craft weekend

craft weekend.

where do i even start?  the weekend joy and i spent in kansas was nothing less than amazing.  maybe it was because i needed it more than i realized?  i have definitely been feeling a lack of inspiration lately, and i was like a dry sponge.  i was able to soak up meg’s house and just absorb all i could.  i am definitely visually stimulated and i am so happy when things are aesthetically pleasing so this house was a treat for me.  ok, enough rambling, just see for yourself.

whatever craft weekend

 years ago, before i even read meg’s blog, i stumbled upon pictures of her house.  which i poured over.  and made sean look at, too.

i loved loved loved the idea of putting globes above my kitchen cabinets.  i put my thrift-store-loving mom on that task and she met the challenge!

anyway, i love meg’s kitchen.  i mean look at that island!  i thought mine was huge and her’s is twice as big!

whatever craft weekend

i spent a lot of time at this coffee station.  morning.  afternoon. evening.  after midnight.  a lot of time ;)

whatever craft weekend

 with all of kimberlee’s amazing cooking, i didn’t need those big red letters telling me to “EAT” , but they sure are cute!

whatever craft weekend

 2 gigantic tables smacked up together for one HUGE dining table!

whatever craft weekend

 filled with a rainbow of colorful chairs and happy bunting strung across the room

whatever craft weekend

 all the happy colors were so inspiring!  as soon as i got home i started rearranging my house!

whatever craft weekend


whatever craft weekend

 each of the bedrooms were filled with cozy beds, outfitted with vintage quilts or chenille coverlets.

whatever craft weekend

 and each bed was topped with a fluffy towel.  staying at meg’s for craft weekend was better than staying at a hotel.   it felt like home.  but without all the responsibilities!

whatever craft weekend

i loved all the light pouring into each of the rooms.  the brightness fooled you into thinking it wasn’t 15* outside!

whatever craft weekend

 painted furniture, bright lamps, fun quilts, and a collection of hoop art = happy

whatever craft weekend

 i love the idea of recovering lampshades in awesome fabric!

whatever craft weekend

chippy furniture is my favorite!

whatever craft weekend

i love this bathroom! honeycomb tiles, striped curtain, a pink chippy chair.

whatever craft weekend


whatever craft weekend


whatever craft weekend

 have you noticed all the katie daisy prints around the house?  if i had more wall space i think i would own half of her shop!

whatever craft weekend

 this garland is such a crazy mix of random!

whatever craft weekend


whatever craft weekend

 happiest bed in the house.  turquoise with bits of red in the quilt :)

whatever craft weekend

 this was a new piece of furniture for meg and i got to help fill it with craft supplies!

whatever craft weekend


whatever craft weekend


whatever craft weekend

 meg has a pretty awesome stash of fabric that we all used for our ruffled aprons.  there was something for everyone there!

whatever craft weekend

i love this paper doily and ruffled trim bunting!

whatever craft weekend

the snack station

whatever craft weekend

aaaand the craft room.  the crazy long craft room.

whatever craft weekend

 all the wonderful goodies from the sponsors (more on these in a couple days!)

whatever craft weekend


whatever craft weekend


whatever craft weekend

 a room filled with bunting and artwork and party lights is a great place for inspiration

whatever craft weekend

the second day we cleared off the buckets of fabric and filled the tables with paint and canvases for the crafts that joy and i taught.

whatever craft weekend

 all of the ladies at craft weekend were so fun and so nice.  and crafty!

whatever craft weekend

 joy taught all the ladies how to make wooden signs

whatever craft weekend

these ladies were hard workers, crafting into the wee hours of the night.

whatever craft weekend

here’s the craft i taught – i loved everyone’s take on my “inspired canvas“!

whatever craft weekend

 saturday we went thrifting for a few hours – this store was awesome!

whatever craft weekend

 quilts upon quilts upon quilts.  i almost bought one but instead brought home a globe and some ball jars.

whatever craft weekend

 joy brought home one of the woodgrain breadboxes home… as a carry-on!  we had some good laughs about that.

whatever craft weekend

 i have been eyeing this same huge scale at a local shop.  of course its not for sale, but i still want it.  if it weren’t for the large price tag and the small luggage size, this would’ve come home with me.

whatever craft weekend

this was such special time for joy and i!

whatever craft weekend

 and then we went to the barn – totally up my alley.  if it weren’t freezing cold.  sooooo icy cold!

whatever craft weekend

 i would’ve loved to bring home this cement deer to put in my yard!

whatever craft weekend

 pink & aqua sinks, be still my heart!

whatever craft weekend

again, if only i had my uhaul with, these would be home with me.

thank you meg and kimberlee for giving me what i didn’t even know i needed!  thank you to all the ladies, fellow crafters, for inspiring me to think beyond my box.  thank you joy, for helping me check off an item on my bucket list!

 want info on going to craft weekend?  just click here!


  1. 1

    Wow!! HOW can I go???

