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hey friends!  welcome to another edition of “what i wore wednesday”!  this week i decided to mix things up a bit.  actually, this grew a bit out of me realizing yesterday that i hadn’t taken any pictures of my outfits all week.  well, except this one.  i was helping my sister renovate a house most of last week so i was in grubbies most of the time.  so out of necessity i came up with a fun challenge for today.

i’m calling it the 5 minute challenge.

what i wore wednesday at the pleated poppy

i woke up super tired this morning (6 hours of sleep, after many nights in a row of only 7 hours… need more sleep), so i threw on yoga pants (that have never been to yoga) and dressed them up a bit with a sparkly sequined sweatshirt.  this was fine until around noon when i remembered we had some errands to run.  i have a hard time wearing yoga pants in public, so i gave myself 5 minutes to upgrade my outfit without changing entirely, and doing a little self-care/personal hygene while i was at it.

what i wore wednesday at the pleated poppy

here’s my starting point.  i’m usually wearing my fuzzy slippers around the house, but sean took us all out to breakfast down the street, so i already had my shoes on.  i have a hard time finding yoga pants to fit me – i can see from this picture that these are already a little too short on me.  rather than throwing on a plain sweatshirt, i wore this one with sequins on the front.  it really does feel a little fancier just being sparkly!  the tank underneath is a daily basic for me.

sweatshirt, tank, and pants – target

shoes – nordstrom rack

what i wore wednesday at the pleated poppy

first thing i did was head to my closet to throw on some jeans.  i knew i would keep on my “fancy” sweatshirt.  i was trying to hurry, so in the rush i nearly fell down trying to untie my shoes while standing up, getting one tied in a knot, and breaking a sweat.  then i the giant mass of clean clothes piled on my floor i couldn’t find the jeans i wanted (looser boyfriend cuffed jeans).  they were in the washer.  wet.  so i opted for my other favorite pair and called it good, throwing my shoes back on.

done.  dressed.

and then i added a necklace because one little piece of jewelry can make you look like you actually took time for yourself.  this necklace is new to me and i adore it!  also, i almost never change my fake diamond stud earrings, so my ears were already ready to go.

what i wore wednesday at the pleated poppy

on to the personal maintenance.

thankfully (for everyone) i had already showered and blown dry the front half of my hair (i was feeling lazy after a couple minutes).

what i wore wednesday at the pleated poppy

all i did was put in my contacts, swipe on a coat of mascara, add some blush, a quick lip liner and a lap around with the burt’s bees.  i ran a quick brush through my hair.  oh, and brush my teeth.  you’re welcome family ;)

i opted to ignore the giant zit under my lip and the ones on my nose.  not because i was in a hurry, but because i’m almost 35 and have no idea how to properly use coverup, or whatever it is you actually use to cover up zits.  when i do try to camouflage, it becomes more obvious than if i had left it well alone.

what i wore wednesday at the pleated poppy

 i am not a fancy girl.  almost everything i use on a daily basis can be bought from a drugstore.  i love my crest spin brush toothbrush.  cheapest thing out there.  i was gifted covergirl lash blast volume mascara a few years ago at blissdom and was converted – love the stuff!  i use maybelline blush in deep coral and a drugstore blush brush.  my daily necessity of all of these is the lipliner and burt’s bees chapstick.  i hate the taste of lipstick, and love the taste of burt’s, so this has worked for years for me.  i use either radiant rosy by sephora or cork by mac (each mac stick lasts me years and years, even with daily use!)

what i wore wednesday at the pleated poppy

so not a huge difference, but i definitely feel better when i spend a few minutes on my face.

what i wore wednesday

this was a good challenge for me.  i think next time i’ll take whatever is thrown on my floor and see what i can make of it!

what about you?  are you up for a 5 minute challenge?

do you wanna join me?  yay!  just follow the rules:

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    Love this idea! For years, I kept my hair long… because I was over weight and thought that looked better.(?) but never had time to “do it” and always wore it up. Under a baseball cap or in a messy bun. That looked more messy than bun by afternoon most days! On a whim I cut it short this past February, into a pixie cut, and felt so good about it, that my hair was actually styled, that I started wearing mascara daily again(HUGE Lash Blast fan here… for my whole adult life). Which led to… a 49lb weight loss!! Last month I bought and wore a pair of jeans for the first time in over a year!! I know wear a bit of jewelry every day too… bracelets and or a ring or too(I LOVE necklaces but never seem to wear them…)
    like . I have some more weight to lose, but its now more about being healthy for myself, because I actually LIKE myself again. (Not because of the weight loss – even that came from LIKING myself again) It came from taking time for the first times – and like 15 minutes top – to actually style my hair, throw on mascara and a pair of jeans. Which led to buying a Kelly green cardi. And cute flats….after a > a decade of being a homeschooling sahm (with 4 kids under 10) who kept telling myself, comfort and quick meant not taking time on myself. I feel so good now, I am turning a hobby/passion into a business and my head is held a little bit higher, daily. The other day my youngest(now almost 9), said Mommy you look so pretty. And I said Oh yeah? Thank you.

