were to match our kitchen counters (caesarstone) – too expensive, or our guest bathroom counter, which is painted wood with a glass top – still too expensive.

then i remembered design mom’s table that they made themselves.  now back in the day, sean and i used to be pretty handy and loved us a good project.

then we had kids.

but my parents are always up for a good project and live with us a week a month, so a project of this size seemed do-able for the 4 of us to tackle.  sean set to work making the base of the counter – scrap material from his work warehouse.

then we were going to get sheet metal from home depot, and my mom got the brilliant idea to call local metal shops to get prices from them.  we ended up visiting a heating duct place to see what metal we wanted to use (i wanted it to look imperfect – stainless steel was too nice and pricey).  we chose our metal that we would bring home and form over the counter sean made ourselves, but the metal shop said they could do it for us – our total was only $106!!!  we decided it was worth the extra $60 or so to have them do all the work for us.

the hardest part was the huge length of the countertop, and sean’s guys had to bring the big box truck to our house to pick up and drop off the finished product.

see the cute muscle-y man in the bottom right corner?  he was super helpful ;)

all sean had to do was screw the top to the cabinet from inside the buffet.

i love how it turned out!  i keep looking for other surfaces we could galvanize now!

the best part of paying professionals to do the job is the way they finished the corner – i could rub a sweater on it and nothing would catch – it’s nice and smooth.  i still want to age it a bit more by adding nail heads along the sides and we’re looking into different chemicals that we may want to use to age it even a little more… we’ll see.  i may just like how it ages with the natural scratches and dings it’ll get.

but for now i’m enjoying a shiny, smooth, clutter-free surface!


  1. 1

    it’s beautiful!!!! I love it!!!

  2. 2

    I love them!

  3. 3

    Wow! I love the way that looks. I think it would be really cool on a kitchen island too! Thanks for the idea…we’re moving soon and I’m going to tuck this in my brain somewhere incase we get a kitchen that needs work!

  4. 4

    I love it!! Our kitchen island is a stainless restaurant rolling island and there’s just something about a touch of industrial in a home that I love!

  5. 5

    Ah…that looks amazing. I love the galvonized look & your buffet all alone is just absolutley stunning. If I were you I would just pull up a chair & stare. It’s gorgeous!

  6. 6

    love it!!!

  7. 7

    It looks great!

  8. 8

    That is perfect! I have an entry table with a galvanized top (bought that way) and I’ve always loved it and wanted to do other surfaces the same way. Anyway good work. Looks Awesome!

  9. 9

    Loving it!

  10. 10

    Very cool! It looks so nice!!

  11. 11

    I love it! One of my favorite things to do is add galvanized accessories around the house. They add a nice touch :)

  12. 12


  13. 13

    WoW, what a Fabulous idea!!!!!!! It looks Perfect!!!!!!! I LOVE it!!!!!

    Michelle Torres

  14. 14

    that is such a great idea! I love how it turned out!

  15. 15

    That’s just awesome! I would of NEVER of guessed using a heating duct place!

  16. 16

    lindsey, i just absolutely love it! the cherry on top is that it was so affordable. it’s so nice that you were able to leave it to the professionals and not pay an arm ana a leg. thanks so much for sharing! it’s just gorgeous…

  17. 17

    Very cool. That looks great!

  18. 18

    It looks great! We had our bar covered with galvanized steel last year and also had it fabricated at a steel shop. Since we were covering an existing counter top, they just make a “slip cover”. I love it. Here’s a link to a photo of our bar.

  19. 19

    I love how it turned out! And I’m sure it was so much cheaper than stainless steel. And how nice to have such handy helpers available to help you out (your parents, your husband’s workers, your little man)!

  20. 20

    I looks beautiful!

    ~Hannah Rebekah

  21. 21

    Love it. I have always loved the look of a steel counter top. It really adds some character!!

    Happy Friday!

  22. 22

    Love it!!!! Such an awesome idea!

  23. 23

    What a great idea! P.S. I love your bundt cake glass display!

  24. 24

    ooo-la-la! I likey!

