what i wore wednesday

my computer is working! at least temporarily…
i just paid a visit to the geek squad and was told most likely my motherboard was bad (huh? all i heard was $$$).
but, the guy was able to at least get my computer to start. so for now, i blog. i feel like i need to hurry as fast as a i can and do as much as possible, like there’s a bomb about to go off, only i don’t know when!
ok, i see i’m being a bit dramatic. i’d like to say it’s just a computer, but when i spend hours each day on this thing and then i can’t – well, that just makes running an online business very difficult.

instead of having a date tomorrow night, it looks like sean and i will be looking at new computers.  he’s pushing me to get a mac, i’m perfectly happy with a pc, so we’re going to see if a mac sales person can do their job and convince me of why i reeeeeally need a mac over a pc.  i’m cheap.  i wish him or her luck.

so on to “what i wore wednesday”!

if you’re new here, i started this eons ago as a place for accountability to get myself out of jammies and sweats everyday (my homeschooling/work at home attire).  some of you thought it looked fun and joined in!  i so enjoy popping by some of your blogs to see what you all are wearing and i get fun new ideas on ways to mix up things i already own!  if you want some motivation to get out of the yoga pants rut, join in!

i had to cut my head off of this one.  it was pretty bad!

i was trying hard to mimic lisa’s cuffed pants and boots, but it did not work!  i think my pants flared too much at the opening, making the cuff a little wonky, and although i love my boots, i need some cowgirl boots!  or frye’s.  really i’d take either you want to give me for free.  k’thanks!

sweater – old navy

jeans – local shop

boots – miz mooz

asymmetrical cardi – anthropologie

striped shirt under – old navy

jeans – forever 21

flats – marshalls

petal pusher – the pleated poppy

this was what i wore for a baby shower i helped with on saturday.  i tried to match the shower colors (yes, i’m that girl) which were navy, grey and grass green, but my allora handmade necklace was missing! (i left it at a friend’s)

cardi, striped top, jeans, & boots – target

necklace – local shop

cardi – target

dress & jeans – forever 21

shoes – marhsalls

ruffled scarf – the pleated poppy

petal pusher – the pleated poppy

i was able to wear this belt and it wasn’t totally uncomfortable (a first)! i think the key was to wear something slippery under it – the dress was sort of chiffon-y, so the belt didn’t feel so constricting.

navy polka dot dress, jeans, belt & boots – forever 21

ruffled scarf – the pleated poppy

just another shot to show you how sweet the dress is!

sweater – forever 21

ruffle tank – old navy

oooold jeans – local shop

ruffle flat – marshalls

grey pearl necklace – super old

see that? my hair is in a pony tail!  i think i’m trying to grow it out for a change.  you can laugh at me in a month when i change my mind.


wanna link up with me?

if you do i have a giveaway for you!

yep, i’m doing a few giveaways this week since it is my bloggy birthday after all (the big 4!).

i have this super cute laptop case that i originally bought for myself, but i was clueless that my laptop was way too big for it.  it’s about 13.5″ wide by 10″ high.  so i want to give it to one of you lovelies as a thank you for linking up with me every week!  it’s so much more fun to have you all join in than to do it alone!  wait, is it totally ghetto to give away something i bought for myself? uh, oh well!  its new and cute, and that’s all that matters, right?

so link up and i’ll choose a winner from the wiww posts in a bit!


  1. 1

    Love your outfits as always….Go MAC!!! Just sayin’. My Macbook is 2 old this month and no issues.

  2. 2

    That polka dot dress is BEYOND adorable! Way to go on the belt too, it looks super cute and was totally worth the discomfort :)

  3. 3

    I’m still totally in love with your Anthro asymmetrical sweater. Did you know YOU were my inspiration to wear dresses with jeans? Now I do it all.the.time. Just recently started adding fun belts and I feel the same way you do. Can we just leave it on for the picture and ditch it the rest of the day? Sheesh. How the heck do you wear one all day and not fidget with it 873 times?! Also- my hubby got me a mac for my birthday last year. I thought it was a ridiculous expenditure until I really started using it. Now- I love it more than my children most days…OK, that’s an exaggeration….or is it? ;)

  4. 4

    You look adorable, Lindsey! I love the Anthro Cardi! And, I have a belt like that. It looks adorable, but you’re right, it is definitely a little constricting.

    I’m so sorry about your computer! I know how frustrating that can be when your “life” depends on it. :) We LOVE our Mac and I highly recommend it. We have a desktop upstairs and our laptop and we could not be happier with them both.