    And she said, “Yes, you always look so pretty when you smile.”

    That smile comes from taking those few extra minutes, so it’s great you host this feature!! It’s not about vanity, it’s about self care and self love!!! You are an inspiration!! Now I really want my website and blog up and running, so I can join the movement!!! Have a great day. :)

    • 3
      lindsey says:

      gina, thanks so much for sharing!!! what an inspiration your story is for so many women! i love what you said about making time for the first times – so true! i look forward to seeing you linked up here someday!


    • 4

      Awesome! Very inspiring! :)

  2. 5

    I love this idea! I don’t own any sweatshirts, cute or not. And I’m afraid to wear sequins. But that doesn’t look flashy AT ALL. I won’t take the challenge… I’m too self conscious to go in public without spending more time on my looks. :-/ Then again, when I have a kid (or 2 or 3), and life gets busy, I have a feeling I will be able to do more with less. :)

    This was a fun little read this morning!

  3. 6

    I have that sparkly sweatshirt and LOVE it! Feels so much dressier then a regular one. I like to wear mine with a navy floral scarf that I got at Target too! I laughed at you not wanting to wear yoga pants out. I used to do that ALL the time and since you started this WIWW and I started putting effort into getting dressed everyday, it makes me cringe to think of doing it now.

    Love this link up!

  4. 7

    You’re lucky you’re so naturally pretty! I am quite certain I could not get ready in 5 minutes. No way LOL!

  5. 8

    I have recently started putting more effort into myself on my days off from work. I seem to have trouble with the casual look, usually going for super casual (aka workout gear) instead of putting in the extra five minutes. Thanks for the great tips!

  6. 9

    great challenge!
    thanks for hosting!

  7. 10

    Perhaps this is pathetic and maybe I’d look better every day if I spent more time, but I spend 15 minutes shower-to-door getting ready (i am a procrastinator), and that includes picking out my clothes for the day. And yep- sometimes its picking up stuff off the floor (in my defense, if its dirty, it always goes down the clothes chute!)

  8. 11

    I use this trick all the time! Something as simple as changing to jeans and adding a necklace can really make a huge visual difference.

  9. 12

    I have to echo many of these sentiments. You are an inspiration! At almost 33, I had never regularly worn mascara and jewelry…the bottom line is I never took the time to “primp” any. I think I thought it vain…or maybe the attempts were just in vain! The most I did was loose powder and chapstick. I put my long hair up. BLAH! Last year I found your blog and I started daily m a s c a r a! I did not look drastically different, but I FELT prettier! I also homeschool and have three little ones. It was amazing that the mascara led to getting dressed most days! That led to a haircut, styling my hair and wearing it down. Amazing! :)

  10. 13

    Love this challenge-especially since I am working in my VS cut-off sweat shorts and non-matching t-shirt that I slept in (yes, morning carpool with my kids already finished and I survived another am of driving in my jams). I find that throwing my hair up in a cute bun and finding a big pair of sunglasses hides a multitude of sins (tinted windows never hurt either!). Happy Wednesday.

  11. 14

    Lindsey, Well done! I live in Vancouver, home to Lululemon, and I see way too many people wearing yoga pants. You’ve shown us that a few simple steps can take you from work out apparel to going out apparel. You look beautiful.

    Sue xo

  12. 15

    Lindsey you are good, I could never dress in 5 mins and had I almost fallen I would have given up! Have a fantabulous week and thanks for hosting this week.

  13. 16

    That’s a great challenge! I am such a boring dresser. Tops, bottoms, shoes – DONE. I need to take those five minutes to accessorize and sass up my boring looks! :-)

  14. 17

    I love your style. Easy breezy! I really need a floor length mirror so its easier to snap photos of my outfits. I love the ideas of snapping your makeup and glasses etc. Fun! First time participant :)


  15. 18

    I feel your pain with the zits…this skin change and getting older is crazy…hahaha…..same thing happens to me when I try to cover it…have no idea how to and make it look more magnified….hahaha…so just forget it!!

  16. 19

    Being over forty and subject to both pimples and wrinkles, I feel it is unfair. You shouldn’t have to deal with both!!! I can’t see any on you so if you hadn’t have told us we wouldn’t have known. Great 5 min upscale on your outfit! And sparkles just make everything better anyway – you’re right. Thanks for hosting.

  17. 20

    I think that’s a great 5 minute update!!

    PS- First time linking up…yay!


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