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i am having the. hardest. time. getting dressed lately!  i am in full summer mode (even though we’re not done with school yet), and i have no motivation to do anything, much less get dressed.  so if you see me in anything decent, know it took A LOT of effort!  i even spent a whole day this week (running errands included) wearing what i found on my floor:  leggings and one of sean’s giant sweatshirts.  and you know what?  it was awesome.  it was kind of wonderful to take a day to not even care how i looked.  but on day 3 of that, i am feeling crummy again and need to put a little lipstick on and run a brush through my hair.  so its back to taking pics of myself again, and trying a little harder.


if you’ve been doing wiww for any amount of time, you may understand this experience: i felt really good in this outfit.  it was comfy and different for me, and perfect for a hot day.  but then when i saw the pictures… blech!  i do NOT love it!  i’m not sure where i went wrong, but i’ll try again to figure it out.

cardi – banana republic

grey v-neck – forever 21

skirt – nordstrom/brass plum (gift from my m.i.l.)

sandals – target

belt – forever 21

necklace – crystal b.


summery church outfit.  this cute top has an exposed zipper running down the back.  super cute, yet somewhat painful as my hair would snag in it all the day long.  i think the shirt was about $10, so i’m ok with that!

bright coral shirt – forever 21

polka dot pants – target

sandals – target {new}

necklace – lisa leonard designs

bracelets – lisa leonard designs


sooo, i didn’t get dressed in this outfit until 4:30.  pa.the.tic.  maybe i’ll wear it tomorrow…

navy gingham shirt – forever 21

navy tank – forever 21

jeans – target

yellow flats – target

do you wanna join me?  yay!  just follow the rules:

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  1. 1

    I love all of these outfits! Especially love that the last too are so effortlessly put together and look comfy yet styled. I need to get back into WIWW.

  2. 2

    I kind of like the first outfit! I have to say, I love how you pull together casual and basic pieces and make the cutest little outfits – I have no skills in the casual department.

    Today I shared a theme outfit that I wore to a special event last week, I hope that is okay?


  3. 4

    Great outfits, love your polka dot jeans :)

    Thanks for hosting :)

  4. 5

    Love all of your looks! Soon…I’m going to participate in this series! Keep the fresh ideas coming :)

  5. 7

    I’m not sure what you don’t like about that first outfit (although I can understand that… think you look great and then hate the pics) but I love that outfit. The skirt and cardigan are adorable and the grey tshirt is perfect for keeping it from being too “matchy”.

    • 8
      lindsey says:

      thank you! and thats exactly what i was thinking – purposefully trying to be not matchy. but i guess what i didn’t like about it was how i felt like my tummy looked in the skirt, and then the proportions seemed a little off.

      • 9
        Courtney says:

        you are so tiny, i think the waist is too high on that skirt? i love the outfit, please get it tailored or something because it looks perfect on you otherwise! i can’t seem to get out of my sweats so no wiww for me…maybe after toddler time is over. :)

  6. 10

    I love the first outfit!!

  7. 11

    Every now and then I think it’s good for everyone to wear sweats to run errands. :) My favorite is the coral with the black. It really pops. Thanks for hosting us!

  8. 12

    I love your second outfit. It’s definitely something that I would wear!

  9. 13

    i think the first outfit was a hit (even though you were not in love with it). the pieces can be mixed + matched with almost anything so i’m sure you will come up with a combo you like;) happy wednesday!

  10. 14

    I love all of these outfits! Thanks for the inspiration :)

    -new follower, Marissa

  11. 15

    Your first outfit! You look beautiful. That skirt is to die for!

  12. 16

    I really think your first outfit is fabulous. It’s the first thing I thought when I pulled up your blog. Then I read your words and I was so surprised. You look really beautiful in it! I adore that skirt and I love the color you added with the cardi and t-shirt.

    You looked so pretty. Really!

    • 17

      I totally agree. Loved the first outfit. Wish I had a waist so I could wear it too. Working on that for later in the summer. :)

  13. 18

    I love your second outfit, Lindsey!
    I would wear it everyday!
    floral & fudge

  14. 19

    Great summer time skirt!

  15. 20

    I love your outfits this week! The gingham with the little yellow flats-adorable. I have those same shoes in the coral color but I find them extremely uncomfortable :( For your first outfit-I think your top under the cardi needs to be a little more form fitting-that might help ‘fix it” Otherwise I love it!

  16. 22

    Love that last look…Casual, but SO cute!

  17. 23

    Um, maybe I am crazy but I love your first outfit. It seems effortless and it makes me want to re-create it, I just don’t have a floral skirt, yet!

  18. 24

    What’s wrong with the first outfit? I like it! Especially that skirt.

  19. 25

    I think your first outfit is well put together. You look really pretty. My personal favourite is the polka dot pant outfit. Man, you look so trim and toned and summery. Love it!

    Thanks for hosting your What I Wore blog hop.

    Sue xo

  20. 26

    I really like your floral skirt outfit, don’t let it go! What’s maybe throwing you off is your overall shape from head to toe. With your hair pulled back in a ponytail you have a general triangle shape, with the skirt, try your hair off too the side, or better try done bouncy curls with all your hair down, the shape if your hair can really influence the look of an outfit! Don’t give up this look, it’s feminine and fresh and you looked great!

    • 27
      lindsey says:

      i so appreciate this comment! i think you are right! i hated my hair from the get-go and sometimes that just throws everything off! if i had worn it down and curly it would’ve flowed better with the outift overall. thanks for seeing what i couldn’t see!

  21. 28

    I totally get the not feeling the outfit thing once you see a picture of it… I had one of those days last week. But I really like that skirt and how you kind of dressed it down.

  22. 29

    Just came across your blog thanks to Pink & Pretty! Its awesome & I can’t wait for a good look at your archives! Thanx for hosting us! Andrea x


  23. 30

    L, if those outfits are your version of NOT getting dressed up, than the rest of us are in trouble! I love the grey polka dot skinnies, (and everything else!)


    • 31
      lindsey says:

      oh no! you should’ve seen me in my jammies most of the days and sean’s sweatshirt on the others! it was pretty bad…

  24. 32
    The Shoestring Contessa says:

    I think the first outfit it great…the shape and print of the skirt are very fresh, young, and “now.” I think I’d just take the cardi off. It’s so cute…I’m totally diggin’ the fuller skirts lately!

  25. 33

    Love the polka dot pants outfit! I’m also thinking the first outfit does work. Could always try a tighter top, perhaps a tank instead of the v neck?

  26. 34

    I really like the skirt and cardi in the first outfit! Maybe if you switched out the shirt and belt?

  27. 35

    I really like the first outfit! I love the skirt!!

  28. 36

    I think the first outfit with the cardi and skirt is cute! I love the second one with the polka dot pants. I’m going to have to check my local target for those.

  29. 39

    I am so happy to read that I am not the only one who revels in those days of wearing “whatever”! I love your outfits and have a long-time obsession with Target sandals, need to find those!

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