hello monday

linking up with lisa!

hello to a shop FULL of new products!

new tiny pouches

new zippered pouches

new ipad cases

new e-reader cases

new sunnies case

new wristlet clutch

and brand spankin’ new messenger bags!

so much new stuff!  i was so busy prepping for the queen bee at snap and the stitch market here that i had no time to list these great new items!

ps the stitch market was great and i’ll be updating soon!


life rearranged
linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett!

i have a whole slew of pictures to share with you from the queen bee market at snap – such amazing vendors – but i am super tired after running my own market tonight and i know that post will take a couple hours to get all the correct links to, so it will have to wait.

with 4 flights in 4 days, you’re bound to get some plane shots – lucky you!

the night after i got home from snap my family was here for my brother-in-law’s album debut mini concert, which was awesome!  if you haven’t yet, go check out his music.  now.

well, i overloaded my plate a bit, with snap/qbm and the stitch market just a few days apart.  and i forgot to order the professional vinyl sign for the stitch market.  so i made my own.  for free!  turns out that was a happy accident!

my sweet friend joy says just the right thing at the right time to me.  and often, she speaks in chocolate, my love language.  her blondies are the best ever.  ev.er.

this was our start of the market, mapping out the vendors on the floor…

then we got to hang our pretty (free!) sign, some garland and balloons outside.

a 15 year old friend of mine (who i used to baby sit when she was just a baby) is making these beautiful prints.  this is her newest and my favorite!  she’s not selling online, but i’m trying to figure out a way to get her available to you!

the market was so busy tonight!  i only got out of my chair at the checkout table 2 times for a quick potty break and booth check.  i’m excited to see what tomorrow brings, but first i think i’ll look at the back of my eyelids for a bit…