  25. 25

    I love it! It adds that touch of modern with the more traditional. Love your house completely!

  26. 26

    oh i love this!! it’s clean looking and beautiful! great thinking :)

  27. 27

    nice. it looks really good.

    so tell me how long did it stay clutter free? 10, 20, 30 minuets.

  28. 28

    That really is lovely.

  29. 29

    This is amazing! How do you think someone else (me) could go about doing this for our kitchen counters which are currently ugly Formica?

  30. 31


  31. 32

    That rocks! That is my ALL time favorite!

  32. 33

    Looks GREAT!

  33. 34

    Oh man!! I love it!! I need to get me a buffet to store all my glass goodies!

  34. 35

    Wow! That looks amazing! I have never thought about using something like that. Now *I* want to galvanize something. hehe.

  35. 36

    Oh that is amazingly cool! I love the whole piece!

  36. 37

    i absolutely love love love this idea !
    brilliant !!!

  37. 38

    Love that! And I’m also a big fan of the crate on its side with the towels stacked in it. Very cute.

  38. 39

    I love your ideas!! This countertop is perfect, I would never have thought of that, but it’s great. I’m so glad you post your decorating ideas, I actuallly just purchased a print from etsy that you had on your blog a while back and I love it. I can’t wait to hang it. Thanks again for all the amazing ideas.

  39. 40

    If we ever redo our kitchen in our house in SLO that is exactly what we are going to do. Thanks for paving the way! It looks amazing!

  40. 41

    LOVE how it turned out! i definitely think the professional corners would be worth it. the rest of my family (who are all in real estate) think i’m crazy, but i love the look of things like galvanized wainscoting and poured cement countertops- i’m all for durability & little something different! :) it looks awesome!

  41. 42

    looks great! Where did you get the buffet. I need one of those!

  42. 43

    Love this! My kitchen island has this same counter surface and I love how it ages over time! It’s got plenty of dents and dings, but I really don’t mind as it adds to the character! What a great job your family did, and totally budget friendly!

  43. 44

    Ooh I like that! Very nice.

  44. 45

    Out of that whole thing (love the counter btw)…what stuck with me most was that your mom and dad stay with you for a week each month! I looooooooooooooove that and am oh-so jealous. My mom lives 6 hours away and we don’t get to see her much.

    • 46

      i noticed that remarkable blessing also.
      then i am wondering how the appearance would hold up in a kitchen counter top situation. care requirements ???

  45. 47

    I love this counter top! It is so outside the box! you are my new favorite blog by the way! I would love any tips or tricks you have for making your blog so awesome…

    My blog is, any comments or ideas would be great!

  46. 48

    This is gorgeous! I absolutely love it.

  47. 49

    I always get pretty excited when you do a post about your home. Your design is right up my alley! I absolutely love the new counter top! What a wonderful choice. And your comment about “the cute muscle guy”.. I totally didn’t see your little boy at first! Funny :) Keep doing what you do, you’re awesome!

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  49. 51

    Looks lovely! Double thumbs up on not having corners that snag…definitely one of the drawbacks to galvanized counters!

  50. 52

    It looks so good!

  51. 53

    Gorgeous! Also, I loooove your drawer pulls! Where’d you get them?

  52. 54

    Awesome and cheap idea! I have been wanting something galvanized too! Maybe my kitchen table?

  53. 55

    Love the finished product. Gorgeous. If my husband would let me, I’d have a galvanized kitchen table.

  54. 56

    that looks amazing!! i’m sure your kids will “age it” really quickly!

  55. 57

    Love this counter and your whole house! Just wanted to thank you for my checkbook cover from Life Rearranged! I love it and and had to share my “check book makeover” over on my blog today.

    Thank you!!!

  56. 58

    i love the way it looks. great idea!

  57. 59

    i’ve been wanting to do this to our kitchen table for ages. so, you got it from a heating duct place? could you explain that part a little better so i can look for somewhere here in denver that does that?

  58. 61

    Love the counter top! I think I might look into something like that!!

  59. 62

    I LOVE it! I just found your blog and have read like 20 of your post and love them all! new favorite for sure :)

  60. 63

    I really like it! Great idea!

