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favorite things giveaway

it’s that gift giving time of year again!!! if you stress over your list of loved ones, and struggle to find the perfect gift for birthdays or the holidays, fret no more. 25 creative bloggers have gathered together to share THEIR favorite things in a gift giving guide, and nearly all of the items are under $25! this list can offer a long lasting gift guide to refer back to when you need that special gift, along with links to where you can get them. sometimes, giving a practical household item is just as exciting as the extravagant gift you are stress-fully looking for, but we also have super cutesy and impractical, too!

i am so excited to share my favorite things, along with these other creative bloggers. even more fun, is that you have the opportunity to win a gift basket mailed right to your door!

here’s what to do:

  • take a quick glance at the gift collage below
  • scroll to the bottom to see mine up close with details and links to buy my favorite items
  • enter to win my gift basket at the giveaway below ($125 value)
  • HOP to all of the other sites to enter to win their gifts!
  • look around and enjoy the sites of the 25 creative bloggers–they will not disappoint!

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22. The Savvy Photographer

23. TidyMom

24. Vintage Revivals

25.Your Homebased Mom

favorite things giveaway

favorite things giveaway

favorite things giveaway

1. i am a sucker for a deal, and target’s dollar bin rarely disappoints! i love their wrapping paper for a few reasons: it is a shorter roll, so it fits easily in my storage space; it is a thick roll, so you get a lot of paper for that buck; the designs are so fun! in my basket will be this fun faux bois paper and newspaper look. i grabbed a bunch of rolls for myself and i think i will use them for christmas wrapping with some yarn bows!

2. i absolutely love this print from jones design company! i have it blown up in my kids’ bathroom. it is such a sweet reminder for us all.

3. i’m not only a sucker for a deal, but also for pretty colors! these paper clips come from staples and have the best selection of colors!

4. washi tape + target = awesome. some people struggle to find it, but its always in the office supply section at my target. it also comes in reds and blues, but the green is my favey fave.

5. another dollar section i love: michaels. i am a notetaker/doodle maker so i love having a little notebook tucked in my bag. they have fun new designs every season and for just a buck you can’t go wrong!

6. another beautiful print i love from pen & paint. this would make a great, meaningful gift!

favorite things giveaway

7. this is a tea towel i made originally for dayspring, and have had a few tucked away for special occasions such as this! while these are no longer available, i will have holiday tea towels listed in my shop this week!

8. a set of 2 posy pins are a fun addition to a gift (as a package topper even!) or to stuff into a stocking. these are fun in pairs on a denim jacket or pinned to a scarf or hat in the chilly winter months.

9. my foldover clutches have been a hit in my shop! this is one of my original samples. it is great for organizing a large purse, or to use as a small purse on its own. it can hold a phone, keys, wallet, sunnies and a bit more – aren’t the colors fun?!

10. i don’t go a day without burt’s bees chapstick. my mac lip liner and a coat of burt’s is my daily routine. they have lots of yummy flavors, but the classic is my favorite. you can buy a multi-pack at target in the beauty section and stuff everyone’s stockings!

11. bubble necklaces are still the rage and i am loving mine. groopdealz sent me this one to pass on to you! if you sign up for their daily emails, you can get amazing deals on so many fun necklaces!

12. cloud confetti from raising up rubies are so fun! actually, anything from her shop is amazing!

be sure to hop around to the other amazing blogs and enter their giveaways as well!

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  1. 5

    Super cute basket!! Lots of great ideas!!!

  2. 6

    awesome!!! Everything is so cute!
    kathy k

  3. 7

    How fun!

  4. 8

    I have been wanting #2 for my kids bathroom for months.

  5. 9

    very cute!!!

  6. 10
    Jacqueline Amandus says:

    This is such bright and cheery basket. So cute!!

  7. 11

    What is #12? So curious… cute gingham!

  8. 12


  9. 13
    Michalina Peterson says:

    Yeehaw! What a wonderful basket full of creative beautiful items. Some to give away and share and some to keep? :)

  10. 14

    This is so fun! I can’t wait to check out all of everyone’s favs.!
    Thanks for sharing yours with us, I would love to win your 25 favs :)

  11. 15

    This gift basket is super cute! I love the handmade things!

  12. 16

    Love it all!

  13. 17

    Fun! Your products are my fav!

  14. 18

    I love your gift basket! Thank you for sharing….can’t wait to see what all the other creative, handmade bloggers have!

  15. 19
    Somer Treat says:

    I love your basket, and I am in love with your dishtowel. I think I might have to try to make a version of it with paint…not quite as handy as you with the sewing machine. Can’t wait to check out all the great ideas. Thank you for the inspiration!

  16. 20

    so fun! i love that target washi tape. i have it in orange & yellow and use it for everything!

  17. 21

    I am absolutely addicted to washi tape and I love the ones from Target too…Thanks for some Christmas gift giving inspiration…

  18. 22

    I love that tea towel!

  19. 23

    Love the bubble necklace! Thanks for the great ideas!

  20. 24

    Love this idea. So fun.

  21. 25

    Your basket is super cute. Love everything in there! Would LOVE to win it!

  22. 26

    Love the bubble necklace!

  23. 27

    Love your picks! Such a cute basket!

  24. 28

    I love everything!

  25. 29

    What a fun basket! So many good things! Thanks so much!

  26. 30

    Lots of great stuff in your basket!

  27. 31

    Gotta love the dollar bins at Target. I have bought their wrapping paper before. It lasts a long time and holds up well!

  28. 32

    love your favorite things!

  29. 33

    Sign me up! Receiving this in the mail – or under the tree – would make any day spectacular! I’ve got to find that wrapping paper for myself, too…

  30. 34
    Kristen Badowski says:

    This would be SO much fun to win – it would be hard to decide what to give and what to keep ;-)

    Thank you for this fun chance to win!

  31. 35

    What a fun, colorful basket!

  32. 36
    Kristin B. says:

    The little tea towel is adorbs!

  33. 37

    I love what you included in your basket but especially that bubble necklace. I have been eyeing it ever since I first saw it in your WWIW post.

  34. 38
    Jackie Klayman says:

    I love all these items…thanks for the gift ideas. Can’t wait to share these with friends and family as gifts! :)

  35. 39

    So cute! Love the bubble necklace especially!

  36. 40
    sarah gehman says:

    Beautiful colors, great gifts! Thanks!

  37. 41
    Amy Bounds says:

    What fun!

  38. 42

    too cute, i love the tea towel, the darling posy pins and the bubble necklace. What a great idea!

  39. 43
    courtney anne says:

    Love every single thing in your basket!

  40. 44

    Cute stuff!

  41. 45

    You have such wonderful items in your basket! Great ideas for the upcoming gift giving season!

  42. 46

    So cute! Do we just comment to enter the giveaway because I did not see any other place to enter?

  43. 47

    I Love everything in your basket and have several friends I would love to share this with.

  44. 48

    Is leaving a comment entering??I I would love to win this basket! It’s so cool!!!

  45. 49

    Love it all!

  46. 50

    Cute stuff! Great ideas

  47. 51

    What a great gift basket! I love the tea towel!

  48. 52

    i would love to try your beautiful clutch!

  49. 53

    Ooooh! Fun stuff! I love all the cool things in your basket! Would be super great to win! :)

  50. 54

    LOVE your gift basket. I want one of those necklaces :)

  51. 55

    What a fun idea! I love everything in your basket-great gifts to give away & keep!

  52. 56

    Cute stuff!!

  53. 57

    WOW! This is awesome. Great idea. Can’t wait to hop around!

  54. 58

    WOW your gift basket is amazing…so cute and creative of course. Great presents in there!

  55. 59
    Lisa Perry says:

    Everything was awesome.

  56. 60


  57. 61

    great gifting ideas. and i love all of the bright colors. thanks for sharing.

  58. 62

    super duper cute basket!!!

  59. 63

    LOVE this basket of goodies!!

  60. 64

    such cute baskets… what a GREAT idea!!!

  61. 65

    I love your blog and all of your products! What great ideas for gifts! I love them all! Thanks for sharing!

  62. 66

    cute basket

  63. 67

    Love it!

  64. 68

    Super cute gift basket…lots of great gift ideas! Thanks for sharing:0)

  65. 69
    Stephanie says:

    Too cute!

