ready for random?

so i’m editing pics here from our trip to wyoming earlier this month.  i’ve been sitting here for and hour and a half and i’m not even done with the pics.  so i’m giving up.  and i’ve got nothing else to blog about that will be a quick and easy one tonight.  so instead, you get random!

– i talked to my sister via skype last night.  this is a big deal for me as she just had my newest nephew and she lives in australia now and its just so far away!  she’s helping me out with the biz now – emails and ads and such – and i love that we get to communicate every day!

– the kids are taking their second round of swim lessons this week and are doing great!  this is their year!   it is so fun to see them loving it and i can’t wait to take them to my parents’ house at the lake later this summer.

– we’re still staying with my bff nicole and her family.  i still have to wipe my mouth from drool every time i walk into her door.  i will be taking pics of every little detail to share with you.  that is if we can get a clearing from all 7 kids at one time!

– braided bangs are all the rage, did you hear?  what?  that was last year’s style?  oh well, me and my girls are rocking them all summer.

– i am crazy sore from yoga yesterday.  so sore that i’m thinking even a run might loosen me up and make me feel better. *gasp*

– we’ve been eating yummmm every day as nicole is a great cook.  my poor family will be so bummed to get home to my cooking reality – blah.

– i’m working my little hands to the bone making bloom belts while we’re here.  i’m hoping to have 23 for the queen bee market on august 6th in san diego.  wish me luck – those suckers take forever to make!

– silas’ birthday is next week.  guess what i’m doing for his party?  nothing.  yes, you read that right – nuh.thing.  i’m having major guilt over this, but i am tapped out and we’re just going to do a small birthday day celebration with our family and nicole’s.  i know he won’t know the difference, but i do.  its not about me, right?

– we’re also getting more petal drop necklaces done while i’m here – yay!

– target opened in our town last week.  i was semi impressed.  i didn’t find much of anything.  yet i still gave them $75 of my money as i walked out the door.  how did that happen?

– i seriously love bend (oregon).  i keep thinking that i could move here.  then i remember how far we’d be from family and friends and our church.  then i change my mind.  i saw a sign today that said the hardest part about coming to bend is leaving bend.  so true.

– ok, off to bed soon.  all 3 of my kids tuckered out nicely tonight after hours and hours of swimming!  thank you swimming for doing the hard work for me!


what i wore wednesday

welcome to another week of wiww!

last week 218 of you linked up with me – wow!  that was the most ever!

i was also asked last week (again) by a real life friend what wiww is really all about.  as i explained it like i do every week here (i started this to help keep me accountable to get out of my sweats every day…) i realized that this thing is really working!  i wish i was better about taking pictures everyday, but i am definitely getting dressed at least 6 days a week, which i think is a far cry from where i began – sweats and jammies every day.

so thank you to all of you who encourage me to keep on keepin’ on, and also to those of you who join me in this every week!  i so hope that it helps you accomplish whatever goals you are trying to reach, or at least have fun trying!

i didn’t leave this spot much at all last week, getting all my work prepped before heading out of town again.

sweater and top – banana republic (sale)

under tank – forever 21

skinnies – target

sandals – mervyn’s before they closed

necklace – lisa leonard designs

bracelet – allora handmade

lily’s dress and leggings – target

top – gift from mom, from paris (lucky dog)

jeans – forever 21

the top is belted and i clipped a posy pin and a petal pusher to it.

since lily and gracie are my resident photographers when sean isn’t around and i’m too lazy to get out the tripod (always), we took a little foot shot together.

sandals – gap

if you follow me on twitter, you may have heard my exercise woes.  i really don’t like running.  i picked it up for about a year a few years ago, and have totally stopped exercising since stopping running.  i just never enjoyed it.  i’ve tried a bit to get back into it over this summer and i think i’ve decided i just don’t want to do it.  i feel sick every time i run, i find it totally boring, and i feel poopy when i’m done.  so today nicole got me to try yoga.  i’ve done it a few times before, but this time it was amazing and i was sweating like a pig, which is probably a good thing for me.  and thanks to lots of twitter friends’ suggestions, i may try out jillian michaels as well.

top – zoe clothing co.

pants & sunnies – forever 21

wrap – evy’s tree

 this top is crazy comfy and i must admit, i never changed out of this outfit all day!

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