the queen bee market

happy monday friends!

so vacation is taking its dutiful toll on me, and i am not getting as much work done as my boss would like for me to.  oh wait – i’m the boss!  anyhoo, relaxing is becoming like second nature to me so coming back to reality this week is not going to be much fun.

but guess what is going to be fun?! i’ll only be in “reality-ville” for a day or so before i head off to…

the queen bee market!

this coming saturday, in downtown san diego (bayfront hilton downtown, 1 park blvd), the queen bee market will be filled with amazing handmade goodies once again!

you have seen my posts on this market before.  i kid you not – it is AMAZING!  (see, i even used all caps for it!)

if you come, prepare to spend some time and wear comfy shoes.  i walked the aisles at least 10 times at each market and find something new and amazing and i-have-to-have-this-right-now each time i make a round!

i’ll be honest, at many markets i’m a bit of a snob/cheap-o and look at things and say, “i could make that”.  but at the queen bee market, i see things i could maybe make, but they make it so much better!  seriously, the group of artists jess and mique jury in are amazing.  i am honored to be a part of this.

what’s that?  oh, you can’t go because you’ll be at blogher.  bummer….. not!  the queen bee market is just a hop skip and not even a jump from the blogher venue!  skip that boring session and come shop!  gather all your girl friends that you meet for the first time or that you have known online forever and let your mind relax from all the SEO talk by perusing the aisles of handmade goodness.

so tell me:  are you coming?  i’ll be at the market all day (minus potty breaks) so please come for a visit!

and if you do come, please bring a can of food or 20 for the food drive jeannett is organizing for the san diego food bank.  and to reward you for your kindness, you’ll get a raffle ticket for each can you bring.  tons of vendors from the market are chipping in some of their items for a big ol’ basket of goodness!


yay for friday!

life rearranged

i’m joining jeannett again for another instafriday.  if you want to link up your phone pics, join us!

the boy was hilarious on our drive to oregon.  he was bugged by the sun when he was trying to nap, so i gave him his sunnies and he was out within a minute.  the 1970’s aviators kill me.

si will be 4 in a few days and it is showing.  we took swim lessons all week and silas was learning to dive.  he’s like his father – he masters every sport he tries.

we met some family friends about an hour away at a beautiful campsite and i kept my hands busy during the drive hand stitching flowers for more bloom belts.

first bloom belt done!  i’m going to have a hard time giving this one up.

you should see the meals around here!  7 kids and 4 adults, and nicole cooks something amazing every night!  we had noodle bowls with fresh veggies and homemade cream cheese wontons.  i think i ate about 7.  so good.  too good.

have a fabulous weekend friends!

(ps – some new goodies are in my shop!  bloom bags, ipad cases, wristlet clutches…)