  5. 5

    as usual, love every outfit!
    thinking its time I own one of your scarves.
    and it turns out we have the same Shey B strap :)
    great minds think alike :)

    love you hi low post–we play that at my house too.

    xoxo, ashley

  6. 6

    I love your yellow scarf. So I have a macbook and I love it BUT being a little bit of a techy person (I’m a gamer) I can honestly tell you that macs are NOT better than PCs. They just have better advertising and the idea attached to them that they’re “cool”. What you really want to do is research specs for what you need your computer to do and then either “build” a computer or buy one with the exact specs you want. You can get great computers, and I mean, with gaming capabilities (I know that’s not your intention though) for around $700. Also, steer clear of Dell, their stuff is poor quality and breaks like crazy. A great site is http://www.newegg.com or go to a computer store. I generally like to go to the smaller, hometown stores vs. the big box store. Even if you don’t end up buying there, they’re generally more honest and knowledgeable. Good luck!

    • 7

      My husband is a techie and actually works for Dell and he would tell you the exact same thing. Newegg rocks!

  7. 8

    I LOVE your style :) I cant wait to get my yellow scarf I ordered!!!

  8. 9

    I love the dresses you wore this week & of course your mustard ruffle scarf is one of my all time favs! I totally need to order one!

  9. 10
    Mandy McKinnon says:

    Good Morning! I don’t link up to WWIW… but I’d like to give it a go sometime soon! I look forward to new outfit inspiartions each week; so THANK YOU to all of you who do link up and THANK YOU to Lindsey for hosting WWIW and posting your great outfits too!

    Now about this re-gifting give away… I think it’s a great idea! In fact, if you ever need to get rid of that asymmetrical cardi from Anthropologie, I’d totally be willing to take it off your hands for you. :) Just trying to be helpful! :)

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!
    Mandy in Ohio

  10. 11

    A Mac will change your life (in a good way of course).

  11. 12

    love the looks! Also love that you said your jeans were “wonky” :)

  12. 13

    LOVE that adorable dress with the belt! I may have to adopt the belt around the waist style as well.

    also, i’ve used a PC for years and years and years but I bought my first macbook a few months ago. I will never go back to PC. I’m not a computer expert or anything but I do find my mac to be so much easier and user friendly for the things i do. A couple of days ago i had to get a few files off my old pc and was surprised at how inefficient it was — i just didn’t realize it when it was the only computer i was using.

    that’s just me though, i love my mac.

  13. 14

    sorry to hear about your computer troubles. :( that’s no fun.
    BUT! happy to hear about a giveaway! i’ll be back later today to link up with my WIWW {which i haven’t posted about…yet. ;)

  14. 15

    look at all those cute poses. Feet slightly crossed. Oh so cute.

  15. 16

    Love all your outfits!
    They are super cute!

    I think I am going to need to take a little trip to Target!!
    Thanks so much!!


  16. 17

    The Target print cardi and dress is my fav outfit this week! Of course, everything is adorable as are You! The polkadot dress is too cute and I know what you mean about belts. Although I’ve been wearing them…sometimes they are a hassle. Too tight, can’t keep the shirt looking right. Really helps with my non waist line though! ;-) I’ve been SO inspired by you and all the link ladies. I’m loving playing with my clothes closet. We have a ‘date’ to create everyday now.

  17. 18

    I have so many favorites on you for this week: outfits #2,3 & 4! You look great.

  18. 19

    You are so adorable! LOVE these looks :) Can’t wait to see more great posts—>newest follower. <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

  19. 20

    you look darling as always!

    go for the mac…. once you go mac you will never go back :o)

    yeah for getting to see you guys in may. it will be fun for the hubby’s to connect again.

  20. 21

    Love your ruffled scarf and love that anthro cardi!

    So cute.

  21. 22

    I love the ruffled scarf :)

    Go Mac – I don’t know anyone who has switched from PC to Mac that ever went back to Mac or regretted the decision. Yeah, they are more expensive up front, but in the time I’ve had this 5 year old PowerBook (hopefully I’ll get a new one this year! so that the old PowerBook can start living a restful life, it’s showing it’s age :) ) I’ve spent a couple hundred on maintenance type things and Hubby has bought 2 new PC’s because the old ones croaked and weren’t worth fixing.

  22. 23
    Annette Kuusinen says:

    Inspired by Lisa, I decided that I needed pink cowboy boots. Crazy, right. Well I found them for $50. They make me ridiculously happy. Here’s the link http://www.sheplers.com/womens/cowgirl_boots/045377.html They have many colors available at the $50 price.

  23. 24

    I am a mac owner. my husband bought me one and i really wasn’t sure at first and now i would never own anything else. they do not suffer the viruses and meltdowns that pc’s do. we now own 2 macs and have never had to repair either. in 5 years of pc ownership we would have had 2-3 expensive repairs so factor that into the price. i think macs hold their value better as well if you ever wanted to sell it.

    i have the same target cardi (grey trellis) and your mustard ruffled scarf but can NOt seem to build an outfit i am happy with. i love yours! back to the closet to see what i can create. honestly, your WIWW is one of my favorite weekly blogs.

