i’m linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett again! i’m thepleatedpoppy on instagram if you want to follow along!

Screen shot 2013-05-30 at 11.00.10 PM

i stole several pictures for this post this week.   really, i’m ok with it.  i want a place to document my everyday life, and instafridays work perfectly for that!  and if i have to steal a few photos from those i spent my days with, then so be it!

sean got this picture of silas, looking like he’s about to wipeout (he didn’t).  he can now drop in solo on his ramp!


we headed down south on thursday last week to help prep for sean’s sister’s wedding.  don’t you love baby’s breath in mass?


my kids and their cousins were all in the wedding, so i took it upon myself to get their wiggles completely out before the ceremony.  this is the pool sean grew up swimming in at his parents’ house!


my beautiful sister-in-law shannon.  she really is one of the most beautiful people i know.  and all my kids call her aunt pretty!


my sister-in-law and her husband sang throughout the ceremony.  not sure why they didn’t ask sean and i? #voncrapfamilysingers


and this happened just minutes before the ceremony, seconds after 2 of my sisters-in-law (yes, i have lots of them!) were complaining about their shoes.  then SNAP! off pops my strap.  a safety pin held them together for the reception, thankfully!


cute little favor bags


silas and his cousin were the flag bearers (flags sold here), and i made them and the 3 other boys in the wedding matching bow ties.

Screen shot 2013-05-30 at 10.59.36 PM

gracie shocked me with her dancing skills.  you’d think as her mother i would have known her talents, but this one snuck past me.  she, and the other kids, were on the dance floor with us til almost 11 o’clock!  here she is dancing with her older cousin.

Screen shot 2013-05-30 at 10.59.11 PM

stolen again from sean.  isn’t this the best picture?!  sean has thankfully stayed in touch with 2 of his best childhood friends, and we got our 3 families together and acted like kids again on trikes, bikes, scooters and pogo sticks.  it was so fun and so good to see them again!


silas lost his first tooth!  and it took the tooth fairy 3 days to come!  lazy fairy…

Screen shot 2013-05-30 at 11.25.09 PM

after months and months of not so healthy eating, sean and i are back on the “common sense” diet plan.  i hate it.  i love bread and sugar.  i want to marry them.  so when i was craving chocolate and caramel and crunchy yummies, i resorted to having fruit.  it is not nearly as good.  but it was kinda good.


and we are so lucky to have my little nephew with us this week while my sister is on a much needed hawaiian break!  i am thankful he’s a way better sleeper than any of my kids have ever been!

oh yeah, and today’s my birthday!  here’s a little something to celebrate:

birthday insta-sale

follow me on instagram and you will have a chance to get many of my products at hugely discounted prices!

all the details are here.

happy day friends!

so tomorrow’s my birthday…

i’m turning the big 3-5.  and now i suddenly feel old.  i mean, 35 is old, right? (sorry to those of you who are 35+! just processing here…) i always say that 28 is the perfect age – still young and in your 20’s, but old enough to have life experience and be taken seriously.  but 35?  old.  its funny, i don’t feel 35. i mean, physically, going up the stairs, i definitely feel 35, but i just feel like how have i lived this long already?!  sean and i have been together almost half of my life now, and i think thats pretty cool.

aaaaaanywhooo…. how about a little birthday celebration?!  because even if i don’t like getting older, i still like to celebrate!

birthday insta-sale

this will be my 2nd insta-sale and i’m so excited! are insta-sales new to you?  do you have any questions?  well, i’m here to help ;)

what is an insta-sale? an insta-sale takes place on instagram.  yes, you have to be on instagram for this one – sorry!  the host (me) posts pictures and descriptions of the items they have for sale.  if the people following the host want to buy some of the goodies, they have to bid on the item they want.  i always post the description and the price, so you’re not bidding against each other for a higher price, you’re getting a super low price and you just have to be the fastest bidder!  its really fun!


how do i bid? just be the first to leave your paypal email address in the comments section of the item you want.  easy peasy.  have your phone charged and your typing fingers ready at 4pm pst sharp!

how many items will be for sale? this sale is going to be huge – over 50 items will be for sale!

how big of a discount will you be offering? there will not be one set discount, but each item will be discounted differently.  some will be 15% off, some will be over 50% off!

how do i pay? shortly after the sale is over, you will be invoiced via the email address you leave.  please pay immediately.

what items will be for sale?  a little bit of everything: ties, clutches, pouches, bags, blankets and more!

what about shipping? shipping is a flat rate of $5 and can be combined with multiple purchases.  the only exception are messenger bags, which will be $10 for shipping (those suckers are big!).

any tips?  i suggest doing a little copy/paste of your paypal email addy so all you have to do when you want to bid is paste.  no typing out long email addresses! also, pretty please do not bid on any item you don’t intend to pay for.

can i tell my friends?  ummm, yes please!  feel free to snag the image above either from here or on instagram, and repost away!  thanks, you’re awesome!  so glad you asked…