  66. 70

    LOVE the necklace!

  67. 71
    Shannon Barnett says:

    Thanks for all the great ideas! Love everything in your basket!

  68. 72

    so fun!

  69. 73
    Wendy Orme says:

    Love everything in your basket!

  70. 74

    Fun basket

  71. 75

    i love this idea!! great things!

  72. 76

    Everything is adorable- but I looooooove that necklace!!

  73. 77

    Awesome basket filled with fabulous goodies! Love your taste!

  74. 78

    Sign me up! Love all of your favorite things!

  75. 79

    I LOVE your basket. I love the print (#2) and the fact that your basket is unashamedly Christian.

  76. 80

    So cute! Would love to win it! :)

  77. 81
    Stacy Lawrence says:

    Love, love, love your basket! ❤💜💚💙💛💗, I too love to have a notebook with me at all times and I’m a sucker for the Target and Michael’s dollar bins….I can’t get out much due to my disabilities so ill be Christmas shopping online this year. Thank you for gathering such amazing gift ideas! 🌲🎅

  78. 82

    i love your basket! such cute stuff. and that necklace is tdf.

  79. 83

    Great basket! I love the washi tape!

  80. 84

    GREAT basket! Love your choices!

  81. 85

    Wow! What a great giveaway! I love the Target rolls of paper. I will have to try them out!

  82. 86
    Jessica B. says:

    Not gonna lie, I want to win this so I can keep it all for myself! :)

  83. 87
    JoEllen Giani says:

    Cute basket! I love the popsicles towel! It’s terrible cute!!

  84. 88

    Aww, I love everything!! Thanks for the chance!!

  85. 89

    I absolutely love all your choices, such great ideas for Christmas gifts! Can’t wait to check out some of the other bloggers as well!

  86. 90

    I am interested in your basket give away. What do I need to do to sign up?

  87. 91

    love the necklace!

  88. 92

    great collection of goodies!

  89. 93

    Lovely basket! I adore the color palate so much–it reminds me of your gorgeous home. Crossing my fingers I will win!

  90. 94

    I think I love everything in that basket!! I’m quite certain I could give it all a good home! ;o)

  91. 95

    Wow… it all looks great!

  92. 96
    Sandra M. says:

    What a beautiful variety of gifts, my fave is the necklace.

  93. 97

    Love Everything!

  94. 98

    This is Great!! Please pick me!

  95. 99

    LOVE the rise and shine sign. My husband sings this to me in the morning. :)

  96. 100

    Love everything! Hard to pick a favorite!!

  97. 101

    So cute…rise and shine sign is my favorite.

  98. 102

    Very fun stuff, I love the washi tape too!

  99. 103

    Those are some great items! I don’t have a bubble necklace in that color yet! I had better win!

  100. 104
    nikki hatfield wilson says:

    I am a sucker for color and this basket has it! I think the posey pins are two of my faves.

  101. 105

    I love everything! So fun!

  102. 106

    I LOVE that necklace!!!!

  103. 107
    maggie b. says:


  104. 108

    Love the basket!!!

  105. 109

    Love the colors of the tape. Thanks for a chance at such a fun give-a-way

  106. 110
    Katherine says:

    Awesome gift basket…wonderful website!

  107. 111

    How have I not found your blog before?? So glad for this blog hop and the chance to connect on facebook, pinterest, ETSY, etc. Love the basket filled with ADORABLE things!

  108. 112

    All of the baskets for this giveaway are so cute, but yours has some of my favorite items!!!

  109. 113

    I looked at all 25 baskets. I entered to win all of them but yours if my favorite by far!!! You put together such a great collection. I really enjoyed this giveaway becuase I learned about new blogs. Thanks so much!!

  110. 114

    Love this! What a great idea!

  111. 115

    I like to give nice, comfy cozy clothes.

  112. 116

    Burts bees pomegranate is my fav, and I always give it in little gifts.

  113. 117

    my favorite gift to give are the voluspa candles in tins :) they’re so pretty and they’re basically pre-packaged. i love the makassar ebony and peach one (it’s black!) and depending on what size you buy, it’ll only run you $8-12. not bad for a designer brand!
    thank you so much for the giveaway, i’d love to win :)

  114. 118

    your basket was in my top 3!! Loved everything you picked!!!

  115. 119

    Love your picks! I love to give homemade/handmade anything.

  116. 120
    carly dunavant says:

    I love making homemade treats and giving coffee

  117. 121

    I love to think of gifts that the person would be surprised to get or would really mean something to them

  118. 122

    love to give candles!

  119. 123

    What a fun idea!

  120. 124

    My favorite gift to give is a handmade gift! :)

  121. 125

    I LOVE your basket. Adorable!

  122. 126

    So many cute things! What a great idea.

  123. 127

    Lately my favorite gifts to give have a touch of homemade.

  124. 128

    I have no specific gift I give, but I do try to do handmade gifts whenever possible.

  125. 129

    love to give fun gifts like scarves or creative jewelry.

  126. 130

    RiSE and SHiNe and give GOD the Glory! My mother used to wake me with that song everyday!

  127. 131
    Maureen S says:

    My favorite gift to give or at least the one that I give the most is a Starbucks gift card. Love those things.

  128. 132
    Michelle Fears says:

    Super cute

  129. 133
    Maureen S says:

    I’m a Facebook fan

  130. 134

    I love giving handmade, personalized stationary as gifts

  131. 135
    Maureen S says:

    I follow you on Pinterest.

  132. 136

    I love to give people things that they are never likely to buy for themselves, like nice luxurious socks, coffee table books, fun jewelry.

  133. 137
    Maureen S says:

    I already receive your newsletter.

  134. 138

    bath and body works lotion!

  135. 139

    I adore your blog! You are so creative!

  136. 140
    Caryn Beck says:

    I am loving the bright colors in this basket!

  137. 141

    Would love to win your favorite 25 things. I love Burt’s Bees Chapstick have one in my purse and diaper bag. :0)

  138. 142

    I love burt’s bees too!

  139. 143

    Your basket is ADORABLE!

    I am in LOVE with this entire idea of all of you teaming together to do these giveaways. It’s so fun to see all the FAVORITES. :) Thank you for the anticipation and giveaway.

  140. 144

    Burts Bees is my fav too! And my favorite gift to give is a towel with the recipient’s name machine embroidered on it!

  141. 145

    Love to give candles and scarves!

  142. 146
    Kathy Davis says:

    I love to give homemade muffins and flavored coffees.

  143. 147
    Dulce Fuentes says:

    Handmade stuff or chocolate

  144. 148

    I like to give Movie Gift Cards since it is a treat for most people.

  145. 149
    Kathy Davis says:

    I signed up for your newsletter at kdavis1@centurrytel.net

  146. 150
    michelle myers says:

    I love to give peresonalized gifts!

  147. 151

    I love surprising people with gifts of things they have only mentioned once, and I took notice and grabbed it. Thanks for the give-a-way!

  148. 152
    Kathy Davis says:

    I follow the pleated poppy on pinterest as Kathy Davis (zizzerbear)

  149. 153
    Kathy Davis says:

    I like The Pleated Poppy on Facebook as Kathy Newsom Davis.

  150. 154

    What a great basket to win! So much fun!

  151. 155

    So adorable!!!

  152. 156

    Adore Adore Adore! I think I am the only one without #11. Thank for the opportunity. Stay blessed!

  153. 158

    Loving all the fun colors! SUPER CUTE CHOICES : )

  154. 159
    carol jane says:

    I love to give jewelry and/or beauty products.

  155. 160

    What a great gift assortment! Such fun, beautiful things. Love your blog and your style!

  156. 161

    i like the little tea towel!

  157. 162

    You have excellent taste!

  158. 163

    OH MY! What a CUTE basket giveaway! Totally love your style. :-) Thanks for letting me enter!

  159. 164

    I love giving a good book and a fresh batch of cookies. :)

  160. 165

    I love giving homemade gifts! They are personal and fun to make!

  161. 166

    Absolutely love your basket! I couldn’t pick out a favorite if I tried!

  162. 167

    Homemade treats!

  163. 168

    I love to give handmade gifts to friends. Ornaments are so easy and appreciated!

