monday update

i’m writing this update late sunday night (11:54pm, to be exact).

last week was filled with so much fun – sister time, costumes, baby snuggling, party prep & party.

but monday i think will be filled with a lump in my throat, squinching back tears.  my sister and baby boy leave tomorrow morning.


knowing that most likely i won’t see them for another year.  when he’ll be talking and walking.


so to take me out of the sad, here are a few highlights of what i hope to hit on more of this week! (ok, that was a fake exclamation mark.  sorry.)

we have already had 2 opportunities to wear our costumes this week, and one more tonight!

we threw a costume party for lily this weekend and the food prep was so much fun!  lily and i poured over pinterest finding fun ideas, including this cake.

2 new reversible scarves are in the shop!

all reversible pillow covers are 20% off!  just type in code PILLOWS for the discount!

and there are a couple bloom belts in the shop also!

and for your viewing pleasure, i leave you with this…


life rearranged

linking up with jeannett from life rearranged again!

a group of parents from school and i have been working on a mural backdrop for a tableau our kids will be doing.  sitting on the concrete floor in the garage for hours and hours is making me feel old!

we’re having a late birthday party for lily, a costume party!  since she isn’t the “scary halloween” type, we’re just going for fun and fallish.  sewing paper is becoming one of my favorite things to do!

pretty colors!

my boys *heart*

oh my sweet nephew jack!  just a few more days with him… *sadness*

test driving my halloween costume – you should see sean’s!

pedi’s with my mom and sister

i was wavering between cement grey and coral nail polish, so i went with french.

school picture day.  last year, lily refused to have her picture taken.  this year she said, “i think they are going to want to take lots of pictures of me!”  adorable orphan annie dress from aunt courtney (h&m).

poor baby was wiped out from all our shopping excursions!

prep for lily’s party – this is just the tip of the iceberg.  our pinterest pins have helped us a lot this week!

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