red letter words {sponsored giveaway} closed

hello friends!

time for another sponsored giveaway!

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i love them!

besides art prints, she also has greeting cards and candles

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life rearranged

linking up my weekly cell phone pics with jeannett!

when my sister was here, she set up a fun bracelet craft for us and the kids – i took a bunch of pics for a tutorial, but they were lousy so i need to do it again – boo.

the craftermath.

date night getup.  sequins make even a sweater and boots feel fancy.

sadness hit after my sister left on saturday.  my biggest and i curled up on the couch for a bit and cried.  then we went to home depot to console ourselves with new flowers for the front porch.  chocolate would’ve been cheaper.

apparently, to mask on pain, i pile on another.  O.U.C.H.  i took a break today and my muscles are feeling so much better, but i’ll be back at it in the morning with my dad.  so ready to get over the hump.  thanks for all the running recovery advice!

this was my desk the other night – a movie in front with my work literally surrounding me.

i am not a short order cook.  everyone gets the same thing for breakfast.  i will very rarely take special orders, but not very often.

i’m also a hypocrite.  i would never eat plain yogurt (under the granola).  i think it is nast-o.

when i want to start pulling out my eyelashes from frustration after reminding my daughter to “do your work”, i resort to pulling her directly in front of me.  i had to de-numb my brain by looking at pretty fabrics as i cut out covered buttons.  and kept saying “do your work”, “eyes on the page”, “focus”, “are you working?”…

and this lucky boy got to hang out in the sun with gramps and do some wood working.  don’t tell him he’s trying to hammer in a screw!

i despise having a tv over our fireplace, but that was not a hill worth dying on for me.  so after years of trying to find a cover solution, we came up with this and my dad built it for us.  i LOVE it!  and it just lifts out if we do want to watch tv.  more pics to come…

some days i don’t feel like making lunch.  so we go family picnic style and i just plop all the edibles on a plate and we go at it.  easy.

so that was my week!  how was yours?