life rearranged

 it never fails.

every thursday night i panick.


like the world is coming to an end.

then i remember, oh yeah, instafriday.

thanks again, jeannett!

michael levine’s in the garment district.  an amazing selection of all the best fabric, but still way more expensive than hawthorne threads.  but so fun to look at and touch in person!

snuggle time with my girls saturday morning!

at the blog sugar speakers dinner we were all gifted some fabulous goodies, including this beautiful embroidery hoop art by andrea (knitty bitties).  no joke, i got teary eyed about this!  it is so special and personalized.  i was blown away that she made this so perfectly for me!  word on the street is that she went to each of our blogs and took inspiration from them – a.mazing.

julie and jeannett gave goodies to all the ladies that heard them speak (brilliant!), so a bunch of us ladies gathered and put them all together.

at a coffee table in the middle of fashion island.

not weird at all.

light fixture at the dry bar.

where i did not get my hair done.

but watched all the other ladies do it.

totally not jealous.

totally lying.

the most tweeted picture last sunday night.  seriously, the decorations were so fun, and totally appropriate for the night (blog SUGAR).

monster posies, just waiting for bloom bags.  and waiting, and waiting, and waiting…

while thrifting with my mom, looking for a costume for our annual school fundraiser (renaissance this year), i stumbled upon this beauty. a 1960’s dress in mint condition.  it even had the bra cups sewn in!  but i have no idea why or where i’d ever wear it, so i left it.  and i miss it.

denise told me about brownie waffles and i had to try it out.  unfortunately i cooked them a little long, and they were a bit crispy.  that didn’t stop me from consuming a large amount of them.

bath time for the girlies!  i call that good, clean fun!

head on over to jeannett’s and link your phone pics up – uber easy!


girls weekend

i have an awesome husband.

really this post could end here, but i think i should give a little explanation for my hubby shout out.

here goes:

he rescheduled his work trip so he could be home a day early so i could head off early to see my friends.

for the whole weekend.

so at o’dark thirty on friday morning, i headed off solo to l.a.

i met mique at the garment district for a bit of fabric shopping.  mostly i just wanted to see her.  because i love her.

you know those people who you hardly ever get to see, but you connect with so well?  she’s one of them.

but wait – it gets better!  i then got to meet up with jeannett, maggie, jess, and ruthanne!

a whole pile of girls that i absolutely love, but don’t get to see enough.

we piled into a hotel room and laughed and laughed and laughed.

we spent less than 24 hours together, but i wouldn’t give that up for anything.

and i never took out my camera, so my terrible phone pics will just have to do.

the rest of the weekend was so much fun, too!

jeannett and i headed to julie’s house, along with meg, kimberly, mel, emily, heather, jessica, kim and erin.

fun doesn’t even begin to describe it!

the rest of the weekend was a crazy blur, which ended with a little chatting at blog sugar.

and finally landing in my own bed eeeearly early monday morning.

so fun.

thank you sean!