  164. 169

    I love to give food!

  165. 170

    The tea towel and bubble necklace are my favs. Great basket.

  166. 171

    How fun I love your picks.

  167. 172

    Love your gifts.

  168. 173
    Rachel Lore'l says:

    I love to give homemade cookies and sweets.

  169. 174

    I love giving cute jewelry!

  170. 175

    Love the necklace!

  171. 176
    julie spady says:

    love the jewelry!

  172. 177

    I love this idea and especially love that you put handmade touches inside your basket.

  173. 178

    Love the tea towel!

  174. 179

    Love how creative you are! Wish I were as crafty (especially as your tea towel!), but most of my “personalized” gifts end up being photos in frames! :)

  175. 180

    I love giving (and getting) fuzzy socks!

  176. 181

    It’s usually a gift card!!! Love the bubble necklace:)

  177. 182
    Alexis Bulloch says:

    Love the tea towel!

  178. 183

    That basket is so you, just full of clever finds and really happy colorful goodies. Whoever wins it would have to be thrilled. This is such a fun event, thanks for the fun and daydreaming!

  179. 184

    I like to make gifts to give.

  180. 185
    Kimberly H says:

    I love giving candles and picking out what fragrances I think someone would like.

  181. 186

    My favorite gift to give is something cute and funky that they wouldn’t get for themselves.

  182. 187

    I like giving and getting cute picture frames.

  183. 188

    Gift giving has never been my love language, so that’s always been hard. So one thing I love to give is to take a friend out to dinner – that way we get to spend quality time together!

  184. 189
    Sara Carter says:

    Lancome Nutrix Royal body lotion – the best!

  185. 190

    Pretty bubble necklace!

  186. 191

    the necklace is beautiful

  187. 192
    Heidi Adams says:

    Love your basket especially the tea towel. I love to give candles as gifts!

  188. 193

    I love making gifts that I think fit the personality of the person. I think up great ideas, but then procrastinate to the last minute and end up grabbing a gift card to Amazon or Itunes, because most everyone can find something they love there. I really need to get my act together. :)

  189. 194

    I love all of your choices! My favorite things to give are cuties baby burp clothes, fun kitchen towels, and homemade bread :)

  190. 195

    Tea is an awesome gift to give.

  191. 196

    I love giving my firneds and family home made Gingerbread men. I love to ice them and add raisen eyes and sit down with a cup of tea and friends to eat them

  192. 197

    I love to give jewelry

  193. 198

    I love to give a handmade gift. Great basket!

  194. 199

    I love to give girly things like jewelry to the other girls in my life!

  195. 200

    almost everything by bath and body works

  196. 201

    Wow! I’ve never been to your website before – it’s great. Love the giveaway – it all looks amazing! Thanks for the opportunity.

  197. 202

    I want it, I want it, I want it!!! :)

  198. 203

    Great giveaway! I like your taste. I like to give away stuff to do- like movie passes or museum memberships or restaurant gift cards.

  199. 204

    Great basket!

  200. 205
    Serene Kjar says:

    jewelry or bath and body stuff!

  201. 206

    I love to give homemade items like crochet scarfs and hats and other hand crafted projects.

  202. 207

    I love to give some of my favorite kitchen gadgets like a microplane or immersion blender.

  203. 208
    Matea Bradshaw says:

    Cute, cute fun colors! I WANT the necklace! It is so cute!!

  204. 209

    I like to give quilts. They’re fun to make and they last forever!

  205. 210

    Love the notebook and teatowel! You’re little basket is so fun and bright!

  206. 211

    what a lovely basket <3

  207. 212

    Love the tea towel!!

  208. 213

    I adore your basket! Especially all of your fun products AND the bubble necklace! So amazing!

  209. 214

    I love to give experiences — make a memory, not more stuff.

  210. 215
    Rachel Kidd says:

    Love it all, especially the bubble necklace! Thanks for the giveaway xx

  211. 216

    great basket

  212. 217
    Shaunta' May says:

    Thank you for sharing some of your favorite things. My favorite gift to give is time….creating new memories. And hugs! I am a hugger! <3

  213. 218
    Shannon RF Schroder says:

    I’m so boring- I give gift cards. Am getting some better idesa from these baskets, though!

  214. 219

    I am so “happi” I discovered your blog and I am a new follower! I love your fun giveaway. The purse clutch is really cute. I like to give fun unique items that go well in a purse also.

  215. 220

    What a fabulous basket! I would love to hang the Rise & shine in my kiddos bathroom. How cute! Thank you for the chance to win :)

  216. 221

    My favorite gifts to give are unique handmade items found on Etsy or at local shops.
    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  217. 222

    Wonderful nasket spmany great things

  218. 223

    Wonderful basket, so many great things

  219. 224

    Love Burts Bees! Now how do you keep from losing yours? :)

  220. 225

    What a great basket!

  221. 226

    I like to give baked goods!!! cupcakes, cookies, cakes, etc….

  222. 227

    Lindsey, I love everything and anything you do and show us!! I would love all this! It sure would brighten this mommy’s day!!

  223. 228

    I love the rise and shine print, so happy!

  224. 229

    What an awesome basket!

  225. 230
    Suzy Girl says:

    What a fun basket! Thanks so much.

  226. 231

    Thus is my favourite gift basket of the lot. And I’m glad I stumbled onto your blog through it! Saw yours via another blogger’s whose blog I’m following already. What a lovely idea for a collaboration. Not just great gift ideas, but a great way to discover new blogs to read :-)

  227. 232

    I love everything! What a cheerful basket to brighten anyone’s day!

  228. 233
    Katherine Branscombe says:

    I love giving personalized gifts – monogram, photos… I also love giving local jewelry shop items (Esquared, check out their Ersy shop). It’s nice to give a little of to friends and family who have moved away.

  229. 234

    I love giving homage scented soaps.

  230. 235

    Such a cute and fun basket

  231. 236

    Handmade gifts are my favourite to make and give. They are unique, personal and usually made with care :)

  232. 237

    LOVE this entire post! THANK YOU! Your basket is fantastic! I love to give magazine subscriptions.

  233. 238

    I love to give homemade treats from my kitchen. I could use dome items in the basket to help package my treats.

  234. 239
    Heather C says:

    This is awesome! Thank you!

  235. 240
    Missy Cox says:


  236. 241

    What a great basket

  237. 242

    Love it all!! So cute!

  238. 243
    Leah Nagel says:

    I love how everything looks so fun together! Absolutely lovely giveaway…I don’t think I would want to take it all apart :) I love putting together and making gifts for the holidays!

  239. 244

    Adorable basket! I love Target’s Dollar Bins too.

  240. 245

    I love to give gifts people have mentioned a long time asp without really asking for a gift.

  241. 246

    I love giving small scrapbooks that I make as gifts.

  242. 247

    It’s always fun to give homemade gifts!

  243. 248

    I love to give stationery as a gift. Thanks for the change to win! great basket.

  244. 249

    What a fun giveaway! I would love to win in order to have some fun stuff to give as gifts this year, but the necklace would be mine!

  245. 250

    love this sweet little basket!

  246. 251

    Handbound notebooks

  247. 252

    Love to make something for a gift…so meaningful!

  248. 253

    Oh my gosh, this is fabulous!! While I would love to stock up on some gifts to give this Christmas, to be honest it would be so nice to get some fun gifts for me for once!!

    My favorite gift to give is usually something I’ve knit- like a cowl or hand/wrist warmers, or a small something. I have been wanting a bubble necklace, so fun! And Ivy and I need new poppy pins!!!


  249. 254

    My favorite gift is vintage toys from the era of the receiver. I purchased a 1980’s Pillow People for my sister a few years back and a 1960’s Barbie kitchen that my mom had when she was young. These gifts can be found on ebay and the memories that it brings back for the receiver are awesome!

  250. 255

    My favorite things to give away are little handknits or handmade barrettes. I keep a supply of baby hats around to toss in with a meal for a family with a new little one.

  251. 256

    So many adorable things in this basket. I love the Rise and Shine print. I have it written on a chalkboard but would love the print. Everything is awesome! I like to find meaningful gifts for my loved ones. I pick things out individually for each person and really try to find something special. There are so many wonderful choices in this basket.