  24. 25

    You really do need a mac. It will make your job so much easier, quicker and more fun. I’m not a big computer nerd but I LOVE our Mac. We’ll never own a PC again!!

  25. 26

    MAC MAC MAC MAC!!! You will never regret it. Trust us!

  26. 27

    I love that navy sheer polka dot dress! TOO CUTE! Thanks for hosting! xoxo

  27. 28

    Happy Bloggy birthday!! I am that girl too – the one that dresses to match the shower.. so glad I am not alone! Good luck on the computer purchase – I can’t imagine how nuts you must be going without one!! I have a Mac – and I love it! But I am not one of those pushy people that says it is the only way to go!!

  28. 29

    You look so super cute in all your outfits. Thanks for your inspiration.

  29. 30

    Oh, I understand the hard decision between switching from a PC to a Mac. My PC crashed last month and I finally went with the Mac even though it was MUCH more expensive. So far, I am very happy with it! There’s a learning curve but it’s worth it!

  30. 31

    Have a great week celebrating your birthday! I love looking at all your cute outfits for the week.

  31. 32

    do you know how hard it is for me to walk by that beautiful allora necklace each and every day?! it is so pretty! yes, it would have gone perfect with that outfit! ha!

  32. 33

    oh…and of course, you should get a mac! :) xoxo

  33. 34

    Your outfits are so cute! I want to play along, but I don’t know about taking the photos. Whenever I try to take them of myself in the mirror, the flash gets out of control – can you give some tips on how to photograph yourself? Sounds silly probably, but I’d appreciate any tips! :) Thanks!

  34. 35

    Look at you with your cute crossed-at-the-ankle poses! Adorable :)
    LOVE the dress/jean outfits – especially the new dress!
    Happy blogiversary!

  35. 36

    Cute as always! Mac vs PC hmmm. We are split in our house me Mac, husband PC so what I can say is Mac is wonderful but…but they charge and arm and a leg for everything. I’ve owned them since the beginning a long long time and they don’t last…sorry in two years after heavy use you will flip out with what sits before you…oh I could go on. That said I will keep buying Mac I know what’s coming-by the way I hope you are doing back ups everyday with your PC:) I know what’s coming!

  36. 37

    Happy blogiversary!!!!
    Love that polkadot dress from F21 and the anthro asymmetrical sweater. And your mustard scarf :) I have not felt comfy in a belt yet, so I am going to have to try it under something slippery like you suggested.

  37. 38

    Oh if only we could all do the boots and jeans thing like Lisa! Isn’t she just sooo FAB! Lindsey I just have to tell you this because I think it’s really really funny….when I first started reading your blog I thought all the outfits on WIWW were what you wore in ONE day! And I was like why in the heck does this girl change her outfit so many times in one day???!

  38. 39

    Oh course the week you do the giveaway to a ‘linker’ I take the week off! ha. but watch out next week. We have been doing ‘family edition’ and Dave has joined in!!

  39. 40

    go Mac!! You will not be sorry :) I love my mac(s)…still have all of them that I have owned since 1994…and they all are still functional! Never ever have I had to replace a motherboard or even have any kind of repairs done, other than getting a new battery. I only upgrade because they keep getting better :) besides, they are fun to use!

  40. 41

    Girl – you have some fabulous shoes!

  41. 42

    I just stumbled upon this blog and I am in LOVE with this idea of WIWW – I get in a rut lots with my wardrobe and I wear the same thing over and over- I have a blog that I have been neglecting but I may start writing again just to join in this!! you have amazing taste and put together the cutest outfits!!

  42. 43

    Once you go Mac, you never go back! :)

    But it’s true. I’ve used them since middle school and I’ve never personally owned a PC. As my friends and family have seen how user-friendly, stable and powerful Macs are, they’ve switched too.

    Keep in mind: with a Mac, you won’t have to run anti-virus software. You pay about $100 a year for that on a PC. If you keep your Mac for 5 years, you’ve saved $500. Plus the frequency of repair is lower and the return on investment is higher (I just sold a 4 year old iMac for $1200. I paid $1650 for it. Awesome).

  43. 44

    This is my 3rd or 4th time linking up for what i wore wednesday and i’m so glad you mentioned the reason you started this whole linky party in the first place. Your blog has been instrumental in getting me out of my yoga pants!!

  44. 45

    wow..120 is incredible.

    This gorgeous mix of vintage (heels, belt, sweater) and modern (leggings) is spectacular. From the pose, to the photography, to the fabric combos, to the styling. Perfection. I’d love to see the full photo (no head crop).

