ready for random?

so i’m editing pics here from our trip to wyoming earlier this month.  i’ve been sitting here for and hour and a half and i’m not even done with the pics.  so i’m giving up.  and i’ve got nothing else to blog about that will be a quick and easy one tonight.  so instead, you get random!

– i talked to my sister via skype last night.  this is a big deal for me as she just had my newest nephew and she lives in australia now and its just so far away!  she’s helping me out with the biz now – emails and ads and such – and i love that we get to communicate every day!

– the kids are taking their second round of swim lessons this week and are doing great!  this is their year!   it is so fun to see them loving it and i can’t wait to take them to my parents’ house at the lake later this summer.

– we’re still staying with my bff nicole and her family.  i still have to wipe my mouth from drool every time i walk into her door.  i will be taking pics of every little detail to share with you.  that is if we can get a clearing from all 7 kids at one time!

– braided bangs are all the rage, did you hear?  what?  that was last year’s style?  oh well, me and my girls are rocking them all summer.

– i am crazy sore from yoga yesterday.  so sore that i’m thinking even a run might loosen me up and make me feel better. *gasp*

– we’ve been eating yummmm every day as nicole is a great cook.  my poor family will be so bummed to get home to my cooking reality – blah.

– i’m working my little hands to the bone making bloom belts while we’re here.  i’m hoping to have 23 for the queen bee market on august 6th in san diego.  wish me luck – those suckers take forever to make!

– silas’ birthday is next week.  guess what i’m doing for his party?  nothing.  yes, you read that right – nuh.thing.  i’m having major guilt over this, but i am tapped out and we’re just going to do a small birthday day celebration with our family and nicole’s.  i know he won’t know the difference, but i do.  its not about me, right?

– we’re also getting more petal drop necklaces done while i’m here – yay!

– target opened in our town last week.  i was semi impressed.  i didn’t find much of anything.  yet i still gave them $75 of my money as i walked out the door.  how did that happen?

– i seriously love bend (oregon).  i keep thinking that i could move here.  then i remember how far we’d be from family and friends and our church.  then i change my mind.  i saw a sign today that said the hardest part about coming to bend is leaving bend.  so true.

– ok, off to bed soon.  all 3 of my kids tuckered out nicely tonight after hours and hours of swimming!  thank you swimming for doing the hard work for me!



  1. 1

    I looooove your random posts!

    And I can’t wait to catch up in September!!!!!!!


  2. 3

    I’ve been to Bend once, and it was lovely. Such a long time ago, but I still have fond memories of how nice it was.

  3. 4

    That’s the beauty of Target. You walk in only intending to spend $5 and walk out having spent $100. They know how to get you!

  4. 6

    Those things all sound so fun! Enjoy!

  5. 7

    Good luck with the belts! I know you’ll get them done!

    My youngest is doing better in the water this year too! It makes me happy to see him enjoying it rather than being afraid of it!

  6. 8

    I always wonder how Target sucks me dry whenever I go there too. :) HOpefully your local store will get a better selection soon. But then watch out!
    So glad to hear you’re enjoying your “vacation” even though you’re working your fingers to the bone. May you be refreshed and renewed. Its much deserved!

  7. 9

    I’ve heard Bend is a beautiful town. I have friends that live there as well. Also, give Target a chance- it’s become my favorite store!

  8. 10

    The thing that stuck out is that you feel guilty for the birthday. I hear you, but sometimes it is ok:))) Don’t feel guilty:)

  9. 11

    I’ll be in San Diego for BlogHer, so I get to go to the QBM!! I’m so excited! I hope I see you there!

  10. 12
    Denissa says:

    I love random posts, thats how my posts would be everyday if I did them! :) Glad you’re enjoying your time in OR and getting some good time in w/ your bff.
    Try not to feel too bad about Silas birthday, they honestly seem happy w/ a few presents and cake. My son that has the same b-day as him is turning 10!!! :( now thats sad!! ;)

  11. 13

    We have to go through Bend to get to my in-laws house so we stop there often. In fact, we’ll be there next week! It’s a beautiful town! Enjoy your vacation!

  12. 14

    Random posts are fun! And Target must have some type of hypnosis they use on us when we enter the store because it seems that I ALWAYS can spend a good chunk of change and have no idea how it happened!

  13. 15

    Sometimes you just have to do random posts! And true readers care about everything – from DIY stuff to random. :) Love it!

  14. 16
    Rebecca says:

    To echo the other comments…you indeed cannot go into Target and walk out without spending at least $100!! Also…I have been hawk eyeing your bloom bags and can never seem to get to them fast enough. I really like the ones you did a few months ago that had a longer strap. I believe you had yellow, blue and brown ones with stripes. The bag (without the beautiful adornments) look like some I have seen at Target recently. So….wondering if now that you have a Target closer to you, will you be making more of this style of bloom bags?? I hope so! Love your blog, thanks for sharing your life!

  15. 17

    Bend!! Oh my goodness, it was our favorite vacation place to go as a family when we lived in Gig Harbor. We’ve rented lots of different houses in SunRiver and went in summer & winter. I am always random, so I appreciate it in others:)

  16. 18

    Random is always fun!

  17. 19

    i love bend, we lived there for 4 years before we moved to grants pass. some of hubby’s family still lives there so we get to visit as often as we want. it is such a beautiful place!

  18. 20

    It sounds like you are having a blast. I can’t wait for all the pictures!

  19. 21

    Love Bend, Oregon. We live in Klamath Falls (about 2 hours away) and go to Bend often to shop at TimberMills Shores. Love that place! And my sweet husband takes me to the bead shops there for a treat. Can’t beat that. Love your random posts as well – keep them coming! :-)

  20. 22

    $75 at Target is pretty admirable. I just got back from there,actually. You can never leave with “just” one thing or “only” what you went in for – at least, I haven’t found it to be possible.

    I refuse to believe braided bangs are out of style – I wear mine like that all the time. So do all the girls who go to our youth group. I figure if they’re doing it, their leader can, too ;)

  21. 23

    you are hilarious! and, yes, target always gets $50-$100 of my money too. every time. how does that happen?

  22. 24

    Target is a money pit (that I love)! It’s not fair how you think you’re shopping thrifty because you’re at Target and then you hand over your credit card for a $60 purchase! “What on earth cost me $60?” I always think.

    And by the way, if I knew how to braid my bangs, I totally would. Unfortunately I am french braid challenged. Oh well! At least I can look at you and your girl’s cute hairstyles!

  23. 25

    I love that Bend sign, it’s so true. We live just up the road from Bend, I feel seriously spoiled by living surrounded by such beauty! And yes, Target takes too much of my money. Thankfully it’s in Bend, so its about a 20 minute drive from home-just enough to keep me from stopping in too much :)

  24. 26

    What braided bangs are last years fashion??? That’s okay, I guess I am always one step behind when it comes to fashion, but like you I am “rocking the look” too! :o)
    Never been to Bend Oregon, but I have heard it’s beautiful. I love the Oregon Coast….in fact we are heading to Seaside Oregon in two days….we love it there so much.

  25. 27

    Love reading your blog! I have been lurking for a while, but I noticed that you mentioned your sister is living in Australia now and that is where I am – I am in Sydney on the Northern Beaches. I hope she is enjoying living here, it really is a wonderful place although I am thinking I should be visiting Bend with all the recommendations LOL! It is really not that far away either – you should pay your sister a visit! Anyway I am rambling but love your work, cheers Jane

  26. 28

    love the randomness, friend! ;)

  27. 29

    that’s so weird, I’m in Wyoming right now! ;)

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