  252. 257
    lindsey williamson says:

    I love the rise and shine print!

  253. 258
    Megan Purdy says:

    Great items in this basket!

  254. 259

    Love Washi tape…had no idea Target sold it.
    Thanks for the generous give a way.

  255. 260

    I like giving something homemade…

  256. 261

    My favourite gift to give is anything that I have created myself especially for the person in question – it just says that little bit more about how special they are to me.

  257. 262

    You’ve put together such a great basket! I love how colorful it is.

  258. 263

    I love the foldover clutch you made!

  259. 264

    That washi tape – I can’t find it & I want it :)

  260. 265

    What darling items, and the colors are so cheery!

  261. 266

    I love to make things to give.

  262. 267
    Laura Stanley says:

    This is such a great gift basket! I usually make plates of holiday treats and cookies as gifts to my neighbors, but your favorite things would last longer. Thanks for sharing!

  263. 268

    My sister and I exchange surprise packs of crafting supplies. It is soooo much fun!

  264. 269

    Amazing gift basket! ;)
    And about me – I love giving magazine subscriptions.

  265. 270

    My favorite gift would be at christmas time because we make holiday treats for family and neighbors

  266. 271

    Facebook fan

  267. 272

    Pinterest follower

  268. 273

    Love the turquoise necklace.

  269. 274

    I love to give matryoshka measuring cups as gifts.

  270. 275

    *LOVE* it *ALL*

  271. 276
    Sue Welsh says:

    I cannot get enough Washi tape…love the ideas you have put together.

  272. 277

    I love anything handmade!!!

  273. 278

    I like to give a piece of jewelry, because most people I give to won’t buy it for themselves

  274. 279

    My favorite gift to give is home baked fruit mince tartlets

  275. 280

    I love to give stationary and other paper products!

  276. 281

    This ROCKS! Thanks for the opportunity Linds!

  277. 282
    Denise Terry says:

    I love to give gifts that support small business! Especially businesses of moms like me. Love your basket!

  278. 283

    LOve the idea! Super cute…

  279. 284

    I really enjoy giving things that are handmade but I haven’t had much time in the past few years to do this. And I’ve learned that there are only certain people in my life who actually appreciate something handmade.

  280. 285

    I love giving something personal and funny!

  281. 286

    my fav gifts to give are Fuzzy socks or Coffe mugs with coffee or tea depending on the person preference. Oh or a bookstore gift certificate :)

  282. 287

    So fun, I’ve never won a blog gift ever so this would be fun! I love to give handmade gifts, all sorts of them!

  283. 288
    Staci Lusk says:

    Super cute; would love to win!!

  284. 289

    I like to give homemade gel air fresheners.

  285. 290

    To kids-clothes or books

  286. 291

    what an awesome gift basket!! i love the washi tape from target! they have it in yellows and oranges too! i have the whole target washi tape rainbow. lol. thanks for the giveaway!!

  287. 292

    I like to give fun and practical gifts.

  288. 293
    Maggie Delancey says:

    I love making handmade knit Christmas Stockings

  289. 294

    What a great basket of ideas! Love your shop! And cute wrapping paper from Target! I love nontraditional paper!

  290. 295


  291. 296

    Candles are always a perfect gift.

  292. 297
    Michele C says:

    I love giving homemade gifts

  293. 298

    I love to give fun gifts. Movies, board games, candy, jewelry….anything I love :)

  294. 299

    Candles make a perfect gift.

  295. 300

    Such a fun, sweet basket!

  296. 301

    Oh my what a fun basket. Love getting and giving homemade gifts.

  297. 302

    The pattern on the clutch is so cute!! I love it!

  298. 303

    I love to give soft, warm scarves!

  299. 304

    I love to give homemade jams. I make loads of peach jam every summer and then gift it at Christmas!

  300. 305

    I love to give Cocoa Butter from The Body Shop, and I love to give a pretty scarf.

  301. 306
    Susan Stitch says:

    My favorite gift to give is a basket or box full of assorted wrapping paper, ribbons, and cards. I’ve never found gift wrap in the Target dollar section…I’ll have to look harder! This gift was given to me one time and it was so fun to have a variety of wrapping ideas whenever I needed it, so now I give it out!

  302. 307

    I really enjoy giving gifts that I have made! Everyone loves a handmade gift!

  303. 308

    Homemade truffles or goodie baskets like you

  304. 309

    I love to give experiences – like tickets to a play, or a dinner, or a mini vacation!

  305. 310

    I love to give tea towels and yours are gorgeous!

  306. 311

    What a fun site!!!!

  307. 312

    what fun items!

  308. 313

    I love to give Starbucks GC’s to the teachers!

  309. 314

    I LOVE the bubble necklace! I love giving handmade things like little zipper pouches I make.

  310. 315

    love to give Trapp candles – Holiday scent is my favorite!

  311. 316

    How fun! Love your blog, keep up the good work :)

  312. 317

    Great giveaway

  313. 318

    Love all your choices, I’m a huge fan of dollar section of Target, too!

  314. 319

    I just love giving gifts that the receivee loves!

  315. 320


  316. 321
    Danielle Brown says:

    I like giving family pictures

  317. 322

    I love giving handcrafted notecards as gifts. I personalize them and add a cute little “handmade by jane” note.

  318. 323

    I love everything in the basket! It looks amazing! I especially love the necklace!

  319. 324
    Rachel M. says:

    I love target wrapping paper, too! And I love giving books as gifts. Fun giveaway, thanks!

  320. 325
    Angela Calvert says:

    I do love to put burts bee in the stockings

  321. 326

    My favorite gift to give is pictures- canvas wraps, gallery wall stuff etc…

  322. 327

    I love to give books but I have been getting so many great ideas from all of the baskets. Thank you to all of you for sharing your favorites.

  323. 328

    my favorite gift to give is food! cake, cookies, somethign like that!

  324. 329

    Love the basket of goodies!

  325. 330
    Ashley Kirkpatrick says:

    I love love love favorite things lists! How fun and exciting (:

  326. 331

    love it all! Been wanting that Rise and Shine!!!

  327. 332

    I love to give homemade things. crochet hats for kids, Jams and treats from the kitchen, free babysitting (always a big one for us) Gifts made with love and from the heart.

  328. 333

    Love this basket! And I thought the Target gift wrap was my little secret ;-) I check there seasonally for cute styles. And you are right about the size being absolutely perfect!

  329. 334
    karen andrews says:

    I like to give seasonal gifts that tie in with the season or holiday or ocassion!

  330. 335
    Christina says:

    I love giving homemade goodies!!

  331. 336

    I love to give handmade gifts & gift cards. Great giveaway – thank you!

  332. 337

    I like to give a gift card our local family owned coffee shop. They make the best homemade scones!

  333. 338

    Cute things in this giveaway. I love that clutch! I can see why they are popular on your site!

  334. 339

    Love the whole basket,very cute!! :)

  335. 340

    I love your basket!

  336. 341

    made a correction to my email address. I love your pics and your style!

  337. 342

    I love how this really captures your personality, and I appreciate that there are bargains for every day people on a budget, too!

  338. 343

    i feel like i always give scarves or earrings. and candles. everyone loves candles.

  339. 344

    I love giving gift cards. I know it may seem impersonal, but I know that the person will get exactly what they want or need.

  340. 345

    i love to give hand made items or gift cards. completely personal or impersonal, lol.

  341. 346

    I LOVE gifting handmade :) So this giveaway is right up my alley :) Thank you!

  342. 347

    Thanks for the chance to win! I love to give something that the recipient wouldn’t do for themselves. Like a starbucks giftcard, manicure, special chocolates, etc.

  343. 348

    I love giving books, wrapped in tulle. Also enjoy doing edibles.. like bread, dinner, desserts, etc. Love your favorite things basket, so fun as always!

  344. 349
    Sa strittmatter says:

    Handmade home made scarves

  345. 350
    Kelly Hicks says:

    such cute things in this basket. i love baking for friends and family! :)

  346. 351
    Josanne M. says:

    I love giving handmade jewelry or baked goodies

  347. 352

    I don’t have a favorite gift to give. In fact, I really struggle with finding the right gifts every year!

