what i wore wednesday

hey guys!

thanks for joining me for another week of “what i wore wednesday”!  this is a place for us to keep each other accountable to get out of our yoga pants and put a little bit of effort into ourselves.  so i may have stayed in my sweats today until i had a meeting after dinner, BUT i have gotten dressed every other day this week, so i feel like thats pretty good ;)

did you do last week’s challenge?  and how fun is abbie?!  i totally failed at the thrifting challenge myself (i had no chance to get out to goodwill last week – maybe next week?).

{homeschooling & apple picking with friends}

sweater, jeans, and shoes – target

shirt and sunnies – forever 21

petal pushers – the pleated poppy

necklace – lisa leonard designs

{block party}

shirt – from forever 21, embellished by me

jeans – local shop, falling apart (boo)

{church, fabric shopping and dinner with friends}

sweater, skirt, socks and boots – target

top – made by me

belt – old navy

necklace – lisa leonard designs

{work from home, dinner with friends}

sweater, jeans and flats – target

top – hand-me-down

{homeschool & meeting at school}

top – forever 21

jeans – local shop

flops – rainbow sandals

i love that my hair is getting longer – i can pull it back and try new styles.  not that wearing messy buns is anything new, but its still fun!

and man!  i have a lot of freckles!

my all-time favorite necklace – lisa leonard designs

so, no challenge this week – just have fun!

wooden alphabet block craft

sometimes you just need that go-to gift.

this is one of those easy-peasy crafts that anyone with a glue gun (and some blocks, duh) can do.

and i totally stole this idea from a friend who gave silas his own name in blocks.  honesty is the best policy ;)

years ago i bought a huge jar of old wooden alphabet blocks.  silas plays with them all the time still, and i love it.  but he won’t notice if a handful of them are missing here and there.

all i had to do was find all the letters i needed, mix up the colors so they looked good, and squirt a dab of hot glue in between each block.

and it makes a great, easy baby gift – yay!