  61. 64

    hi lindsey,

    i love how that counter top turned out. i wish i had a place to do that.

    i just did a post on my blog about your cute products!


  62. 65

    I LOVE it! I would love to know who you used as I am in Los Osos and might find something to do it to. You are so full of great ideas.

  63. 66

    Just awesome- love it!!!

  64. 67

    this looks awesome – great job and for such a great price as well!

  65. 68

    Love this idea! so creative, lindsay.

  66. 69

    Where did you get the buffet originally? There has to be a story.

  67. 70

    A friend of mine put these counters in her gorgeous-shouldbeinamagazine-limestone house in the country. I swoon every time I visit her. Your’s look GREAT!

  68. 71

    I love it, having the shop do it is so worth the extra money and looks great~

  69. 72

    that is soooo cool! love the things you put on top too, it’s all so diverse, industrial, shabby chic, vintage. you got it all!!

  70. 73

    We did the same thing on my sewing counter and once the sheet metal place finished it, my husband put a big brush thing on his drill and gave me some nice swirls. It didn’t change the color (which I liked), but made it imperfect (and made the fingerprints disappear).

  71. 74

    Holy cow! I love this and I can’t believe the price! We live in a 60 year old cottage that still has the original tile counter tops in the kitchen. I would love to get something new but I want something different and affordable. Your mom is genius for thinking of the local guys. I wonder how it would hold up in a kitchen. Thanks for this fabulous inspiration! Love it!

  72. 75

    This looks soooooooo good! I love the bird cage : )

  73. 76

    I LOVE the look. What a great idea!

  74. 77

    gorgeous. something so simple.

  75. 78

    how beautiful!

  76. 79

    i really really love it.

  77. 80

    oh i love this! it gives the counter such a unique feel- and the muscle man in the corner is really showing the boys how its done.- so sute

  78. 81

    ooooooo… I love it!!! I can never… ever keep my counters from clutter….
    I rescue it once every other week or maybe once a week if I am lucky…
    and by day 3…. it disappears!! *sigh** will it ever… ever stay clean? ya think? =)
    Seriously… I LOVE it!! good luck keeping the piles off it!! =)

  79. 82

    I love it! I am addicted to galvanized stuff! I use buckets all over the place for waste baskets, and catchalls. I may need to do this! I have a huge orange Formica countertop in th kitchen that us calling my name!

  80. 83

    Oh I love it. Makes me want to redo my counter tops and just about everything else in our house.

  81. 84

    I love this!!! Seriously so cool! I had to feature it in my latest post on Galvanized Metal project ideas! Fantastic way to cover a counter top!

  82. 85



  83. 86

    I love it – what kind of metal is it?

  84. 87
    Danyelle says:

    Although I LOVE the galvanized counter top, my attention was drawn to the teal bag hanging on the end hooks. Please, please, PLEASE tell me where you got that lovely bag.

    Thanks bunches!

  85. 88

    I have been trying to figure out how I could do my counter tops as cheaply as possible and I really love this. My husband worked with metal when he was working and he still has friends in the business that could help us out. BEAUTIFUL!

  86. 89
    Elyse Stone says:

    I saw your countertop on Pinterest when I was looking for the same solution to the same problem and LOVED IT!!! However, I’m not having any luck finding a metal shop that will do such a small job. Did you actually use the Heating Duct place?

  87. 90

    BEWARE! Galvanized metal is zinc coated. Zinc reacts with acids very easily. If you were to prepare an acidic food directly on the galvanized surface, you can get zinc poisoning. I would be VERY cautious using galvanized anything in my kitchen. (See FDA Food Code 4-101.15) There were some kids at my college who made lemonade in a galvanized tub for a party once…. heavy metal poisoning.

  88. 91

    I love your pictures. We decided to do an outdoor kitchen in our carport. My husband is the king of projects (that I think up) and is a master recycler – it would WRONG to throw anything away. We’re going to be reusing our old vanities. Thanks so much for all the info!!