  348. 353

    I love your tea towels, very cute!!

  349. 354
    LeeAnn Clawson says:

    My favorite gift to give is usually something personalized. I just LOVE monogrammed items! And your giveaway basket is to DIE FOR!! I love it all!!

  350. 355

    If I need to give a gift, the first stop is usually Bath and Body Works. You can’t go wrong, and if you do, they will exchange the scent.

  351. 356

    Love your basket! Such personality. :)

  352. 357

    Gift cards!

  353. 358

    ***My favorite gift to give is a plate of homemade cinnamon rolls. They leave people so happy they’re comatose. :)

  354. 359

    Homemade gifts are the best, but if it is something bought I love to give Bath and Body Works 3 wick candles.

  355. 360

    Love this idea

  356. 361

    What a beautiful set of favorite things! That necklace is gorgeous and I love the tea towel!

  357. 362

    I love to give clothes as gifts. :)

  358. 363

    I love the print! What a lovely reminder.

  359. 364

    Gift cards or something I have made

  360. 365

    Lately, for a small little gift I have been making those cute colored elastic hair ties and putting them on a cute card.

  361. 366

    love your basket, Lindsey! one of my favorite things to give is baked goods wrapped up in a cute tea towel! :)

  362. 367

    love this!!

    i love to give foodie things myself… hot coco!!! cinnamon sticks!!! mmm!

  363. 368

    I love to give food!

  364. 369

    Love giving handmade things!!

  365. 370
    becky bailey says:

    what a great basket of such fun things!!

  366. 371

    I love giving chocolate and fun jewelry. :)

  367. 372

    Your basket is adorable! I love everything in it.

    My favorite gift to give is jewelry from Target because they always get it right!

  368. 373

    I love giving cute pictures in customized, personalized frames!

  369. 374
    Jenny McDaniel says:

    I love to give away homemade gifts! They are so much more personal that way!

  370. 375

    The basket is adorable and I LOVE the colors.

    I love to give an ornament at christmas. Every year I give my sister a new one.

  371. 376

    Nivea Lip Care – A Kiss of Shimmer is a great stocking stuffer!

  372. 377

    I try and do homemade items, but sometimes it is so hard to not re-do what you have already done! Great gifts in the basket!

  373. 378

    I love your basket and all the fun colors! I love giving candles as gifts!

  374. 379

    A few of my favorite gifts to give (and receive) are boot socks, Pangea Organics lip balm and gift cards.

  375. 380
    Jenn Khurshid says:

    How fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

  376. 381

    I like to give away homemade gifts – especially holiday treats.

  377. 382

    I have a smile on my lips when I visit your blog!!! Keep up the good work!

  378. 383

    My favorite gift to give is handmade gift–usually it’s a scrapbook or a food item.

  379. 384

    I love the tea towel!

  380. 385

    I love giving baskets with unique gifts of things I personally love. Love your blog!

  381. 386

    anything homemade! it is way more thoughtful! i have seen a pin lately about making smell good stuff for on top of the stove and putting it in a neat mason jar with decorations that i really want to do this holiday season!

  382. 387
    Becky Greene says:

    I love to make small hand-sewn items for familiy and friends.

  383. 388

    I love to give gifts that have a purpose and a use so that the receiver can get a lot of use out of it.

  384. 389

    I love giving the gift of photos!

  385. 390

    I love to make things (like homemde bread) & package it in a cute way.

  386. 391

    My favorite gifts to give are things I’ve created myself. Last year for Mother’s Day, I made my mom a bird nest necklace with three beautiful robin’s egg blue beads to represent my two sister’s & I. Ironically, my mom’s name is Robin.

  387. 392
    Kristi Wolff says:

    I love to give Thirty-One products as gifts!

  388. 393
    Lina Correa says:

    The yearly craft I make with my son for him to give as gifts

  389. 394

    I love to give gift cards! :)

  390. 395

    i love giving personalized gifts

  391. 396

    I try to think of gifts that the recipient wouldn’t think of purchasing themselves. For that reason, I rarely buy off of a person’s “list.” I try to be fun and imaginative!

  392. 397

    I L.O.V.E. your gift basket, it’s full of happiness and COLOR!! The Popsicle dishtowel is adorable and of course I love the fold over clutch and the bubble statement necklace!!!

  393. 398
    Carolyn W says:

    I love it all! Keeping my fingers crossed! :)

  394. 399

    Oh!! I love the ideas. So colorful and encouraging. Love the tea towel, especially! I’ve been looking for cute towels to include with gifts. I’m bookmarking your shop. :)

  395. 400

    I love to consumable items, whether gift certificates or homemade treats. I think it is great not to add to other people’s clutter with gifts and I reallythink about what each person would enjoy, not what is on sale or easy to make!

  396. 401
    Michelle Engbers says:

    Such pretty things! Thanks for a chance to win!

  397. 402

    I love gifting special food items!

  398. 403

    Since we live in Ireland, we like to give Oxfam gifts to our friends and family. We’ve bought a goat for a family in the Philippines, chicks, piglets, and school supplies for children in Africa. It is a great way to give to the people in your life who don’t need anything, and both be blessed by giving to a person who has real needs.

  399. 404

    I love to give baskets full of fun stuff, similar to this!! Crafty & home decor type items!

  400. 405

    Your basket is so happy and colorful! I love it!

    My favorite thing to give is fun jewelry to the women in my life. I love finding unique items for the ladies.

  401. 406

    Beautiful as always Lindsey! Love the bubble necklace still!

  402. 407

    My favorite gift to give is a handmade one.

  403. 408

    What a wonderful giveaway… I just love it all! It would be amazing to win… thank you for the opportunity! Happy Monday! : )

  404. 409

    What fun! And perfect timing…just started going through my Christmas notebook making gift lists this weekend! Thank you!

  405. 410

    Such a cute basket!

  406. 411

    I’m thinking your favorites are becoming my favorites! Thanks for the great ideas!

  407. 412

    I love to give the gifts that people want!

  408. 413

    I love to give homemade hot chocolate mix and fun mugs. Encouraging the curling up!

  409. 414

    i love anything burt’s bees! especially the smell of the wash on my wee one! :)

  410. 415
    Suzanne G. says:

    So neat:)

  411. 416

    I love giving books and I like giving handmade things.

  412. 417

    I love the towel

  413. 418

    Love everything in this gift basket! the small dollar wrapping paper rolls from target and michaels are my favorite things for spicing up picture frames, backs of bookshelves, and all kinds of other great DIY projects!!

  414. 419
    Karisti Gardner says:

    This basket is darling! I love the dish towel! So cute!

  415. 420

    I love to give something homemade – like cupcakes or a wristlet keychain

  416. 421
    Tracie B. says:

    I love giving Starbucks gift cards!

  417. 422

    I love giving cooking items. Most of my family loves to cook

  418. 423

    Love it!

  419. 424

    I love washi tape!!!

  420. 425
    Amanda Allen says:

    This is so fun! I don’t really have a favorite thing to give… but I guess I should find something!

  421. 426

    I love to give wine :)

  422. 427

    Adore this collection of favorites.

  423. 428

    Fun giveaway!

  424. 429

    I love to give baked goods!

  425. 430

    Love giving magazine subscriptions

  426. 431

    love to give candles!

  427. 432

    I love to give gifts period. Doesn’t matter what it is just love to give of what I have in a creative way!

  428. 433

    I love to give candles and earrings!

  429. 434

    I love to give handmade soap with a cute soap dish.

  430. 435

    I love to give baked goods or beauty products! :)

  431. 436

    I love to help my kids make gifts for their grandparents – sadly, I’m not very crafty.

  432. 437

    I love to make and give desserts as gifts.

  433. 438

    My favorite gift to give is anything homemade! It makes the gift so much more meaningful and personal!!

  434. 439
    Jessica B says:

    Love little stuff!

  435. 440

    I love to give anything handmade!

  436. 441

    I love to make homemade gifts for people. And/or have my girl do artwork for the grandparents!

  437. 442

    I love to give personalized photo books and gifts.

  438. 443
    Blair Vorbeck says:

    Love giving american made/handmade items. Toys made from recycled plastics, baskets full of small items to create one big gift.

