button monogram craft

 i have had this giant “c” sitting around my house and i couldn’t decide how to embellish it – fabric?  yarn? newspaper?

i finally settled on buttons!

 sean picked up the big letter for me at joann’s – yes, sean went to joann’s for me. i know, he’s a keeper.

 deco art sent me some fabulous colors of craft paints and i chose this antique gold – kind of a pretty mustard color.

 not sure why, but i decided to spend a few hours a couple weeks ago organizing my buttons in this old bead container.  apparently, it was to prepare myself for this project.  really, it was just because i have a slight obsession with organizing things according to color.

 i did just one coat of paint and it covered completely.  i wanted to make sure that if the buttons didn’t cover completely that a pretty color would show through.

 i also had a big jar filled with big buttons that i brought out just in case.  it was a good thing because i needed them!

and of course, i needed glue sticks.

 i started by gluing the big buttons randomly all over the top and sides, then i took the smaller ones and butted them up against the larger ones so that there wouldn’t be too many random spaces in between the buttons.

 then i kept adding and adding and adding…

 and i made my sister-in-law help me out and watch old cosby show reruns to make the time go faster.

 after about 5 hours or so, i called it quits.  or good enough.

 i’m still not quite sure where it will live at my house.  sean is hoping the playroom, but i’m thinking living room…

oh, and by the way, i used ALL of my large buttons and 3/4 of my small ones – this takes a ton of buttons!




what i wore wednesday

happy wednesday!

so as i was getting ready to write this post, i thought, “oh no!  i don’t have any pictures for wiww!”  basically, we have only been in our jammies and lounge clothes all week!  but i realized i had a few pics from earlier in the week, so i don’t look like a total slob!

a last minute christmas party

cardi & denim trousers – target

top – forever 21

wedges – old navy

earrings – crystalb


top, pants & flats – target

earrings – crystal b

vintage bracelets – i wore for my wedding!

cardi – target

sweater – all saints, gift from my sister

scarf – the pleated poppy

striped top and jeans – forever 21

boots and socks – target

sequined sweatshirt & lounge pants – target

sweatshirt & lounge pants – target

top – forever 21

sorry for the late posting today – vacation is getting the best of me.  and i’m getting the best of it!

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