winner: come to my table giveaway


sue read and responded to every one of your entries. did you see?

here’s a little note from her:

wow – such great stories, all! thanks again for provided the venue – may they be blessed by reading each others!

so difficult to choose, believe me – but worth the efforts.  may we all be encouraged to give what we have with the love God provides, whether it be a fresh loofah, an orange, a spare bathroom, soup from the freezer, an open heart and home–all to be a link to Christ and his welcoming heart.
the winner is claudine!
Bless everyone!
congrats, claudine! you’ll be getting an email from me shortly!
sue is also happy to send a copy of her Favorite Holiday Recipes to everyone who commented and wants to send her their email. if you would like these recipes, email sue at sue (at) welcomeheart (dot) com.



linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett again!  i’m thepleatedpoppy on instagram if you want to follow along!


 it feels really weird to even think about scarf season with this being our nicest time of the year, weather-wise.  but i’m trying to be smart and ahead of schedule (imagine that!) and get an early start this year.  i’m thinking that this first batch of 150 yards should be a good start.  but honestly, this is just the first of many orders that will look like this.  i think i need to bake something yummy for our ups guy…


 i have the wonderful job of making our school more beautiful, and our admin office needed a couple new chairs in the waiting room.  i was looking at these online (a pretty good price) but then i stumbled upon these chairs at a garage sale for $15.  for both!  the picture makes them look decent, but really they are in pretty bad shape, so i’m going to have to paint them and hope it sticks really well.  and yes, our garage is a disaster!


 celebrating the last night of summer with thrifty’s ice cream.  is there a better way?  i don’t think so.


 so i “bribed” lily, who is a very good but resistant reader, with a pedicure if she read a stack of 4 or 5 books of my choice.  while she’s not speeding through the books like i’d hoped, she is going at a steady pace and i haven’t heard a single wimper out of her about reading.  yay!


 i have been on a cleaning rage and even my stacks of fabric were addressed.  i listed lots of pieces of my “de-stash” in my shop, and there are still a few left.


 i’m kind of a chore nag around here.  in my dream world, i’d wake up to find my children already doing their chores without being reminded.  and then they would finish them without me saying a word.  but i live in the real world and thats just not the way it works here.  but when i hear my oldest singing “hosanna in the highest” so loud above the noise of the vacuum as she cleans the playroom… it just made my heart happy!  she loves Jesus and a clean floor! ;)


 i had a huge sale on my petal pushers earlier this week.  sooooo many of you were disappointed that i didn’t have any orange.  i am so sorry!  i have never found a good orange from my usual supplier, so i never really focused on that color.  but for fear of a revolt, i have tracked down some orange fabric and it is on it’s way.  as soon as i can, i will get some orange petal pushers made up and i will honor the original discount on them.  thanks so much for your patience and understanding!


 we survived our first day back to homeschool.  and really, i have it easy since we do a hybrid model and only homeschool 3 days a week.  but its still hard.  i’m going to try really hard this year, when i’m super frustrated, that i need to remember my fellow homeschool mamas, and pray for them.  they are in the trenches with me, doing these good but hard things.  i’m praying that turning my attention to others will dissipate my selfishness.  because really, when i’m having a hard day, its because i’m being selfish and would rather be doing something else.


 i love these clutches.  actually, i love the coordinating tote bag, too.  but after sharing this pic on insta, they sold out again.  darn! ;)  more are in progress…


 i love charm bracelets!  i have a super full one my grandmother gave to me.  she used to travel the world and would collect a charm every where she went for me.  my friend lisa has designed these sweet charms, and they are delivered once a month.  its always a fun day to get a package in the mail to see what this month’s charm will be!  i really love the feather for this month, but the strawberry is still my favorite!


 we snuck away after school on wednesday for a long weekend (or short week?) at my parents’ house.  watching the sunrise over the mountains across the cove from us is one of my favorite things in all the world.


 even though we’re here to relax, we still had school work to do.  i was really hoping having the lake out the door would be a motivator to do our work quickly.  turns out that it was more of a distraction than a help.  but we’re done and now its time for fun!