  439. 444

    That necklace is amazing! Love the print too!! Thanks lady for all the generosity!

  440. 445

    Those bubble necklaces are just so cute, and I’ve been seeing them everywhere

  441. 446

    I’m a sucker for giving gift cards.

  442. 447

    I love all of that!

  443. 448

    Such a darling basket! love the necklace!

  444. 449

    Such cute stuff. I would love to win!

  445. 450
    Ashleigh Winkler says:

    I love giving personal and thoughtful gifts

  446. 451

    I like to give a bag of nice coffee and a mug.

  447. 452

    I like to make a littlenapron and toss in some baking goodiesnforngifts.

  448. 453

    I love to give pretty notecards especially to all my kids’ teachers!! love your gift basket ideas, so bright and cheery

  449. 454
    Andi B Robbins says:

    I love to crochet and sew so I like to give something handmade!

  450. 455

    loving that notepad! everything is amazing! thanks!

  451. 456

    Love the tea towel!

  452. 457

    Love to give homemade items or personalized items!

  453. 458

    A good book

  454. 459

    My favorite gift to give is anything homemade. I recently hand embroidered “I love you” and “I love you too” onto pillow cases and gave it to my friends at their wedding. That was a pretty cute gift.

  455. 460
    Anne Luhmann says:

    Fun! I like to give gift cards! Haha!

  456. 461

    I have a favorite type of gift…books. I love the challenge of finding just the right book for each person.

  457. 462

    I love to give baked goods as a gift. It tells my friends and family that I love them so much I took the time to make something from scratch.

  458. 463

    Been a follower of your blog for sometime. Giveaway looks great! Thanks

  459. 464

    I love to give [and receive] homemade gifts!

  460. 465

    I don’t really have a favorite gift to give. But this year I am giving away brownie mix and jam. :) It’s fun to make something for someone. :)

  461. 466

    Thanks for the opportunity — I’d be standing on my head upside down kind of happy to win anyone’s generous baskets!

  462. 467
    Meredith W. says:

    I love to give homemade bread. It freezes great, so if they’re overwhelmed with baked goods, it’s a happy freezer find a month later.

  463. 468

    love this! love the Rise And Shine sign the best!

  464. 469

    Beautiful basket, full of color and wonderful stuff!!

  465. 470

    I love to give a sweet treat!

  466. 471

    Starbucks gift cards are an easy gift in a pinch.

  467. 472

    I’m really hoping to do some homemade gift-giving this Christmas. Thanks for all the links, and for the giveaway too!

  468. 473

    How fun, thanks for the chance to win!

  469. 474

    Tried to leave a comment before, not sure if it went through…. I love those bubble necklaces, but am too chicken to buy one and wear it incase I look weird. Maybe if I win one I will get the guts to wear it! :)

  470. 475

    i love to give books! I can’t wait to have my son open his 12 Christmas books :)

  471. 476
    Jessica T. says:

    I love giving iTunes money. Easy and everyone loves it! :)

  472. 477
    Jenna Tracy says:

    I love to give anything handmade :)

  473. 478

    I love giving address stamps and cute stationary!

  474. 479

    I think my favorite go to gift for sister/ girlfriends is scarves. I mean, who doesn’t like em?!!

    And what a fun giveaway… I love your basket!!!

    Vera :)

  475. 480

    I love giving handmade gifts!!

  476. 481

    These baskets are full of such great ideas! I would snatch up everything I could. Would love to gift these and keep some for myself as well!

  477. 482

    i’m doing lots of handmade gifts this year. i also love to give gifts from noonday and mercy house. :]

  478. 483

    I love to give homemade gifts, like blankets/quilts and scarves.

  479. 484

    i like to give homemade dish cloths and gift cards

  480. 485

    I like to give homeade stamped necklaces tailored to my recipient’s family, interests, etc.

  481. 486
    Camille Pantier says:

    Love the tea towel! Love it all!

  482. 487
    Kaitlyn Martin says:

    Your basket is the cutest! I LOVE everything in it :-)

  483. 488

    How fun and cute!

  484. 489

    for all year round, flowers are the easy way to go. for the holidays i like to get something specific for each person

  485. 490
    kellie harmon says:

    I love the colors there fun, cute basket

  486. 491

    I like to make food baskets!

  487. 492

    love everything about this basket!

  488. 493

    crocheted afghans

  489. 494
    Lisa Garner says:

    Love the basket – thanks for the opportunity for it to come live with me (:

  490. 495

    Anything to do with fragrance. Candles, tart warmers, lotions, soaps

  491. 496

    I love to give candles or homemade things.

  492. 497

    So fun!

  493. 498

    Great basket! Love the necklace.

  494. 499

    I like to give pretzel rolo turtles. Easy and yummy!

  495. 500

    Love all of your pics…especially love that a few of them are $1 finds! :)

  496. 501

    i like to give anything homemade…just depends on what’s caught my eye at the time!

  497. 502

    I make super easy key fobs for simple presents for my girlfriends. Love them. :)

  498. 503

    Oh I am loving that necklace!

  499. 504

    I love to personalize gifts whether it is a monogrammed scarf or a basket of goodies

  500. 505

    Love your basket! It would be perfect for a gift or just for me ;)

  501. 506

    I like to give something small and handmade along with a store bought gift. Something like a bookmark or cosmetic bag. :)

  502. 507

    Love everything especially that great necklace!!!!!

  503. 508

    I love to give gifts that go with hobbies and interests, to show I know the person I’m gifting.

  504. 509

    What a great basket!

  505. 510

    My favorite gift to give… that’s hard! I love giving lots of cute little things instead of one big thing. Thanks for the giveaway!

  506. 511

    I love giving handmade gifts. This year I’m making hand embroidery family trees for the special folks in my life!

  507. 512

    I love giving handmade gifts. Something that I know will fit well with their home.

  508. 513

    Great pics! I love all of the items! Would be thrilled to win!

    I love to give any kind of gift! The whole process from the sleuthing to the wrapping is lots of fun for me :)

  509. 514
    Dori Mosher says:

    Love the beautiful necklace. God bless you!

  510. 515

    So many things to love. Love the clutch!

  511. 516

    Love it all!!

  512. 517

    Great giveaway!

  513. 518
    Danielle Johnson says:

    I love to give candles and coffee!

  514. 519

    This year, my favorite gift to give is going to be Enstrom’s toffee. It is to DIE FOR.

  515. 520

    I love to give away baking items; dishes, utinsles and include a brownie mix

  516. 521

    I love the necklace and I love groopdealz.

  517. 522

    I love to give homemade cookies as gifts to people. It shows that I have thought about them. :D

  518. 523

    I love to give photos that I take

  519. 524
    nichole lizak says:

    i love giving anything handmade!

  520. 525

    wow… what an awesome gift basket! loving those posey pins and the washi tape.

  521. 526
    Elizabeth FIelds says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your favorite things!

  522. 527

    Love the basket! So pretty!

  523. 528

    Love it all!

  524. 529

    Such a stinkin’ cute collection of loveliness! Toss my name in the proverbial hat, please!

  525. 530

    My favorite gift to give is something handmade. I make something handmade for each of my nieces and nephews. It’s almost an tradition. Wow awesome bunch of goodies.

  526. 531
    CArrie Eastman says:

    Love your basket!!

  527. 532

    I love to give homemade things – this is giving me great ideas!

  528. 533

    love your ideas!

  529. 534

    Love your bright spirit-filled goody basket, Lindsey! My favorite gift to give is labor – maybe helping mom clean out the garden or gifting my sibling with a night of babysitting.

  530. 535

    I love the tea towel! So cute!

  531. 536

    I like to gift candles, everyone loves them!

  532. 537

    wow…such beautiful stuff!

  533. 538

    Great gift basket…I love that necklace!

  534. 539

    I love giving and getting restaurant and movie gift certificates!

  535. 540

    I love giving books or anything homemade.

  536. 541

    Fun, would love to win!

  537. 542

    Love, love, love your gift ideas!!!

  538. 543

    I would like it all such good cute stuff!

  539. 544

    Such cute stuff- I love it all!

  540. 545

    I love giving soft blankets.

  541. 546
    debbie faunce says:

    all your ideas are great. going to try the tea towel gift idea for the girls at work’

  542. 547

    I love your style!