    Seriously, this looks like a photo from The Sartorialist.

  45. 46

    Yeah, I’ve tried to pull off the Lisa cuffed jeans look and failed miserably!

    You’ve inspired me to wear my mustard ruffle scarf in a new way this week esp since winter has returned to the South.

  46. 47

    I love your style!! As far as computers go, I’m no techie but I am tired of pc’s lasting only a couple of years. Most of my amigos in grad school have macs – and have had them for 3+ years – and they l-o-v-e them. :)

  47. 48

    I linked up my first WIWW…I only managed to take 2 pictures this week, but maybe next week I will have more.

    I love the dress from Forever 21. Adorable. And I must get a ruffled scarf from you soon :)

  48. 49

    you are always so adorable. I love all your outfits this week but, am a bit partial to cardi with the ruffled dress over skinny jeans…how cute is that? Love it!

  49. 50

    lindsay…i am new to your blog and feeling oh-so-inspired. though i feel as if i need to go shopping for new clothes before i could ever even consider linking up. i did manage to beautify myself 2 days in a row – thankyouverymuch! which i could have cared less about last week. ha! today was a fumble…but i’m guessing we are entitled to those.

    so question. any suggestions on key items to shop for that can be worn in a variety of ways? i see you in a lot of cardigans. cute mini dresses w/ jeans. skinny jeans at that (not sure i can pull THOSE off) and cute accessories. i feel like i need the most bang for my buck. driving an hour and a half to a target tomorrow! hoping i make out with some goodies!

  50. 51

    You look adorable as always!!

    Kelli @ loveoursimplelife.blogspot.com

  51. 52

    The polka dot dress is adorable! This may be a weird question, but how tall are you? You always look fab in jeans –skinny or boot cut. I just feel kind of frumpy and boring in my jeans. I’m going to blame it on being 5’5″ with really short legs! :) Good luck with your computer search.

  52. 53

    Very cute outfits. Love the way you mix and match.

  53. 54

    I love your hair in the ponytail. I am one of those too that grows it out and then can’t stand it anymore so I chop it off!

    Great outfits!


  54. 55

    I could wax poetic for days about how wonderful Macs are. I highly recommend it, and I think it’s totally worth the extra money- especially if you get a desktop. The screen will be dreamy, and you will not regret it. Apple service is amazing, and they have such a great product! Good luck in your decision!

  55. 56

    Hi ~ I just had to leave a comment ~ I have a mac and I LOVE it! You will wonder why it took you so long to buy one. It is the best!!!!! ~ Kim

  56. 57
    Leigh S. says:

    Just had to add my Mac 2 cents worth…..LOVE it, had my Macbook Pro for 4 years now and its still like new. I’ll NEVER have a PC again…Mac’s are easy, no BLUE SCREEN, and no viruses.

  57. 58

    Thank You! Thank You for putting the link to that green rosette necklace! I have been googling it ever since you listed it in the feature a while back with the green and navy clothing items! AHHHH- I’m getting one for sure! YIPPEE!

  58. 59

    So FUNNY~
    I totally thought of Lisa Leonard when I saw the first pic!
    Love the cuffed jeans…and your boots look GREAT!
    So much FUN to see what everyone is wearing!
    I have on an old flannel shirt and black sweats right now!
    Need to get with it!
    Very inspiring~

  59. 60

    So question for you- In your first pic your wearing a white sweater from Old Navy. I have the same one in black and I am on the verge of throwing it out! How do you wash yours? I just feel like its always shaped so weird and never looks good. Whats your secret???

  60. 61

    Love your outfits!

  61. 62

    I look at your site every Wed. (or Thursday). Thanks for sharing what you wear. It gives me inspiration. I have never left you a comment, but I just needed to say “Go Mac!”. We have had two of them for 3 years and will never go back. We almost never ever have an issue with them, and the issues have been super easy to fix. A Mac is very user friendly. I got an educator’s discount on mine because I homeschool. I can’t remember how much it is, but you can google it. Good luck!

  62. 63
    Bonnie P says:

    A person always feels better when you dress nice.

  63. 64

    Go Mac. :o) We’ve had 5 or 6 in the last 6 or 7 years (all the changes is because of upgrading-nothing more). Love our Macs. We made the switch and have NEVER looked back. My MacBook Pro came from Apple’s refurb store. Same warranty as from the “regular” store. But if you think you might want to stick with a PC, don’t even bother walking into an Apple store. :o)

  64. 65

    i’d love to share this posting with the readers on my site. thanks for sharing!

  65. 66

    With all the doggone snow we have gotten recently I am stuck indoors, fortunately there is the internet, thanks for giving me something to do. :)

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