  2. 3

    What a gorgeous house, all the colours and the buntings and the art prints. I feel creative and revitalized just looking at the pictures.
    Sounds like a fabulous weekend, if only Kansas were a little closer to Nova Scotia! ;-)

  3. 4

    This house & all your pics of it are SOOO inspiring!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! What an incredible event! I would LOVE to go to something like this! Does she do this often? Where can we go for the info on it? Thank you for sharing!

  4. 6
    Kimberly Dial says:

    Thanks for sharing your weekend. The Craft House is lovely indeed. It’ was neat to see it from your perspective, your pics are great! I hope to go to Craft Weekend some day :)

  5. 7

    This home is like a magical crafters heaven! AND it’s in Kansas (my home state!)!? I can see where you had a blast and a much needed craft retreat!


  6. 8

    WOW! That is the only word….what a great idea! Where did she get all those super cute beds? Did she totally rearrange her house to host this? SOooooo worth it!!

    My friend and I do a craft DAY…must think about having a weekend…..amazing….and once again you have inspired me to get back to the creative side of myself! Thank you!

    • 9

      she actually has the whole house dedicated to craft weekends and she and her family live in another house now. isn’t that amazing?!

  7. 10

    I grew up two doors down from Meg’s craft weekend house..we moved years ago. I haven’t thought about that honeycomb tile in the bathroom on years…we had the same….thanks for bringing back memories and a smile to my face:)

  8. 12

    I love all of these pictures! I’m trying to convince my bestie to sign up with me :)

  9. 13

    Ugh so jealous. I wish they had Craft Weekends in Michigan with bloggers, or I wish I knew about them. Love on the bedroom quilts and thrift stores!

  10. 14

    I dream of (A) rooms like this (B) decorations like this (C) craft supplies like this and (D) weekends like this. This looks like such an amazing place to stay and an even more amazing place to get crafty!
    Thanks so much for letting us live through your pictures. I don’t know about anyone else’s hubby but mine is surely going to groan when he sees this!

  11. 15

    Totally LOVE all your photos! I have been eyeing Craft Weekend for a long time., so the sneek peak was awesome. Wish we had one in California (so I wouldn’t have to travel so far)!

  12. 16

    So, am I the only one who saw a beautiful turquoise edged mirror with huge red letters that appeared to spell out “FAT”?! I was relieved to read that it *actually* said EAT. Though I suppose the two can be closely related. ;)
    Gorgeous everything!

  13. 18

    Wow!! What an awesome weekend!! I wish I could go!! It looks like so much fun!! Loved the aprons and prints everyone made!!

  14. 19

    Oh. My. Word. This is like a dream come true!!!

  15. 20

    I wanted to venture to Bearly Making It the same weekend but once I realized how freaking cold it was going to be I quickly reconsidered! It looks like you had an amazing weekend!

  16. 22

    everytime i look at her blog.. i wish i was there. now… i am looking at your blog.. still wishing i was there. maybe it’s time i get inspired and make my own craft weekend for myself here at my house! thanks for the inspiration. love your blog.. so so much!!!

  17. 23
    karen peachey says:

    I love, love reading & seeing craft weekends!!!! Thanks so much for the detailed house tour! It’s even more beautiful than I thought!!!!

  18. 24

    Thanks for sharing! It makes me want to go even more! I can’t wait to be picked off the waiting list!

  19. 25

    I want to do this! Me me me!

  20. 26

    The details that go into these weekends is amazing!!

  21. 27

    Oh my word! How much would I have loved to been at that craft weekend! One day… one day! {sigh}

    I randomly went through my grandparents garage a couple of months ago and found a large scale (like the one you almost bought) that they had used in their asparagus fields. I knew I wanted to bring this funky, old, piece of family history home with me to display, but I still have no idea how. How would you have used it if you brought it home?

    • 28

      i would hang it to the side of my sink, from the ceiling. maybe fill it with tea towels or something? so jealous of you right now!

  22. 29

    I love how beautiful this home is! I want my home to look as cozy and welcoming as this someday. Looks like you had an amazing time!

  23. 30

    Wow, this looked like such a fun weekend! And I agree, her house is gorgeous!

  24. 31

    Lindsey – thanks for sharing these pictures!! They turned out much better than mine (no huge surprise there!!) and it made me smile to see all the fun we had! I really enjoyed meeting you after reading your blog for so long – I loved the painting tutorial and have already made another one!! I love that same scale and wish I’d bought it that day – but since your pic is better than the one I took, I’m going to start working on my hubby to go back with me and get it! If you were closer, we could share it – 6 months at your house, 6 months at mine.. LOL!!

    • 32

      oh gale, you are so sweet! how fun it would be for you to have that scale – at least it can go to a good home ;)

      i loved meeting you (and all the lovely ladies). it was such an amazing weekend!


  25. 33

    That looks AMAZING. Wow.

  26. 34

    Emmy & I WILL do this someday!

  27. 35

    Oh wow, every.single.thing about this craft weekend is perfection. Sheer perfection.

  28. 36

    it was SO FUN having you lindsey!!! thanks for all your kind words. :)
    (you look amazing….)

  29. 37

    Seriously, that is the best house ever! So much inspiration under one roof!

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