just wanted to say…

thank you!

thank you to all of you who have supported my shop over the last few years and even more so today for my 1 day sale (and yesterday for my newsletter subscribers – yay for early discounts!).

i woke up early saturday morning with a pit in my stomach and a lump in my throat.  i checked our bank account balances, knowing i had just paid bills the night before and had also sent in our tuition payment.  i knew i needed to transfer money around from savings and my business account to pay for those bills.  money has been tight, not something i air here all too often, but its real so here it is.  we committed to going on a missions trip in faith that this is what God had in store for us.  and when we didn’t raise nearly as much support as we needed, we had enough in our savings account to cover it.  we saw this as an open door, a confirmation that this was our calling, despite waves of doubt and questioning.

so i did the math and realized we had just enough to cover the bills i had paid, and not enough for our mortgage payment coming in just days.  as the tears poured down my cheeks i started praying, throwing my hands in the air and giving up.  this was not up to me.  if God is good He is ALWAYS good, not just in the times of plenty.  He always works things out and it it up to us to put our trust in Him in everything, even the things we feel we can control on our own.  i had been trying to control our finances for far too long.  i gave it to Him and said “it’s not up to me, this is all you.”

at church we were handed a check from a friend.

another friend mentioned she had sent in more support for us.

an unexpected check came in the mail from a random escrow insurance overage refund (or something… i don’t care what it was – it was good!).

sean got paid on a job he wasn’t expecting to.

i had a sale in my shop and you guys supported me.  you supported us.  whether you wanted to or not, you supported sean and i for our trip.

you have blessed us by supporting my shop and i wanted to thank you for that.

thank you.




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