  89. 92

    Just e-mail please and let me know where I can get these galvanized kitchen counter tops for my kitchen. If you don’t mind I would love to know what it cost you. Thank you so much.

  90. 93

    Wow, that’s a gorgeous countertop! Do you still like it after almost 2 years? Has it held up well? I loved your project here so much that I’ve got it linked to my DIY galvanizing post too today, for inspiration!

    • 94

      hi heather!

      i do still love it! it has held up perfectly. my only qualm is that i haven’t done the research on how to clean it properly, so it just gets the wet sponge, which leaves some fingerprints behind. but not enough to bother me too much!


  91. 95

    Hello! Your post rocks as well as getting a legitimate amazing realize!

  92. 96

    Looks awesome ! I am going to do a galvanized sheet on my coffee table which is a old milk cart, any advice ?

  93. 97

    I just got my counters back, we had a steel fabrication company make our counter top for a counter we made. I am very disappointed in them and it’s not because of the galvanize, it’s because of the poor labor that went into them. To begin with there were deep scratches, 2 very small gouges with pin holes, they don’t go all the way through but very noticeable. The worst thing if there could be any is they didn’t finish the corners…LOL, I haven’t spoke with them yet, my husband picked them up and didn’t say anything to them….so the bend in the corners are jut open, I guess I figured they would have done like yours are or welded on and then filed for a more rounded corner. I don’t know what to do from here, I imagine they won’t fix the problem so I have been searching what or how we could go about it. I suggested to my husband jb welding the corners and filing them down same with the 2 holes. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice for our problem? Your counters by the way are great looking….

    • 98

      oh no, that is terrible! i would definitely go back to them, if only for the deep gauges and scratches. i’m guessing you can only contest the corners if you were very specific about what you wanted. for now, i would try to put a stop on the payment until this is resolved. good luck!

  94. 99

    You probably turned rid of it, but that inkling of doubt remains.
    Another advantage towards the thermal carafe is that the coffee stains do not show also it doesn’t break as easily as a glass carafe does. This can also be for those who are in a household the place where a variety of hot drinks are consumed but getting separate equipment per would be described as a costly and space consuming option.

  95. 100

    Everyone is telling me it will rust. Does yours get wet? Do you have an updated pic?

    • 101

      i haven’t had any issues with rust. i wipe mine down with a wet sponge, but it isn’t exposed to much water otherwise. its galvanized, which is supposed to protect it from rusting, i think? i don’t have an updated pic on hand, but honestly it looks the same now as it did when we installed it.

      • 102

        We put a galvanized counter in several months ago and have noticed if it gets wet which behind the faucet does because of over spray. It has calcium deposits and water rings. I seen where if you spray vinegar on it it will get rid of calcium deposits…It spotted it horribly and now I don’t know what to do….

  96. 103

    I just seen where I last posted and we didn’t take them back and had a friend weld the corners and they turned out good. For the small gouges we are living with them. Is there anything you can put on it to seal them?

    • 104

      i’m sorry, i have no idea. we didn’t do anything special with ours and it has worked out fine. but again, its on a counter that doesn’t get heavy traffic.

  97. 105

    Love, love, love this buffet. Is it a custom piece? (Obviously the top is, but is the unit iself?) Or did you purchase it somewhere?

  98. 106

    What type of metal did you use for this project. I found your site searching for my metal table cover project. I don’t know what metal or gauge. Please help. I see this project was from years ago. Hope you remember.

    • 107

      hi kel –

      yes this was years ago so i don’t remember all the details! it was galvanized metal, but i don’t know the gauge – sorry!

  99. 108
    Paula squires says:

    I know this post was some time ago but I am just wondering how the top looks now after all this time. Scratches, etc. I have wanted to do this as a dining table for some time but unsure of the long term results. What is your “o”?

    • 109

      well, we have moved from that house about a year ago, but as of then, it had held up really well! there were minor scratches, but nothing that really stood out. overall, i was really pleased with it. i am not sure if i would use it for a dining table only because someone told me that the only food safe metal like this would be stainless steel (or copper, i think), which is much more expensive. but if you don’t eat any food off your table, you should be fine!

  100. 110

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