  543. 548

    I love to give little gift baskets in cute re-usable canvas shopping bags (who doesn’t need more of those?). I try to include stuff that someone may not purchase for themselves like luxury soaps, lindt truffles, spa gift card, gift card to favorite store, etc.

  544. 549

    What a fun idea! LOVE!

  545. 550

    Would LOVE to win! Love all of your favorite things!

  546. 551

    I love giving and receiving scarves! They spruce up any outfit!

  547. 552

    my favorite gifts to give are handmade gifts!

  548. 553

    I love giving dresses I’ve made to my daughter’s friends.

  549. 554

    my favorite gift to give is spices from Penzey’s

  550. 555

    love all of your stuff! that tea towel is precious!

  551. 556

    I love giving anything handmade. They show sincerity :)

  552. 557

    I love giving homemade gifts that me & my kids make!!

  553. 558

    I love this basket!! Last year I learned how to knit. So I have loved to send scarfs and hats to family and friends!! :)

  554. 559

    Love your favorites!!!

  555. 560

    I love giving presents to my loved ones. I try to do my best to figure out what they want (or what they don’t know they want). My go-to gifts are books and CDs.

  556. 561

    I love to give gifts to our friends and family. I think the best gifts to give are those that have been thought about and given out of love. It’s much more fun that way

  557. 562

    I love giving coasters!

  558. 563
    Melissa Droegemueller says:

    I love giving consumable gifts! :)

  559. 564
    Jennifer Bunderson says:

    I love giving cookies:) and amazon gift cards :)

  560. 565

    Such a great gift basket! Love it all. :)

  561. 566

    I love giving popcorn & movie baskets.

  562. 567
    Amy Merrill says:

    This is SO FUN! Love all your favs. I love giving thoughtful, unique to the individual gifts (though it can be hard sometimes).

  563. 568

    I think your basket is MY favey fave! ;) the colors are fab! I love giving handmade gifts but the have to be cutsie!!

  564. 569

    Awesome giveaway! My favorite gift to give is Homemade mixes in a jar.

  565. 570

    How fun – your stuff is always so super cute!

  566. 571

    I love to give books :)

  567. 572
    Briann neeley says:

    I love giving jewelry

  568. 573

    I love giving anything homemade. While it may not be the fanciest, most expensive gift, most people are so excited to receive something that they know you put the thought and time in to.

  569. 574

    My favorite gift to give is one that is chosen very specifically for the recipient.

  570. 575

    I like to give pretty journals or note cards…

  571. 576

    I forgot to add that I love giving cute/different coffee mugs with a Starbucks gift card. :)

  572. 577

    My favorite gift to give is homemade candy.

  573. 578

    I love trying to give individual, unique gifts–I love your basket, especially the clutch!

  574. 579

    How fun! Would love to give some of these as gifts!

  575. 580

    Your basket is so cute! This is such a fun contest!

  576. 581

    Hands down my favorite gift to give is a framed picture of me and that particular person having a good time!

  577. 582

    I love to give things that the person wouldn’t expect but would love!

  578. 583
    Nicole-Lynn says:

    Great bag of favorites! I like to give personalized thank you notes to friends. They always seem very appreicative and like that I’ve thought to make them personalized.

    New email subscriber!


  579. 584

    I love to give handmade items. They change from year to year, but I love to pick a little project each Christmas and make It for everyone that year.

  580. 585

    I love giving something that reminds them of their childhood

  581. 586

    I love giving yummy smelling soaps as gifts…they’re the type of thing that no one buys for themselves, but everyone appreciates!

  582. 587

    What a lovely, colorful gift!! Fingers crossed…

  583. 588

    i like to give snacks

  584. 589
    Amy Jones#8546 says:

    Very cute basket….would love to win this one.

  585. 590

    I love to give handmade gifts. Picking out the perfect fabric for someone makes me giddy!

  586. 591

    Super cute basket! Love the necklace!

  587. 592

    Live giving books and candles

  588. 593

    I love giving gifts that I’ve made. This is a really great basket!

  589. 594

    Great ideas and beautiful necklace!

  590. 595
    Kristin PG says:

    I really love that print also! It’s so cute and I agree, a great reminder.

  591. 596

    I love to give gifts with thought behind them, like children’s books with a handwritten inscription.

  592. 597

    Very cute and fun basket.

  593. 598

    my fav gift to give is a scarf and gloves

  594. 599

    Love the basket!!!

  595. 600

    Love the bubble necklace! They are so popular now. Actually there isn’t a thing in your basket that I don’t love.

    Thanks for the generous offer of the give away!

  596. 601

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  597. 602

    Love everything!

  598. 603

    Everything is so pretty and colorful! Love it!

  599. 604
  600. 605

    My favorite gift to give is spa bath supplies.

  601. 606

    iTunes gift cards.

  602. 607
    Annalisa C. says:

    I love to give gifts that have meaning to the recipient. That way you know they’ll actually keep and use them!

  603. 608

    I love this basket!!

  604. 609

    your basket looks great!

  605. 610
    Carla Hundley says:

    So much fun! Love it. I’d love to win your

    Carla from Utah

  606. 611

    I love to give something that is meaningful to the person whether it is just them or something meaningful between us…I want them to know how much they mean to me! Thanks for a fab giveaway!

  607. 612
    Sarah Barrett says:

    Nice basket! I love the bubble necklace.

  608. 613

    I love to give pretty paper napkins. It’s a fun splurge, but it’s also something they can use up…so they don’t feel obligated to keep it forever. :o)

  609. 614

    I love giving photo books! They’re so fun to make and my family members love them!

  610. 615

    I love to give spices and anything cooking related with a homemade gift be it cookies, bread or popcorn.

  611. 616

    I love it all! Especially the homeade stuff

  612. 617

    I love to give away homemade treats

  613. 618

    So much fun. I love all that color!

  614. 619

    so very cute and fun! love sharing homemade baked goods and treats, scripture cards, and stationary.

  615. 620

    I love giving things to do a diy pedicure

  616. 621

    I love to give handmade if possible. Or something the person has mentioned throughout that year that I try to remember!

  617. 622

    I love to give homemade honey lavender caramels as gifts. Also personalized mugs.
    Great giveaway!

  618. 623

    great basket!! (:

  619. 624
    Lisa Besancon says:

    So excited about this giveaway!!

  620. 625
    Lisa Besancon says:

    LOVE this giveaway!! So cute!

  621. 626

    love this idea!

  622. 627

    I love to give gift baskets filled with personalized items! I would love to win yours!

  623. 628

    I like to give personalized gifts or something they enjoy such as a hobby.

  624. 629

    my fav gift is books and magazine subscriptions

  625. 630
    Janelle Reyes says:

    OMGosh~ I’m going crazy over this basket… great stuff!

  626. 631

    I love to give experiences…like a trip to the ice skating rink, or a movie.

  627. 632

    Things that are personal to someone’s current needs. Something that will bring some joy or little pick me up in all of life’s chaos.

  628. 633

    I love to give Mrs. MEyers products, not only are they pretty they smell delightful!

  629. 634

    Love everything in your basket. Love all of the bright colors. They just make me happy!!!!
    My favorite gift to give is my time. I love being able to help someone else!

  630. 635

    I love giving homemade gifts!

  631. 636

    I love your 25 favorite things! How fun!!!

    I always love to give a movie basket.


  632. 637

    I love the FUN tea towel.
    Thank you for putting together your gift basket!

  633. 638

    I love to give kitchen goodies and gadgets!

  634. 639

    It ALL good! Great giveaway.


  635. 640
    ahren foster says:

    what a great giveaway! everything makes me smile!

  636. 641
    ahren foster says:

    what a great giveaway! so excited!

  637. 642

    i love to give b&b works handsoaps and scarves!!!

  638. 643

    I love to give B&BW!

  639. 644
    Rachael Werth says:

    My fav gift to give is something homemade. Usually cookies

  640. 645

    love anything made by the pleated poppy~!

  641. 646

    So many adorable things :)

  642. 647

    My favorite thing to give is a mani/pedi gift basket! Complete with nail polish, foot scrub, lotion, etc. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  643. 648

    I love to give gift cards (probably because I love to receive them) :)

  644. 649

    I love to give books and homemade cinnamon rolls!

  645. 650

    I love to give card. Simple but I love it

  646. 651

    You are so darn cute! What a fun giveaway!!

  647. 652

    Love this basket! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  648. 653

    The tea towel is so cute! Mugs, candles, and books are my favorite things to give.

  649. 654


    cjbrick@ ymail.com

  650. 655

    It depends on the person… I like to put together something that the particular person really loves or will enjoy. I like to personalize gifts.

  651. 656

    I love to give gift cards and homemade yummy treats.

  652. 657

    Love the basket! Lots of great ideas! Socks and nail polish are fun to give.

  653. 658

    I love to give Scentsy bars. Only $5!

  654. 659

    My favorite gift to give is something I have baked like cookies or cupcakes.

  655. 660

    My favorite gift to give is candles!

  656. 661

    My favorite gift to give is scrapbooking supplies!! :)

  657. 662
    Jesseca Bond says:

    Such fun stuff. My goal for gifts esp this year is stuff that is different and surprising, and everything here is just that! So cute.

  658. 663
    Back for Seconds says:

    What a fun basket of goodies!

  659. 664

    i love to give handmade gifts and also little somethings that people wouldn’t normally get for themselves.

  660. 665

    I love to give people personalized gifts!

  661. 666
    Mandi Roth says:

    one of my favorite gifts to give is something personal to the person, or a gift card.

  662. 667

    I like to give candles or lotions.

  663. 668

    Oh, goodness! What wonderful goodies!! I like to give sentimental gifts at Christmas~gifts that hold special memories for my loved ones. For example, I am currently searching the internet for some vintage Putz Christmas ornaments (from the 1950’s) for my mother. They’re just like the ornaments she used to decorate her Christmas tree with as a little girl. Can’t wait to surprise her!

  664. 669

    What a cute basket! And what a great idea! I have enjoyed checking out all the other blogs.

  665. 670
    olivia tokarz says:

    This basket rocks!

  666. 671

    Favorite gifts to give are ones I’ve made myself. :)

  667. 672
    jen smith says:

    i love to give the latte bowls from anthrolpologie.

  668. 673

    I love giving handmade items. Always a unique and fun gift!

  669. 674
    Kimberly R. says:

    I love giving makeup and clothing as presents.

  670. 675

    I love giving my favorite cookbook with a kitchen tool needed to make a recipe.

  671. 676

    My favorite gift to give is something that I make. It can be a knitted scarf, photos, marble coasters with old family photos on them or a myriad number of things.

  672. 677

    Love your basket. Great collection of things.

  673. 678

    love the basket

  674. 679
    glenda ramos says:

    love all of your spiritual gifts

  675. 680

    Oh, how fun!

  676. 681

    I’ve been wanting a necklace like that.

  677. 682

    Would love that beautiful necklace!

  678. 683

    I love the “Rise and Shine” print! I know just where I would put it.

  679. 684

    I love to give tickets to an event as a gift.

  680. 685
    Becky Jones says:

    A favorite gift I love to give is a combo type gift- I love to mix foodie items with paper goods with a gift card to my recipient’s favorite store..all bundled up in prettiness :) THANKS for the lovely basket giveaway!!

  681. 686

    I love how cute this basket looks!

  682. 687

    I don’t have a favorite gift to give per se, but I do really love anything homemade or with a personal touch!

  683. 688
    Charlaine Morabito says:

    I love your basket

  684. 689

    Awesome giveaway! My sisters and I give each other stockings or as we call them, “treaty bags”! I love to put pampering and beautiful gifts in their bags.

  685. 690

    What a great idea! My family loves to put a lot of effort into our stockings, they are a favorite!!

  686. 691
    REGINA MCNEW says:

    Love that necklace and I like little notepads too.

  687. 692

    Just found your website and blog. What cute stuff!! I would love to win one of your baskets. My favorite gift to give is speciality stuff. I love finding things that you people make and you can’t get just anywhere. That can range from homemade soaps, jewelry, bags, etc. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  688. 693

    I love to give handmade jewelry :)

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  689. 694
    Sydney Lund says:

    Love the bubble necklace

  690. 695

    Sweets are my go to item. ;)

  691. 696

    Love this…I love buying some decorations or jewelery!

  692. 697

    i love to give homemade gifts :)

  693. 698

    Awesome basket! I love the necklace!

  694. 699

    My favorite gift is usually homemade food of some kind.

  695. 700

    i like to get practical gifts. things i know theyll use

  696. 701

    fun goodies!

  697. 702
    carol garcia says:

    Anything that is personalized . I love knowing that its one of a kind.

  698. 703
    Shannon Lotz says:

    How fun!

  699. 704

    Jewelry, paper products and music!

  700. 705
    susan candland says:

    the gift that i get the most rave reviews (and requests for) is photo calendars

  701. 706

    Love the basket! I don’t really have a favorite gift to give for holidays…seems like everyone I give to is so different!

  702. 707

    I do love to give candles as a hostess gift. I try to make them pretty by adding a ribbon or something special. I also love to give anything from Anthropologie, I figure if I love it they will too!

  703. 708

    I love the items in your basket! Such a good reflection of you and your shop.
    I love giving handmade gifts as well but mine are not near the quality as yours!

  704. 709

    I love all the colors of the items in the gift basket. They make me smile just looking at them. Thanks!

  705. 710

    We love giving food or anything homemade for Christmas!

  706. 711
    Ashley Sikayun says:

    I love Burt’s Bees! I like giving yummy treats or handmade gifts.

  707. 712

    I like giving anything that I have made that clearly has a lot of thought of that person in mind. It doesn’t have to be big just thoughtful.

  708. 713

    I love to give Shutterfly albums to grandparents.

  709. 714

    I like to give homemade cookies and candies

  710. 715

    I love giving a nice frame and a couple of printables I’ve found via Pinterest. It’s a nice fairly inexpensive gift and if the printable doesn’t fit their taste, they still have a nice frame to use!

  711. 716
    carmen mcmillian says:

    my favorite gifts to give are homemade!

  712. 717

    I like to give personalized gifts.

  713. 718

    LOVE these items!!! Wish I could sew! :(

  714. 719
    Racquel S says:

    I love to give gift baskets w/ themes that fit the recipient!

  715. 720

    I love to give anything from Charming Charlies or Bath & Body Works

  716. 721

    I love to give custom made last name signs.
    I use pictures of letters I’ve taken and create a one of a kind family name sign, matted and framed of course!!
    They always seem to be a big hit!

  717. 722
    Taya Chiniquy says:

    Anything Homemade!

  718. 723
    Tina Paulson says:

    One of my favorite gifts to give lately is the pencil pouches. I am obsessed with them actually because they are ideal for that time of the month, lip gloss, work bags, etc…. perfect!!!!! And I have to say, I am a sucker for the “dollar bins” at both Target and Michaels – one of my bff’s and I send packages all the time with those treats! :)

  719. 724

    Love photo and personalized gifts.

  720. 725

    I love the bubble necklace!

  721. 726

    a journal with colorful pens

  722. 727

    I’ve loved your blog for a long time… such a fun giveaway!

  723. 728

    i like giving jewelry

  724. 729

    Great giveaway, thanks for the chance to win. I love to give gift cards along with a little something to personalize it a bit.

  725. 730
    Rebekah Stockton says:

    I don’t necessarily have a favorite gift, but I do prefer the homemade variety.

  726. 731

    I love to give homemade gifts!

  727. 732

    I like to give something personal but a quick gift I turn to is lottery tickets.

  728. 733
    Shelby N. says:

    homemade gifts!

  729. 734
    Elyssa McDowell says:

    Loving everything in this basket! You have great taste! I’ve been wanting a bubble necklace for awhile now, so I’d love to win!

  730. 735

    Love the tea towel and the necklace. Fun accessories are the best gifts!

  731. 736

    I like Starbucks gift cards in coffee mugs with homemade cookies!

  732. 737

    Cute basket! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  733. 738
    Katie Williams says:

    I love to give scarves, Jamba Juice GC and lindt chocolate!

  734. 739

    I’m the queen of themed gift baskets – it’s the teacher in me I think!

  735. 740